Should I be worried about my sons speech?

Every child is unique and each grows differently. Don’t worry. My youngest son is also like that. Just keep on communicating…he will learn soon.
If he turns 5 and still the same, maybe that’s the time to talk to your pedia.

I don’t know what state you are in but First Steps can really help and they come to your house. I had this for my youngest son and then he went into headstart preschool. He could be just a little behind but my son is fine now. He didn’t talk plain and he didn’t talk much but he’s great now

My daughter was the same way. I was really worried about it too. She will be 4 in December and she’s gotten a lot better. She speaks in full sentences now and I understand what she is saying but most people can’t understand her a lot of the time. Her doctor said it’s nothing to worry about tho

See if you have a local early interventions program that can screen him and also ask your pediatrician to refer you to speech therapy they will do a evaluation and let you know

Yes be concerned. Evaluate with professionals and learn to work with him. Early intervention can make a world of difference if he needs support.

I would talk to a pediatrician just to rule everything out but my first born didn’t talk well until she was 3 or so and she’s now 6.5 and still is behind in comparison to other kids her age but we did speech therapy for 2 years and they graduated her. Some kids just take longer than others.

Ece teacher and he sounds developmentally normal to me, they All develop skills at different stages, just continue to sing, talk and read with him he will get there in his own time :blush:

All children are different and do things at different times.
Im thinking hes just fine, right on target for him.

My son didn’t talk at all until he was 3.5, his father amd stepmother would speak for him. At a checkup the pediatrician suggested taking him to a speech specialist and we found out he had a slight speech delay. The sad thing was before he actually started talking his father passed away. Some just take time, they do know what is being said but I believe some just listen and start in their own time.

My bonus son turns 4 in 3 days and says maybe 5 words , and they are missing letters. His mom supposedly had him in therapy but in 2 years he had made zero progress. We are taking over custody and making attempts to get him help. Also feel he falls on the autism spectrum. Talk with your dr , they can have a evaluation done. May he that he just doesn’t want to.

Not supposed to speak full sentences until 3 at his 2 year check up they will tell you if he’ was or is behind on anything my son now is 3 and He has to start speech because he can’t speak full sentences just keep working with him if he doesn’t meet the milestones at 3rd birthday check up they will refer you to a speach specialist at least my doctor did

I have one son that would talk your ears off at 12 months, the other son walked at 7 months! But at three yrs. my husband and I were the only ones who could understand what he was saying , they all developed at their own pace
They are both adults with their own children now❤️

Hon, he will be just fine. Kids do their things at different speeds, and you will drive yourself crazy comparing him to other kids.

My daughter didn’t really start talking until she was almost 3. She didn’t say any words at her first birthday and I was worried because her cousin could say juice and walk at her first birthday. My daughter didn’t walk until 14 months. I think some start later than others. She’s 4 now and doesn’t slow down haha.

My 2 year old is the same way. I have her in speech therapy and it has helped. Talk to your pediatrician and see about getting a referral for services.

The doctor won’t even evaluate his speech until he’s 4-5, a lot can change in the next couple years.


He can jump from 3 or 4 word sentences to like more then 6 word sentences within the next year i would say. If not preschools usually have good speech therapists both my kids had speech therapists and were perfectly fine by kindergarten.

All kids are different. If you are concerned, please contact the Education Services District in your town. They will do testing and early intervention if necessary.

You know him better than anyone… Dont let whats going on around you change you and the way you look at your boy.
From a personal experience, Hahaha enjoy it while it lasts lovely. He’ll be soon talking and in full sentences and wont stop. My boy was the same and i too did the whole ‘speaking properly rather than baby babble’ to him and he has only just turned 4 back in April. He went from a 3 year old that i was worried about to a 4 year old that i need medical assistance to remove his voice box for him ASAP :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: let him be him, he’ll get there :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

