Should I be worried baby does not hiccup?

I am freak out this is my third baby and I havent felt him hiccup at all… does that mean his lungs arent developing right??.. because with both of my last pregnancies I felt them hiccup around this time…I had my Second anatomy ultrasound two weeks ago could they see if his lungs werent develop right? Would they have call me if anything was wrong??


Hiccups are not an indication that their lungs are developing right…


Every pregnancy is different. I believe that they would have contacted you if there was anything to worry about. To ease your mind give your doctor a call…

My baby didn’t hiccup much until very late in my pregnancy. She hiccups with the best of them now at 5 months. No problems with her lungs :woman_shrugging:

Hiccups are just them practicing breathing. If anything like that was wrong they would not have let you leave the building.

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My son had hiccups constantly. 🤦 Drove me crazy. But my daughter hardly had them at all and I didn’t feel them until around 6-7mons. She’s perfectly healthy…and can beat her brother at burping. Just an fyi. Lol :green_heart:

Your baby doesn’t necessarily hiccup, nor will you always feel it if they do. Movements are a sign that the baby is doing ok, not hiccups.


With both my pregnancies I never felt the baby hiccup. They’re both healthy

Not all babies hiccup in the womb and yes your dr. would have told you if something was wrong with your baby or if they saw anything concerning in the ultrasound. If you are concerned though call your dr and schedule an appointment to be seen.

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im 22 weeks. I forgot that sorry.

Well with my first 35 years ago. She never moved. I never felt a kick a hiccup nothing. It was terrible. I mean nothing. The doctor would say everything was fine. I had ultrasounds a couple of times. You name it I had it. Well she has never stopped moving since she was born. I would leave the doctors appointment where I could hear the heart beat and some one would ask if I felt her kick. I would cry. I was convinced something was wrong. Nothing. She is still perfect. Good luck and always talk to your doctor.

Hiccups are caused from a spasm of the diaphragm, therefore hiccups wouldn’t be an indication of lung development.


I never heard about babies hiccuping in the womb. My lil girl just kicked every once in a while. She got most excited when listening to pop and older 70’s rock music, (it felt like she was doing flips, lol. Lying on my back, was when her movements were most noticable.

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Im on my 3rd pregnancy… my first 2 i never felt hiccup at all

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My third baby did hiccup a lot. Now with my fourth and 26 weeks i havent felt it. I guess all pregnancys are different

Is baby moving? If you haven’t felt him move in the last 12 hours call Dr. Never hurts to have a check on the fetal monitor if you’re far enough along. Don’t worry! Drink some orange juice for a sugar boost for baby.

I have 4 healthy kids, I only ever felt one of them hiccuping while I was pregnant

A baby in utero doesn’t need to hiccup in order to develop lung function. By your third pregnancy you also know that every pregnancy is different. Some people hiccup a lot some people rarely hiccup just like babies you carry.

None of my babies had them and they are all fine and health 30 24 and 22 so breathe momma everything will be alright

I never felt either baby hiccup the entire time. When the lungs were checked on the ultrasound, they were always functioning well. I always looked out for their normal patterns of movement. :relaxed:

22 weeks is not enough time to feel them. Most doctors dont have you keeping track of movements till 28 weeks because the baby is still very tiny