Should I be concerned with weight gain?

Hey ladies I have a question and please no criticism.

I’m pregnant with my first child and I’m 20 weeks as of today. 3 days ago I went in for my appointment and my doctor was a little concerned with how much weight I had gained since she last saw me (7 pounds in 3 weeks) and told me to exercise more and make healthier choices when I ate. However, I’m a picky eater and pregnancy is making it worse. Certain textures make me sick if I eat them. I want to be healthy for my baby, but I dont see how forcing myself to eat things that make me puke is going to help.

So my question is how to I keep from gaining too much weight while I’m pregnant? Also, what is the potential harm if I do gain to much? I was 20 or so over weight prior to getting pregnant, dont know if that’s a factor or not. Please offer helpful info and no criticism, I’m self conscious and beating myself up as it is. I feel like I’m failing as a mom and my son isn’t even here yet.

Thank you.


It’s getting hot . You should go walking daily . Walk around the track . If it’s gonna make you throw it’s pointless .
But you can cut down on snacks and chips . And try to add more veggies to your diet .

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Of all the options out there- there has got to be SOMETHING you can stomach. I’m in the same boat but for me broccoli and carrots and also bell peppers are so YUMMY to snack on. I eat bran cereal for breakfast and have been drinking more water. Water helps so much

That’s a hard one. I know ladies each gain a different amount of weight. With my first I was 130 pounds before, and by the time I had her I was 200 pounds! Yes, a 70 pound weight gain. She came a whole month early but was 7 pounds 2 oz. That was also me not having hips whatsoever before having her… I was as straight as a board.

I’m not sure what you have been eating but make sure you’re eating good portion sizes. Walk around a lot since it is getting nice out!

Walking will actually do wonders. I literally ate anything and everything while pregnant because i was the same way. Anything i could eat i ate. Your doctor would rather have you eating then just avoiding food all together because u cant eat healthy. Every doctor will tell you to eat healthy. My first pregnancy i gaines like 25 pounds and my second i gained 35. Eat what you can thats not crazy unhealthy. I pretty much lived off of chicken and ate one cheat meal a weekend.

water, dont drink things with high sugar…fruit and vegs instead of chips or other unhealthy things as well as proportioning everything out helps as well portion size is important…as well as lean proteins. like when i was pregnant i use to eat eggs in the morning

Dr can say what they want, I gained weight too, I ate healthy fats, salmon, avocado, walnuts, leafy greens salads with nuts, cranberries etc. I think as long as your eating healthy it’s important for the baby. Remember though gaining weight it’s hard to lose after. I gained around 36 lbs with all my babies. Good luck & congratulations!

Your not failing, mommy guilt will always be, just relax. Get some extra walking in. Idk what kind of foods make you sick but just do your best to make some healthy choices. Try some tasty smoothies. Try having bowls of cereals for more meals.
DO NOT WORRY YOURSELF LIKE CRAZY over a diet. Don’t do it while your not pregs too… Best way lose the battle before you begin.
My first pregnancy i was told I was expected to only gain 25lbs. I went from 135 all the way to 240!!! You’ll run into the glucose testing stuff and they’ll want to watch you.

My dr was all about weight gain too. I went to the walking track and did a mile a day and stopped gaining.

Eat. Eat whatever you’d like. I gained a lot of weight as well and wasn’t the happiest with it but my baby was healthy. We call her my ice cream baby because I craved it every single night for 4 months :flushed::flushed:. I did drink a ton of water and ate a ton of green foods. All Doctors are different, and their opinions. Remember they “study” medicine, they aren’t the rulers of it. So long as you’re eating and comfortable is all that matters.
Now If diabetes run in your family you may have health concerns, otherwise if you’re healthy… you got this momma

I’m 14 weeks and gained 15lbs already lmao…I was only 130 to begin with, my doctor told me to slow it down, 2% milk, more water, less snacks. I personally felt gross after seeing the weight gain and joined the gym (I should also add I JUST lost 50lbs prior to getting pregnant) so the weight gain is driving me nuts. But my 1st trimester I was never full, I ate everything in sight. Now my 2nd trimester I constantly feel full and haven’t been eating that much. It will all balance out in the end. My 1st 3 pregnancies I gained all different weights, 50lb with one…30 with another and 40 with my last. Walking is really all you need for exercise. And lots of water.

