Should I be concerned with my 2 week old?

My 2 week old wakes up every 2 hours to eat, i don’t understand why he wants to sleep right now for 5 hours. I’ve been trying to wake him up but he just wants to sleep. He’ll fall asleep while eating.


They’ll let you know when they’re hungry. I’ve never woken my kids up to feed them after the first week.


I’ve always followed the “they will definitely let you know when they are hungry” rule. Let him sleep, that’s how they learn to sleep for longer periods of time. Which leads to a more rested mama. :blush:


Babies and sleep are a weird mix. Waking often is completely normal (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, it’s BIOLOGICALLY normal for the first couple of years, too), but long sleep periods can be normal too. If you’re nursing, try a dream feed session (just let baby sleep, see if he’ll latch, most of them will with no issues) if you’re getting too full, or pump enough to relieve the pressure (pumping too much too early on can cause oversupply issues which comes with it’s own set of issues lol). As long as you haven’t been instructed to wake baby (meaning baby was born at a healthy weight, no other health problems), let baby sleep and enjoy a nap yourself, mama. <3

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As Iong as baby is gaining adequate weight and thriving then let him sleep. U should only be concerned if he’s underweight. Be sure to pump during missed feeds to avoid any clogs if ur breastfeeding.

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Normal. Hes 2 weeks old, it’s super hard to keep them up and approximate wake times are so short at this age (around 30 mins) eating every 2 hrs is also normal. I know it seems tough but you got this

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My little man has sleep cycles all over the place. He was preemie so he’s age adjusted a bit. But he’s up every 2 and a half hours to eat but lately he’s been going up to 5 hours occasionally! Babies have to do all the things all at once and it’s tiring for them. Let him sleep. He’ll let you know when he’s hungry and he’ll make up for not eating later. :blush: you got this momma

I have a 7 month old and my daughter did the same thing. My doctor told me to let her sleep and feed her as soon as she wakes up. They really pushed waking her up every two hours to eat but her ped. said that as long as she is eating her normal amount, peeing, pooping, and gaining weight as she should be there is nothing to worry about and to allow her to sleep.


Baby will always let you know he’s hungry. Falling asleep while eating is because baby isn’t actually hungry it’s the sucking motion that is comforting to him more than the food. Also it’s normal for babies to sleep more at times because they do go thru growth spurts so they usually sleep. He’ll let you know though when he’s hungry. You’re eventually figure out his hungry cry from a dirty diaper cry from a Im tired cry also. Just hang in there and if you’re concerned than call the pediatrician and they can also guide you too

When littles are that new to the world they will let you know what they want. If baby is sleeping let the child sleep. They will let you know when they are hungry. As they get bigger they will have growth spurts and cluster feeding and you will never expect these. You follow baby and what they need. 2 weeks is a lot of sleeping and getting used to things.

If he’s gaining weight and having enough wet diapers let him sleep…… my two week old I did have to wake up to feed because she wasn’t gaining weight properly or having enough wet diapers

My 12 day old wouldn’t wake to eat and ended up being in congestive heart failure. It’s been a while since I’ve had a newborn. Maybe call the on call nurse or pediatrician at your babies doctor’s office.

Thats normal for a 2 week old. They sleep & only wake up when their hungry then back to sleep. I never wake a sleeping baby

It’s called cluster feeding. They normally sort themselves out after a few weeks! It’s completely normal :heart:

Don’t wake a sleeping baby. He will wake when he’s hungry.

Pretty normal he’s growing.

He’s a newborn he has no schedule

growth spurt! let those babies sleep!!!


It’s fine let him sleep. That’s all they do they may or may not get up every couple of hours. If baby goes on like that though call dr just to be sure