My son is 2½ now & was referred to a speech therapist a lil while after he turned 1 because he wasnt saying many words & to them he wouldnt say anything at all (he’s very shy) & for awhile would barely even speak to his own dad, only me, he’s a huge mamas boy(:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) i did take him to his sessions twice a week as they recommended for about a year or so. Stopped going a few months back due to car accident leaving lack of way to get there. It did help a bit once he warmed up to his SP but a few weeks after we stopped going i noticed his vocabulary & even his willingness to try talking & saying new words, blew up! Not sure what it was. His dr. still wants him to keep going (he still won’t talk to people he doesn’t see on an atleast weekly basis) because she still hasnt heard him speak. But like everyone else here says every kid is different & learns their own way & at their own pace. My son says too many words to count, no sentences, just 2 to 3 word phrases. Only times i dont understand what he’s saying is usually when its a ‘new’ word. Also being around other kids helps alot. Playdates, daycare… family gathering with other kids even if they are a little older that helps alot too because they speak correctly vs another toddler also still learning to talk.

I would recommend some of the baby sign language. That really helped my oldest learn to talk with us. It also helped him learn the ABC’s. Maybe your little one just needs something else to help him learn those things. Just keep talking to him and reading to him. It sounds like he gets the flow of conversation. But you can always seek out speech therapy! Early intervention is key.

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Keep working w your baby. My little one loved songs so she literally would just start singing songs. We like super simple songs on YouTube.

Our birth to three coach says 2 and 3 word phrases is what’s average, and a vocabulary of 75 words or more. (We have them for vision, not speech though)

I have twins that are close to 3 as well and they babble constantly. They can talk in sentence that still have a mix of babble and the oldest twin talks more than the youngest; each kids does it at their own pace as long as doctors arent worried I’d say just keep doing what youre doing

Kids with older siblings always seem to speak sooner ~ survival of the fittest!

At 2.5 we had an early childhood intervention for my soms speech delay, he had in home speech therapy til he was 3 then began pre-k. He showed great advances but also began to studder and is still on a speech journey.

Every human goes at their own pace! Please don’t ever compare

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I was the same with my middle son and
Took him for an assessment with speech and language. It helped a lot learning
How to help him

My son is 2 and I have him in speech to help a little bit

My both really didn’t talk properly till 4 and my eldest is getting there now all kids are different

literally was worried about my son and even his doctor was concerned. So they referred him to a speech therapist. But they do it over FaceTime and my son literally doesn’t care about phones🙄 if it’s not a movie playing, he doesn’t want anything to do with it. So I’ve just been working with him and teaching him myself.

If he’s healthy and reaching important mile stones no worries, mine is 4 and she struggle with her pronunciation. They learn don’t worry

Every child is different. I have had kids who didn’t talk until 4-5, a few at 1 who was non stop. :joy::joy::joy:

I wouldn’t be worried. Every kid is different. Don’t compare.

Definitely recommend talking to your doctor about this and not strangers on fb who’s advice might be damaging.

I wouldn’t be worried at all! Each child is different🙂

They all have development my nephew just turned 4 and just started actually talking

Call the school district and find out what resources there are for assessment.

3 and 4 yr olds have their own language, some are chatter boxes others are not. I wouldn’t worry unless his pediatrician says something

I didn’t talk till I was three and a half or four. Not because I couldn’t, just had no desire too. Then when I started I had a severe speech impediment.

Started school, got into speech therapy, found out I was both tone deaf in both ears and had some hearing loss in my left ear for the tones I could actually hear. Once I learned the sounds letters make, how those sounds go together and to read and spell it was like the first three years or so didn’t slow me down. If anything, it’s made me more communicative than the rest of my family because of not being able to be understood for so long.

I wouldn’t worry about it right now. Keep working with him, encouraging him, applaud him when he does talk so he feels more enticed to try.

If he still isn’t talking by the time he’s four or four and a half take him to your local elementary school and have the speech therapist test him. If there is an issue they’ll pick up on it and discuss a special education treatment plan with you which will allow you to enroll him into kindergarten early rather than waiting till five and get you the specialized help needed to combat any speech impediments and/or learning disabilities.