I gained 70 pounds while pregnant and I ate just like I did before pregnancy. Sounds like your doctor is just being an ass. I would say uhm gaining is better than losing :woman_shrugging::face_with_hand_over_mouth: just try to eat as healthy as you can and DONT stress yourself out

So, I found that I vomit with corn syrup when pregnant. Write down what makes you sick, it could help.

This is easy and you can do it. First find something low carb that you really love to snack on. Then don’t eat anything white…sugar, potatoes, rice breads, etc etc . For me, my go- to snack is those little colored peppers that I put a little balsamic oil and vinegar on and crunch those most of the day and evening. Up your protein which is really filling especially eggs…quiche, boiled, scrambled etc. Fill up your plate with protein and low sugar content veggies. Keep carrots and celery with a homemade dressing you love for snacks, and go green and eat clean as much as you can. Lost 60# very quickly and are more than ever.

Go for walks. And as far as food. Saying blah blah texture and taste you cant honestly say only junk food is good and if it really is the only thing you can eat just keep yourself to about 2000 calories per day.

I gained 50lb and didnt change what i was eating. I was vary active. I lost 30lb the my son was born

I eat healthy and still gain like 30 pounds while pregnant. It is what it is. Don’t worry yourself sick. Eat what you can keep down. That’s better than eating something then puking it up later.

I’m just as picky as you are. Honestly all you can do is keep on your vitamins and walk like crazy. Walking around the mall for a while counts, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a workout session, just go do things that keep you moving.

Do some exercise to help, and whatever you can stomach that is healthy by going by the food guide. Too much weight can cause many health issues, high blood pressure which isn’t good and my friend became diabetic too when she got pregnant. There can by many health risk, it’s always good to take care of yourself for you and your baby. He needs it too all nutrients to help him develop well.

Drinking lots of water helps a lot. Keeping a bottle of water on you at all times helps curb cravings sometimes and can help your body stay more active. Also portion control can be a huge factor and helps offset you having to completely cut out foods you can keep down/enjoy.

Yoga, walks, avoid salty foods but lots of water and Gatorade. Avoid sugars. I’m 19 weeks today and I’m also very nauseous and honestly I thought I was on the too skinny side till 2 weeks ago. But I found that berries and yogurt stay down, pasta and rice, chicken. I stay away from spices,caffeine I have a 20oz soda once in a blue moon. But your pregnant and your eating for two so when you can eat and it stays down eat it.

My first pregnancy I gained 37 pounds this last one was only 7 pound. I ate sugar free treats, and exercised. And made healthy food like lots of veggie and chicken dinners. Limited carb intake. (Only a cup worth of potatoes for example) it was hard but worth it

My first pregnancy, I started off at 130 give or take a lb or few, I stopped looking at the scale at 199 with still 2 weeks to go. I exercised before I was pregnant and everyday through the pregnancy but I still gained so much weight. Although i was addicted to watermelon and peanut butter. Towards the end, when I was going to the doctors weekly, I gained 4lbs on a week one time. I just couldn’t stop the weight gain. And then I finally stopped looking at the scale when I was weighed. All of my protein levels were always normal, everything was always great with the baby, but I gained so much weight. My point, I think sometimes it’s not about the choices you make, it’s just what your body does. I’m sure a doctor wouldn’t agree but I did everything right and I still gained a shit ton. :neutral_face:

I gained 74 lbs in pregnancy, my baby was 8.4 lbs. 1 week postpartum I was down 35 lbs. my drs told me to watch what I ate as well so I was on a 1500 calorie a day diet and still gained. Each pregnancy is different :woman_shrugging:t2:

Drink water! I tried to drink 100oz a day and walk. I was told not to gain weight i gained about 30lbs with each of mine. Woth my 3rd i didnt start to gain until 28wks becaus i was so sick. The easiest way is to try to not buy any processed foods. There are a lot of potential risks with gaining too much weight. But you also want to enjoy yourself. Just think you need to make healthy choices for the baby. The more you gain the bigber your baby potentially can be. I had a family member gain 100lbs with her first and he was born 6wks early weighing over 7lbs. He would have cleared 13lbs if she went full term.i gained 30 to 35 and had 8.3, 9.1 amd 8.6.

