Should I be concerned that my toddler is a late talker?

My daughter will be two at the end of August, and other than mama and dada (which she rarely says), she doesn’t talk. She constantly babbles, but no real words. I heard by the time they are 2, they should know about 50 words, and it worries me. I don’t think it is autism cause the signs aren’t there, like the biggest one eye contact; she will look you straight in the eyes when talking in her own language. I filled out a questionnaire for someone my dad works with, she graded it, and she said she’s where she should be for her age, but just not talking. I plan to ask her pediatrician on her two-year appt, but did anyone else have a late talker, or am I over-worried?


You are over worried. She’s getting her message across and doesn’t feel the need for language. Do speak to her pediatrician, but it’s not unusual for some kids to speak later or earlier than the average… the average is just that… average, about half are speaking sometime before 2 and about half sometime after 2. My oldest didn’t have much to say until he was nearly 3 and then has never shut up, my youngest had a decent vocabulary at 20 months and is pretty quiet unless it’s a topic of great interest to him… my middle child was somewhere in the middle and is a chatterbox like her older brother. Every kid is different and develops at their own rate.

My son is 5 and just barely started being able to fully communicate. Some kids are late bloomers they just need a bit of extra assistance. He still mumbles when he doesn’t quite know what he is trying to say but doing much better.

My son was a late talker. He was a few months shy of 3 before he started talking. I had a speech therapist come to the house and everything. Then one day he just started (and hasn’t shut up since :rofl:) he’ll be 7 in October and is completely fine. Some kids are different than others. Google is the worst place to go for information when it comes to stuff like this because 9 times out of 10 it’ll tell you the big bad scary stuff and tell you to worry. I would bring it up to the pediatrician just so it’s known but if she’s meeting all of her markers except for talking I’d say that it’ll eventually come to her.

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My 3rd son didn’t talk till he was 3, and when he did, I swear it was Tony Sopranos voice. :joy::joy:


Are you sure she hears well?

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Nothing concerning at that age rlly

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My daughter is a little over two and she doesn’t talk very much either so at her well-baby checkup they recommended speech therapy… she’s very smart and knows exactly what you’re talking about and what she wants to do but she just doesn’t talk very much at all only a couple words here there

Yes definitely over worried bc I was too. I have a 2 and a half year old and he barley started talking. Now he saying about 50 words… They all learn at there own pace. He was also a late walker

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Every child is different. If you’re concerned talk to your baby’s dr and Dr will refer your child to early intervention

A speech language pathologist evaluation wouldn’t hurt. Generally, she should have more than 2 words. It could just be a speech delay, that’s all they thought it was with my stepson. They waited until 3 to do his eval and were very behind catching him up. He ended up with an autism diagnosis on top of that, but the earlier you catch something the better.


Teach her asl it would help her lots


My daughter just turned two and still isn’t talking but I thought it was best that we start speech therapy.

My daughter was the same way her doctor said she should at least know 200 words by Age 2 and it was hard but the best thing to do is put your child around kids her age so she can learn from them which that’s what I did my daughter’s always with my sister’s kids and she’s learned so much

Dont worry about it if your doctor isnt. Try reading to her more. Maybe sight word books? Thats what my pediatrician recommended to help.

My son didn’t really start talking until about 3 months after he turned 2.

Limit her screen time
It’s the cause of speech delay

I too was worried about this one with my first one. She walked at 6 months 2 days and didn’t talk until she was 2.5 years old. The doc said dont worry about it. I have to tell you that when she started talking it was complete sentences. She is now 37 years old with her own home, vehicle and trailer and is an amazing in a bank, makes really good money. Proud of her. So don’t worry.

The signs for autism in girls are completely different than the signs for autism in boys. Google “symptoms of autism in girls,” and go from there.


I have four boys, but all of my kids have been talkers around 3 years old. I’ve never had one talking sooner than that, and even at 3 it’s still kind of hard to fully understand them at times. It was mostly just babble before then. I wouldn’t be worried yet!

one of mine refused to talk until we ignored her she would wimper for something and wed all run to get her what she was pointing at

My little ones going to be two in September and honestly she only know about 7 words. Still babbles but she knows exactly what you’re talking about when I say "grab your binki or nini shes very smart. 50 words sound like a lot. :joy:

Happened to us and we found it to be a hearing issue. Thankfully we figured it out rather quickly through a hearing specialist.

