Should I be upset with my fiancé for being a lazy parent?

I am a full time mother of an infant and my fiancé works close to a 10 hour shift Monday through Friday. Our child is now 6 months old and I know I shouldn’t be the only one who participates in being a parent. I have to literally beg him to take care of our child when I shouldn’t even have to ask. I am the only one who gets up with said child at night. I clean the house and do everything I can to make this house livable. I try to manage the money and I am responsible for getting a majority of the bills paid. I have to take care of many things I shouldn’t have to take care of alone if at all. How do I encourage him to help? I’ve tried cooking supper and having it done for him when he gets home and having a bath ready as well but that hasn’t worked. I have tried threatening to leave him if he doesn’t fix his behavior but that hasn’t helped either. It’s as if he doesn’t even care. Please help me out please:(

If you’ve threatened to leave then either 1. He knows your just saying that or 2. He doesn’t care. Either way, his actions arent acceptable. He seems very traditional in the fact that the men work while the woman stays home and cooks & cleans. Being a stay at home mom is very exhausting, everyone seems to think we don’t do anything all day long which complete BS. It’s understandable he’s tired after working so long each day, but still… he needs to help parent as well. Go stay with a friend or family member… let him know you’re serious because right now it seems like he doesn’t care too much unfortunately.

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