I will add that I highly doubt it’s a learning disability; its just kids progress at their own speed. Some kids you can kickstart into action by refusing to give them what they want until they ask for it as you instruct them. By brother was easy that way; I wasn’t, I would flat starve before I would utter even just the word of what I wanted. I out grew it though, my daughter outgrew hers and I’m sure your son will also.

self ID: private Nanny with over 20 years experience in childcare and child development.

I very much recommend that you speak to his pediatrician or childcare teacher if he goes to a center

Seriously. Otherwise, you may be worrying yourself for nothing. You simply have not given enough context for anyone to let you know whether or not your child is delayed or on track.

There are about a million factors that need to be considered before anyone can even begin to give an assessment like that.

Factors during the pregnancy, was he born on or near his expected due date or was the early? Are there other languages being spoken in the house? Or how do the other people on the house speak ( does anyone in the house have a speech impediment? does anyone else in the house have a thick accent? Does anyone else in the house also have a speech delay?)? Does he have any sensory processing disorders? Exactly how old is he? If he is closer to his third birthday than his second birthday, that changes things. How much literacy and speech intervention and accessibility has he had in his life?

and that’s just to start. You see my point? There are so many factors to look at.

That being said, if you would like to message me to find resources that can let you know what are typically considered developmental milestones, I would be glad to point you in the right direction

But please, if anybody here suggests autism, speech therapy, developmental delay, Etc, please take it with a grain of salt. Please do not put too much stock into it.

There is no way to know. We simply do not have enough information.

No need to worry as long as he is speaking two or three word sentences.


Never hurts to ask his doctor. But each kid develops at all different rates.

We make much more than that and that seems high to me.

Nope. Mine didn’t talk much till age 5

He may have speech delay. Speech therapist r wonderful. My son has them.

Talk w ur childs dr about ur concerns. They might recommend an occupational therapist

Have you had his hearing checked. It could be he just need a good cleaning

Then he is doing better of than my daughter

If you are worried see a speech pathologist.

Get on the list now for an speech path, there’s a long wait

Get him tested. If he needs speech therapy they will tell you.

Has he been tested for autism

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Nephew had speech issues…Dx hearing issues.

Keep talking to him and of course mention your concern your to your dr you are doing good

My son was around the same age and his pediatrician got us a referral for speech therapy as well as occupational therapy. It really helped him!

Take him to your primary and have his ears looked at and they may send you to an ENT/speech therapy

Speech therapy so he can catch up before school.

At that age not talking could be just a choice I wouldn’t worry about it unless you feel it is hindering them in some way.

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Don’t worry he will get with it

Maybe get his hearing checked

You could always ask for a referral for an audiologist and check for fluid on ears. However speech delays are common. Could maybe do with some speech therapy…but they will probably require the audiology appointment first. My son is going on 4 and still speech delayed. He hears well and can mimic individual sounds… like one letter but can’t put them together to.make a word. We are on a waiting list for speech therapy.

Yes you should be. I have had so many say no those sounds do not come until later… do not listen to that. Have speech therapy work with him now so the bad habits of pronouncing things incorrectly are broken before they start. Give guidance early on with proper pronunciation.

You can’t compare one kid to the other as far as development some just develop at their own time if you are truly concerned though there’s no harm in talking to your pediatrician and having him evaluated

The therapists everyone talking about coming to your home is early intervention. Your peds can recommend you and it’s the best thing ever. Also when they age out they will help you set them up in preschool.

Speech therapy has never hurt anyone :woman_shrugging:t4: if you are concerned, reach out. Honestly kids talk at all different ages. My oldest was full conversations by 18 months. My middle was closer to 4, he ended up with a weak lower jaw which had I of reached out, could of been helped earlier on. My youngest isn’t talking as much as his peers at 3, however he fluently speaks and understands two languages :woman_shrugging:t4:

Don’t stress about it, but some kids are late talkers and some just don’t have much to say. They will communicate when they want something. My son was the same way and then he suddenly started talking and saying words that I didn’t even know he knew! He’s 3btw. But definitely talk to your doctor if it becomes something that doesn’t change.