My first born wouldn’t talk because I gave her everything without making her talk. She pointed and I just gave it to her. Could be a simple as that.

My son is 5 and just started talking within the last year, with the help of speech therapy. And some words I still have a hard time understanding!

My kids were the same, once my son entered pre k i could not get him to shut up. Lol My daughter is 3 and shes barely starting to talk. So hopefully once goes to school she’ll just just burst out talking like my son.

Have her ears and hearing been checked?

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Have her hearing checked.

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My oldest was a late talker. He didn’t talk a lot to where people could really understand him til closer to 3. He’s 8 now and still does speech therapy in school for how he pronounces some things.

Ur fine she need a toddler friend my nephew was like that in tell I was bring my daughter around he started talking they need company plus sadly to say it but cocomelon teaches them a lot to

My son talked late he turns 3 in November & the last 2 months he doesn’t stop talking.

I would speak to your doctor about it. Most people I know who encountered this scenario opted into early intervention.


2 of my youngest are just like this. The doctor was worried about my daughter before she was 2, I wanted to hold off a little longer, lo and behold now she won’t shut up lol. My boy is turning 2 end of august as well and doesn’t talk either. Give it a little time.

All children are different. I wish society would make sure they remember this when “scoring” where kids should be. My daughter is now 4 and just started talking coherently in full sentences. If you are worried there are programs your pediatrician can recommend to help with speech therapy

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I didn’t talk until I was 2, but had perfect speech and have not been quiet since then.

My daughter didn’t really talk until almost 3. Her speech was delayed. Had her get a speech therapist per her pediatrician referral. They had me teach her Sign language. GREATEST THING I EVER DID. :heart:


They each have their own blueprint to development. Let her be a kid and love her.

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My daughter was the same way. Turned out she is hard of hearing in one ear. I didn’t find this out until I started taking her to a different doctor 4 years later.

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If she’s still bottle feeding or you people talk different languages around her it will be difficult for her but she will come around,talk with her all the time show her some object and tell her their names, ask her to repeat after you,in the meantime you can ask for a speech therapy

Speech therapy won’t hurt anything, most states have programs. Missouri is called first steps. They will evaluate and if they decide the services are needed will provide them and you are charged according to an income bracket. It’s very reasonable. My pediatrician also had a hearing test done.

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My daughter was like that and by the time she was three and a half she wouldnt stop talking (real words) she is 4 and a half now and can talk but she still doesnt talk like a 4 year old should

My daughter didn’t talk much until she turned two and then suddenly it was more and more and now she’s 3 and talks nonstop!

My son will be 3 in November and JUST finally started really talking. Before it was a word here or there, but with no consistency. My other three children started talking around 10 months and had full sentences by 1 1/2. All children are different and go at their own pace. If your pediatrician is concerned about their progress they’ll refer you.

Mom of a late talker here. Enjoy the peace and quiet because once they figure it out they don’t stop​:rofl::rofl::rofl: try play dates or a local mom’s group that gets together with kids her age. The social interaction will help. I know with my son it was like he was jealous the other kid could do it and just bam… He was doing it

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My son and my granddaughter was 3 before they actually started talking. Now you can’t shut them up​:blush::grin::heart::two_hearts:

That’s how my son got into my state’s early Intervention program and into speech, occupational, and developmental therapy…he’s not autistic either but does have a general developmental delay and will get services until 9 yrs old, or when he catches up…whichever comes first…he is 3.5 yrs old now and his MUCH better than he used to be but still has a bit of a delay

Mine just now turned 3
Finally talking

Talk to them like you would an older child have the repeat you point to things and tell her what is is…educational videos on kids you tube like cocomelon and buster my son just turned 2 and says at least 100 words read to them…every kid is different though

I have a 2 year old that turned 2 in April. & she doesn’t talk or walk. She’s currently in OT, speech & physical therapy! Also add that we’ve done all kinds of genetic testing & everything has came back normal! Some kids are just late bloomers & take off when they’re ready!

