Should I be feeding my baby more?

My daughter will be 12 weeks on Saturday and she has been eating 6oz for a few weeks now. Lately she eats her 6 and then is still trying to eat her hand. Should I give her more yall? Idk if this is normal but a lot of people I’ve talked to say she eats more than their babies at this age.


I would try 7 oz and see what happens. If she throws up, you know it’s too much. My 6 month old only eats 4-5 oz at a time :tired_face:

Don’t compare you baby to what others say theirs have done. Always leads to anxiety and overthinking. Dont stress yourself, if you feel bubs is still hungry consistently after bottles give them a little bit more. They will stop drinking when they’ve had enough.

Hand eating could also be teething though. Goodluck !

I always did feed on demand because mine were premiees and later had reflux.

So she will go through growth spurts. Also as she grows she needs more. So yes make 8 oz next time. See how much she eats.

i fed mine till they didn want the bubba anymore. and if they cried i offered bubs. if they didn want it i didn force

I used to go by if they finish a whole bottle and it’s constantly happening, then I add more to the bottle next time. I like my babies to leave a little bit in their bottles to show me they are completely satisfied


I think that’s plenty for a 12 week baby. My 5 almost 6 month old still only eats around 6oz per feed. Also some babies just like to chew on their hands, it’s not much of an indicator for hunger.

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Feed your baby if they’re hungry, you cannot over feed her. But at the same time, her eating her hand isn’t necessarily a hunger cue either. That’s just a natural part of development. If she is not crying for more food after she eats then she is most likely full. My 10 week old eats 6oz every 3-4 hours and his dr was happy with that. Every baby is different so she can’t be compared to other people’s babies.


Chewing and rooting after eating can be a sign of pain too (reflux/heartburn, air in the belly, gas, etc). Around 3-6 months is often when tummy issues like that can start or get worse in my personal experience (I’m not a doctor, just a mom of 9 and a doula, so I am literally just speaking from my personal experience). If baby uses a binky, try to give that and hold baby and pat her back trying to provide comfort, if after half hour she has not started to settle down still, she is probably still hungry.

All babies grow differently. My kid wouldn’t eat more then 4oz for the first 6 months. Everyone thought I was under feeding… I would ask a pediatrician.

What does your pediatrician advise??

At 3 months mine was on baby food. But still had about 6 bottles a day. Never hungry

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Know just because they’re born. They still go through extreme growth spurts.
That takes energy and calories.

Try 8oz see how your little one does. Then read your babies body language.

Also chewing hands can be a sign of wind.

Don’t go by what other babies do
Your baby is different and will do things quicker or slower
If your baby is still hungry after a feed
Give bubs some more

It also depends on how often she eats. Some babies eat every 2 hours some 3 some 4.

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Yes my first was like this she never got full on just 6 oz at like 3/4 weeks her Drs said to just feed her more

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Oh yeah feed that baby. You got to pay attention to your babies hunger cues. Only you know momma.

Babies eat when they are hungry and sleep when they drop. I was told that by a doctor when I was concerned with my child’s lack of appetite. If she will eat more give it to her. R start her on cereals.


When I took one of my sons to the clinic he had gained quite a bit of weight. The nurse suggested I gave him half strength milk. So i asked how I did that and she went into elaborate detail of diluting milk in a bottle.
So I said I’m breastfeeding and can’t do that.

She is probably growing & needs more

She needs more then. Feed on demand.

If she’s rooting for more it won’t harm to add another oz & if she drinks it great, if not. No issue.

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That depends on if it is Breastmilk or formula. Bc the calories in BM changes the volume tends to stay small vs with formula the calories per ounce never changes so the volume increases. This amount is large for either but not as large for a formula baby. My 16 week BM baby takes 4 ounces every 2-3 hrs and that’s considered the high end of average. A formula wld take about 5-6 ounces

At 12wks my son was drinking 16oz every 3 hrs roughly. And would still be hungry. Doctors had us adding cereal to her milk at 5 months because we were going through two containers (22ozx2=44oz) formula a day and by 6-7 months we were also doing baby food. At 11 months he was on solid foods only. Because he was always starving and they checking him all out to be sure there was nothing wrong. When he was 3 he weighed 30lbs and was 3ft tall and wic told me to put him on a diet he should only be 20-25lbs. I don’t need to feed him just because he is hungry. He can skip a snack. My son is now 10 and stands 5ft tall weights 80lbs and is solid and has an athletic build. If you are concerned I would ask your doctor. My son’s doctor said they are growing and active and if he’s hungry feed him.

I breastfed two children so no measurements. My doctor said if you think they’re hungry, feed them. There’s no harm. A fat baby is a healthy baby, that’s why they call it baby fat!!


Ask the pediatrician as your baby is not going to do the same as other babies…

Every kid is going to be different. But your best bet is going to be asking your pead/doctor or whom ever is medically caring for your child. I’ve got 3 kids and they were all very different as babies.

If she is hungry, feed her.

fill the bottle up to 8 oz & she wants more. Every baby is different, If she really was hungry, she will drink more

Yes I would feed her more

Consult with your pediatrician. That does seem like an excessive amount for that age but hey, who knows. My 5mth old is at 5oz. All babies are different though.