All is mental … Eat lots of veggies and drink only water. God Bless.

The worry is with weight gain is gestational diabetes and size of baby. Bigger the baby the more likely to have complications at birth. That being said I gained 30 with the first and 37 with the second. First was average second was 9lbs lol. I walked a ton with the first but had same issue with food. Fresh fruit salads with quite a bit of citrusy foods and Greek yogurt was all I ate with an occasional pb&j. But just be aware that not all weight gain is necessarily fat. My first it ended being way to much amniotic fluid and doctor’s didn’t catch it cuz I was overweight when I got pregnant and we’re convinced I was just eating everything in site

I gained 20kg by the end of my pregnancy…

I started at 225 and ended at 270.

Tons of water. I used to drink 2 bottles of water and wait at least ten minutes before eating. And portion control. You don’t need much more than 2-300 extra calories a day during pregnancy.

I was 218 when i gave birth to my first. I gained almost 60 lbs. I didnt eat alot of junk food. And i walked to work alot. But i also ended with pre-eclampsia. My second one i was 230 at the end of my pregnancy. I gained 50 lbs with him. I could hardly eat anything. Most things made me throw up. neither of my drs said i gaines to much weight.

Tell your doctor to buzz off. 7 pounds in 3 weeks is not unhealthy. I would’ve went off on my doctor if he told me that.

To be completely honest no matter what I did with my first I gained too much weight(70lbs). With my second my weight barely fluctuated for a while and I only gained the weight of the baby and stuff. Just enjoy your pregnancy.

Avoid sodas (even diet ones) at all cost. Flavor your water if you must, or drink tea. I lived by the rule that everything was ok in moderation. (Except sushi & Deli meat). With my second I used my pregnancy as an excuse to eat what I wanted whenever I wanted and ballooned to 210 and I’m barely 4’9. You CAN have a healthy baby even if you are over weight. Don’t give up on yourself. Good luck Mama!

Drink lots of water fruits vegetables boiled eggs bananas boil chicken I just work a lot so I didn’t count to gain 10 pounds when I was pregnant

Uhmmm… I gained FIFTY pounds with my last daughter and she was born one week early from my blood pressure which has happened with all three of my kids and she came out 7 lbs. 7 oz.

I gained 25kg during my first pregnancy. I was also back in my jeans 2wks after giving birth. It was mostly fluid

Didn’t mean for that to sound rude I’m so sorry if it did! What I was saying was people gain weight differently but some doctors are stricter on weight than others. You’re in my thoughts.:purple_heart:

My 1st pregnancy I gained 42
2nd 56 & she was my smallest baby so far
My 3rd pregnancy I gained 20
I’m 20 weeks pregnant & haven’t gained any weight yet… but am about 20 overweight so the Dr said it’s no big deal I haven’t gained anything…cuz my baby is growing & measurements r perfect

Same thing happen to me I was craving bagels daily… I didn’t stop but I cut down drastically lol try and figure out what it is and use moderation when eating. Good luck Momma! You will be amazing don’t worry :wink:

Good grief your doctor is ridiculous.


You are doing great mama. You and baby will be fine.
I also enjoy the texture of cake and ice cream over salad haha


7lbs in 3 weeks isn’t cause for concern… unless there are other signs of concern. Were you hypertensive before you got pregnant? If so, gaining too much, too fast is bad. The more you weigh, the higher your pressure gets. If your BP is normal, then it shouldn’t be a problem. If you gain 5+lbs in a week, then there’s an issue. Drink lots of water. Eat foods that are high in fiber. If there are any veggies that you like, try to keep them on hand, so that you can snack on them instead of chips, etc. And try to stay as active as possible. I gained almost 60lbs with my pregnancy, but had no other risk factors, so was not considered abnormal. Every body, and every pregnancy is different.