My daughter was EXACTLY the same. She started talking and had a HUGE language explosion a couple months after she turned 2! She’s 2.5 now and I lost count of everything she can say! She even knows letter recognition and phonics!

My son is is nou 2 and few months and only started talking now. He says everything you say he knows what he wants and will tell you. If he talks to you he bubbles stil but can say three words in a sentince. At two he also didnt talk only mom dad and little word. Just give it time dont rush her. Talk alot to her.

My oldest son would hardly speak until preschool. He knew how, he just would not talk. He’s 10 now, and is incredibly intelligent

My daughter didn’t talk till she was 3. When she started talking it was in complete sentences. Her pedi had checked her out when she was 2 and told me, she’ll talk when she’s ready. When she was ready we couldn’t shut her up lol

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Have frequent ear infections been an issue?
My grandson had them & would babble because he was not hearing our words properly, & after he got tubes at 2 he started talking up a storm.

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My son refused to talk until he was nearly 3. I would hear him talking to his toys and his sister but if I requested he say a word he would stare at me like I was insane and then one day he woke up and just spoke a whole sentence and hasn’t stopped since. In fact the kid finds new words daily and loooooves learning!


Mine didn’t start talking until she was about 4. She will be 5 in October. And now she won’t stop talking. Both English and Spanish.

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I barely spoke a word until I was three years old and then spoke a complete sentence when I asked my mom what was for dinner. She almost fell over.


I had a friend who had a late talker. They put her in speech therapy and that helped a ton. Good luck!

Talk to Dr. She may have hearing issues. My Grandson had to have tubes in his ears and some speech therapy but started talking like a champ in no time.


Some just don’t talk early, also some parents just don’t realize it but they talk for her and she doesn’t have to express herself. Using a favorite book of hers–ask questions of what she is seeing. I she just doesn’t respond, then say it slow and ask her to say it. It just may help.

My two year old son will not talk. He can say the whole alphabet and count to almost 20 so figure that one out. They’ll talk when they’re ready :woman_shrugging:

Make them socialise with other kids they own age it will work. Then once it starts your kid won’t stop

Often they are so provided for by siblings & parents that they’ve no reason / need to speak

My son will be 2 end of August too… same thing

Give her time. Some kids just don’t want to. My son never shuts up now. :joy: he took a while to say more stuff too.

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Same with my son. Hes over 1 1/2 and used to say mama and dada and now won’t talk at all. Only says hi…

My daughter didn’t start talking to 2 weeks before she turned 3. I told her doctor but he said she has two older brothers that run and do what she wants without asking so she is choosing not to talk but he set her up a speech therapy class and the week before the class she was talking none stop so I called him and he said she I told you and now she is gonna talk your head off lol

I think sometimes they are saying words but not well enough for some people to understand. My son will be 2 at the end of Oct and says a lot of words in his own way. He mostly uses one syllable words for everything but he’s saying words. I understand him as well as my older kids but most people would just think he’s babbling if they heard him.

My daughters pediatrician requested a consult with an ENT and they found that her hearing was impaired due to copious amounts of fluids in her ear- she had tubes placed and at 3 she won’t stop talking:) I love it so much!!

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Don’t worry. She probably understands a lot of words. My sons (twins) had significant delays in fine motor and gross motor skills. Sensory processing disorder. Adhd etc. Anyway, at 2 they barely spoke or walked. Now my sons are very articulate and intelligent. They still have special needs but they are excellent communicators
Ps: my sons did have twinspeak language since 1 year of age

You can go on YouTube and type in speech therapy videos for toddlers and there’s some good shows on there they help my 17 month grand baby

Look into Babies Cant Wait. They’ll get her help. They did with mine

Every state has an early intervention system. Start there.

My girl was the same… about 2 and half… maybe closer to 3 she just started talking… hopefully your girl will be the same

My daughter was a very late talker. She didn’t need to speak because we knew what she needed or wanted. My son spoke before 1. Kids are different. When she needs to, she will. She may be a quiet soul, and she prefers her own internal dialog. Be patient Mommy :kissing_heart:.
Good luck

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Mine was almost 4 before he talked and never stopped after that.

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My grandson will be 2 in August and he’s the same way. I have other grandchildren that were the same way. They will talk more when they are ready.

