Should I be concerned?

I want some insight on if I’m being over cautious or well not…So Saturday I went to urgent care for what felt like a kidney infection / stone and definitely a UTI. Doctor came in and explained it’s a UTI for sure but possible kidney infection, kidney stone, or ectopic pregnancy… I had no idea I was pregnant and was shocked and excited- I have a history of miscarriage- so they told me make an OB appointment sooner rather than later, and if I had new symptoms / pain got worse go to the ER. I waited for the holiday weekend to be over and called my OB since I wasn’t experiencing anything new. I explained the urgent care visit and the OB told me to go to the ER to rule out ectopic pregnancy. While at the ER they told me I was roughly 4 weeks and 2 days, I do have a stone floating around and infection in the kidney doesn’t seem present and they can’t see anything for the pregnancy- but was told that is normal since I was still early. They did a HCG test and it came back at 824. They gave me a note and I even questioned it because it said “come back to the ER on the 7th for another HCG test”. I went this morning and I guess it was a miscommunication with the ER I couldn’t be seen- so yet again I’m crying since I have no idea, I was right to question but I listened to the ER doctor… But the nurses were so nice and stayed by me till I got the blood drawn, my HCG came back at 2394. Now they want me to come back tomorrow to the same hospital for another ultrasound to make sure there is something there…Am I right to be all emotional and concerned since I’ve had 1 healthy pregnancy and 4 other miscarriages. I’m so afraid that there is nothing there and something is wrong.