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When I am nauseous I make that meal a smoothie. I put in spinach, some fruit, and some yogurt. If it’s to thick I add freshly squeezed oj or lemon juice or milk. It’s healthy option I can keep down. Maybe this might help.

With my first I gained 9 lbs in 4 weeks but I had no diabetes and the baby came out big and healthy. If nothing else is wrong, just relax and enjoy the pregnancy.

I gained 10 pounds in 1 week with my daughter lol

7 pounds in 3 weeks really isn’t that much…

Walking. Walk everyday. Soda is garbage. Increase your water intake.


Thats not really an issue u may look into a new doctor i gained weight fast with my second and baby was healthy as ever unless theres signs of some thing dangerous for the baby i wouldn’t worry because yes its hard enuf just to eat let alone diet wile pregnant

I gained 70 lbs when I was pregnant…went from 123 lbs to 190 lbs. I didn’t have any health issues, and my doctor even told me she gained 60 lbs herself! Every momma is different, don’t beat yourself up! My completely healthy baby boy was born at 39 weeks at 8 lbs 6 oz. Don’t worry about the weight! You and your little one will be okay. :blush:

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I gain an average of 80 pounds with 3 of my pregnancies and they were healthy and I low the weight within weeks.

While it’s not good to gain a ton of weight some women just get huge. It’s mostly dependant on genetics. Try to eat healthy when you can and drink lots of water.

I’m 23 weeks and 3 days and I’ve been losing weight so far through out my pregnancy. My doctor hasn’t been worried about it yet. As long as your son is healthy and growing I wouldn’t worry about it to much in my opinion.


Just try to get mobile more steps vs elevator walk if it is walking distance

With my first pregnancy( age 24), I gained 100lbs. Went from 159lbs to 259lbs on the day of delivery. My son was almost 11lbs and 22 1/2 inches long. I was healthy and happy, so was he. Second son(age 28) I gained 40lbs. And he weighed 6lbs 5oz and was18 1/4inches. Both healthy and happy. Third son(age 38), I lost 20lbs my first and second trimester. I gained a total of 17lbs, and my son was 8lbs 12oz, and 18 1/2inches. Third pregnancy by far was the hardest, and the most scary. Had to have an emergency c-section, and the recovery sucked. But according to Debbie Downer, and Judy Judgy, my third was my healthiest because I only gained 17lbs.
Moral of the story, you do you. Be happy. Be healthy. Eat what you want, or don’t. It is up to you, and your emotional state affects your baby!! Congratulations mama​:heart::heart:

I gained 60 my first, was overweight for my second and third, (close pregnancies, 3 kids under 5) and my kids are just fine. My doc was the same about my weight. If you’re hungry, girl eat. Don’t over stress, that’s probably worse, I think as long as you’re not binging and eating decent you’re fine.

If you were “overweight” already, adding too much weight can complicate the pregnancy. But unless you gain 100lbs or more, you’ll be fine.
Tbh, they say that to everybody. But eating healthy is important. You’re tastes may change in a few weeks so until then, make sure you’re hydrated and taking yiur vitamins.
You can always drink Pedialyte and Pediasure. If you can eat them, bananas and oranges are really good. I bought the small oranges. Lol. Fast food can be bad for your cholestoral.
Exercise bc it keeps your muscles strengthened which helps avoid issues with yiur hips and legs. :heart:
There’s websites and plenty of books that can help you find what works for you. :heart:

They may be concerned that you will develop diabetes. Eat fresh fruit, veggies and dip, lean meats complex carbs. No soda, nothing high in sugar. Stick to the food guide.

Just walk a little bit and drink lots of water. Personally, I dont see the problem and woulda told the doctor where to go🤷‍♀️ You’re supposed to gain while pregnant.