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Just bc she’s not speaking 50 words doesn’t mean she can’t. Maybe she’s a better listener than a speaker. :woman_shrugging:t2:… That’s not a bad thing. Relax Momma… Everything in it’s time.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t push her,she will talk when she want……but ask your doctor

My son is 2. He will be 2 1/2 in October. He’s a late talker as well. He says words here and there when he wants to but it’s never consistent and it’s very fast paced.
We were referred to a speech therapy evaluation and they said he’s not too far behind. I wouldn’t be too concerned but I know it can be hard at times.

My oldest one only really babbled til he was just past 2.5. And I was starting to get really worried but then out of nowhere one day he woke up and talked full blown sentences. His pediatrician said it’s totally normal for kids to not really put a whole lot of effort into it and just observe and soak it all up and then just start randomly talking like they’ve been doing it all along. They know their words but when they are ready to talk, they will. Don’t stress, kids are a fun little mystery and like to stress us out lol

Everyone says give it time, but I would go ahead and get a referral for speech therapy. My kiddo is also 3 and just started it.

My son is about to turn 3 and still is not talking

Some kids are just late talkers. It may be nothing. Talk to your ped. My daughter was in speech therapy & it wasn’t helping. I took her to an ENT. Ears were fine. I took her to an eye Dr only because a nearby school was offering free eye exams. Turned out she’s moderately vision impaired. She couldn’t learn to speak because she couldn’t see how lips moved. She stayed in speech after she got her glasses. They suddenly became affective.

Don’t freak out! My daughter will be 2 at the end of September and literally just started talking a little bit more. I panicked and took her to speech therapy only to be told that she was just being shy lol if she understands what you are saying to her and stuff don’t panic. She will come around Mama

I have five children. My oldest was very quiet, she didn’t like to talk and she still doesn’t like to talk, she is 25. She didn’t say a lot of words but understood everything you said. Just keep talking to her and if she understands she will start talking at her own pace. My oldest was very articulate once she started talking and I think she was just waiting until she had it just right before she would commit. My second started talking at eighteen months and never stopped. Sometimes it is just a personality difference.

Mines almost 3. Started speech therapy last year and its worked wonders.

My son is almost 7 and bearly says anything on his on he’ll repeat… he got diagnosed with semi non verbal autism

My son was and now he’s starting to learn a lot by watching educational videos and reading to him and listening to me and his dad and everyone talk. He’s learning.

Try singing to him for fun. Silly songs that make him laugh.

At her two year appointment they will most likely recommend early intervention for speech. Works wonders!

My youngest son was a very late talker even now at 27 he is a man if very few words.

Try and make her talk, if your given her everything she needs she wont talk to ask for anything

Early intervention can help. They can evaluate her and set you up with a speech therapist.

My grandson was 2 1/2 before he said much, and 1 day he woke up talking! They go at their own pace

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Not at all. My son is 27 months. Less than 5 words at his 2 yr checkup. Got his hearing checked and evaluated for speech therapy which was advised by the doc. Two months until appt was available and out of nowhere he has just been saying more and more words weekly and communicating much better. It just takes time momma, they will talk when they are ready. My son passed all hearing and was evaluated at a 40 month cognitive level. Just keep talking to her, describing things that you do together and for her. Talk normal and repeat when and if she sounds like she’s trying and you can make out what you think she is saying. Give praise when she tries and repeat words the correct way so she continues to hear the way it should be enunciated. She will be fine. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can try to get an assessment at your local Babies Can’t Wait- do it before she turns 2. They have so many awesome resources she can use! You won’t regret it!

:heart::heart::heart: my almost 2 year old is the SAME WAY! We’ve been to so many doctors! Hearing, specialists, he goes to speech therapy, everything and they’ve all told me the same thing lol he’s a stubborn child and he will talk when he’s ready. He can babble your ears off, he can say mom, dad, bye bye, yes, and no. Basically we spent a ton of money just to be told that he will do it when he’s ready. I was so worried before seeing the doctors but now I’m excited that I just have a high maintenance child and not one with a bigger issues! :four_leaf_clover::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

My daughter began talking in full sentences after 2 yrs of very few real words and babble.