No. Kids grow in their own time.
Einstein was 5 before he ever spoke.
They asked him why…he said he had nothing to say.

If youre concerned take him to his ped.
But dont let other moms and people tell you he should be talking more.

Im not even sure babies start really forming whole sentences before 3

My grandson is going to be three September 11 he says very little pretty much you can’t understand him we were very worried also went to the pediatrician and they said you do not worry about that until they’re four years old that’s crazy to me but we’re going through the same thing he’s so frustrated that we don’t understand him I don’t worry he’ll start talking

Have him check out. Is he an only child? Have him around more children that might help.

My step son didn’t start actually forming sentences till he was almost three

Get his ears checked

consult with your pediatrician not the inter-web

Check into early intervention with you county

Have him checked for a tongue tie

My daughter was the same way. Point at what she wanted. Barely talked. Now she is a teen who doesn’t stop talking.

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Maybe he needs speech therapy? go get him checked he can possibly have a lil autism idk maybe? and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way I’m just saying…good luck!

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I wouldn’t be too worried. My son turned 3 in June and isn’t speaking. He only uses “Mama” and “No”. But we’re going to have him tested for autism and pit him in speech therapy. But all kiddos are different, I’d definitely make an appointment with your child’s pediatrician to see what they reccomend, if anything. As long as your child’s other milestones are being met, maybe make a hearing test appointment?

I wouldnt worry about it. My son was the same way until he was about 3/4. Just continue to interact with him and encourage language

Your son is talking waaaaaaayyyyy more than my boy was when he was 2! Every kid is different, plus when he goes to school he is going amaze you! :blue_heart:

Tell his doctor, would be my advice. They should know more than anyone…

Id talk to dr. My kids was talking in full sentences by age 1. Some is later than others and that’s OK but if concern talk to dr about an evaluation for speech

Seek early intervention if concerned. There really a great tool to have.

Has your pediatrician suggested he see a speech therapist or audiologist?

Pediatrician question or you’ll get harmful answers like speech therapy. Speech therapy is abusive to those who are autistic or deaf and your child may be in one of those two categories. Rule that out first with your pediatrician or family doctor before going for the extreme often nonsolution.

Consult your pcp and they will set up services for your child to attend speech classes

Does he use a pacifier?

My son got a speech therapist, its done wonders

No you should not be worried.

Talk to your pediatrician

Have his hearing tested

Speech therapist consult

Asking on Facebook lol. Amazing

If you have to.ask Facebook yes

I wouldn’t be worried

Bullshit! Trying help someone who ain’t yours.

Girl you’re doing great! Just keep talking to him :heart:


All children are different. My daughters doc and father (who only gets her every other weekend) said she didn’t speech therapy. Her father actually took her to that appt. I never thought she needed it. I thought she just needed to be around kids her age. Well a speech therapist came to house (father whom insisted on an intervention and talked down to me as a mother of I didn’t never showed) and guess what? She was perfectly fine. The therapist says she was right where she was supposed to be.

I met a woman & husband (he’s a Marine& they move a lot) When I met this little boy he was almost 5 , He blow me away with his knowledge, I looked at his mom & she said she doesn’t know where he got his information, She lets her kids watch very limited TV, she does read to them, They are playing outside a lot, She also told me he said very little until he was over 3 yrs old, The kid is really really smart, He is almost 13 yrs old now & she tries to move where there are better schools for her son. So in other words, just let your son be, Talk to his pedi, Dr & you just might find when he is ready to talk he will

My daughter was the same way, the dr told me her needs were well met so shes didnt feel the need to talk about, so try making him tell you want he wants more, repeat cup and snack to him and also sometimes kids are slow talking but once they do, they will talk your ear off! And usually they are very smart!! Baby jojo and coco melon on youtube helped my daughter, we would sing the songs on the way to daycare , on repeat