Before I got pregnant I was FINALLY down to 161lbs. When I found out I was pregnant, 8 weeks later, I was already back up to 186lbs… -.- They were alarmed at first, but since I found out I was pregnant I’ve slowed down my eating and snacking. Almost in my 3rd trimester and I’ve went from 186 at 8 weeks to 191 at 25 weeks. For the first time in my entire life, I have more fruit than chips in my home. Pick a healthy food you do like and can eat and stick with that as a go to. Dont force yourself to eat stuff you KNOW will make you sick. I know that feeling. But just as you choose not to eat that food, you have to make the willpower to choose not to eat the WORST foods. Even if you love it and it doesnt make you sick… Cutting out even one of your most unhealthy snacks or meals will go a LONG way! Lots of luck, Mama!! :green_heart::green_heart:

I personally liked eating ice chips for a snack or popsicles. Ice chips will help in keeping you hydrated. My first pregnancy I gained 100 lbs but had excess fluid so he did flips until he was born. He was a healthy 8lbs 1 oz. I was also very depressed because I lost my mom at the time I found out I was prego. Do not doubt yourself, your know what your body needs and should never ignore it. Just make sure to spend time walking and moving.

My doctor told me 1-3 pounds a week is average. If you are really concerned then walk or swim

Switch all your drinks to water!

Each baby and pregnancy is different. My dr told me on my last one some women just gain nothing you can do. 3 out of my 4 I gained way more than should around 70lbs and was 20-30lbs over weight with those 3. All 3 were healthy pregnancies. 2nd was 12 days early weighed 7 lbs, 3rd 3 days early 8lbs 3 oz, and last was 5 days early was 8 lbs 2 oz. I’m not a fast loser nor did I drop the weight breastfeeding like some do. With my youngest almost 4 mos old I couldn’t drink water till later in the morning/day. That’s the main thing I drank so it was tough to get enough water by the time I could drink it. I’d get up at 6 couldn’t drink till 10-12 then had to stop by 6 or was up to the bathroom every few hours at night.

Diabetes premature birth low birth weight hard to lose weight after heart disease after diabetes for you after health problems for you after next baby start out over weight bad leg veins back problems high blood pressure depression after general overall health for you now and later.

Eat only when your hungry don’t snack. You may be eating for 2 but u have to do it right and smart

I heard the same when I was pregnant. I gained 75 lbs. my son weighed 8lbs and was healthy. Just drink alot of water and walk.

Pick better food choices! That doesn’t mean you have to eat foods you dislike or make you sick . Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to cave to your cravings and just eat. Don’t eat sweets or sugar. Don’t drink soda just drink water. I lived for a cold bottle of water with country time lemonade drink packets(zero sugar) although it has natural sugar fruit was my go to when I wanted something sweet. Eat tons of veggies and lean meat. Complex carbs as well. I gained 18 lbs while pregnant and have dropped 27 since delivery(2/13) by continuing eating healthy! Gestational diabetes can develop and overweight woman can also have problems with the placenta delivering nutrients to the baby! There are risks to being overweight. I’ve always been overweight and refused to be huge during pregnancy as I wanted to be as healthy as I could for my baby once he was born. Being big makes everything harder. Gaining the 18lbs I did I was miserable and realized I needed to make life style changes to continue even after he was born.

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How do you feel? That is what matters. Do you feel sluggish and tired a lot? I mean, yeah you’re pregnant and it’s hard to grow a baby, but can you walk a mile? Can you take a flight of stairs? If you feel physically capable, then there is no need to stress.

Okay, I’m 5’0 and gained 65+ pounds with my last son, I ate healthy and walked all the time. My son weighed 7 lbs 15 oz, all the other weight gain was from amniotic fluid. My water broke at home and then they broke it again(after confirming it broke already) and then my son came out like he was on a slip n slide(their words as well as my fiances)

Im 5’7 , I was 170 lbs when I got pregnant, when I gave birth I was over 240 lbs. I was at risk for diabetes because of my weight…but I wasnt eating any differently…and I had permanent all day sickness starting from 6 weeks. Within 3 days of delivering I lost 50 lbs…pure water weight. Sometimes it isnt even your fault. Just avoid salt as much as possible, and keep yourself hydrated.