Should I be worried about my 4 month olds sleeping pattern?

Should I be worried about a 4 week old sleeping 6-7 hour stretches at night? Would you still wake every 3 hours to feed? During the day He eats every 2-3 hours, sometimes less , usually 3-4 oz at a time. Plenty of wet diapers during the day & was past his birth weight by a week old. What do you think?


My sister was like this, my mum tried so hard to wake her up and feed cos she was told to feed my sister every 2-3hrs.

But doctor said just let her sleep and she’ll let you know when she’s hungry

I didn’t worry as long as they were thriving. I never woke them purposely to feed.


Definitely not let him sleep my daughter slept through the night since I brought her home from hospital.

As long as your baby is thriving, don’t wake them!


Yes you should still wake.

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I always said dnt wake a sleeping baby especially if they healthy & thriving which sounds like they are. They will wake when hungry.


If your baby is thriving and is healthy I’d let them sleep. I never woke my babies up to eat they need sleep to grow.

What? Let that baby sleep

My middle child came home from the hospital sleeping 6-8 hours at a time. I was told not to wake her up unless I noticed she wasn’t eating enough, wasn’t having wet or poppy diapers, or she wasn’t putting on weight

No not at all. My preemie is 13 weeks n been sleeping 10+ hours for about a month since 11lbs. It means they’re full from what they have ate all day n satisfied :yellow_heart:

You are one of the lucky ones. I am too :blush: a baby that sleeps all through the night is fantastic if they are thriving. My little one sleeps all through the night and has since about 3 weeks old. Everyone I say that to says that I am lucky I didn’t have to do night feeds.

Is the baby 4 WEEKS or 4 MONTHS?

If the baby is 4 WEEKS, there might be some concern with him sleeping 6-7 hours straight.

If the baby is 4 MONTHS, then no. Let the baby sleep.

As long as baby is staying on the same weight and hight pattern let baby sleep. Waking a baby through the night will ruin his sleep cycle

Let sleeping babies sleep at night

Don’t wake a sleeping baby!