Should I be worried if I am measuring 3 weeks ahead?

I’m technically 30 weeks pregnant with my second baby & “measuring” 3 weeks ahead. Anyone experience going early as they measure??


I was measuring ahead and didn’t have my daughter until 39 weeks and 6 days

I was measuring a month ahead and my water broke at 41 weeks 1 day lol

Nope. My son measured a month ahead my whole pregnancy so they induced me 6 dsys early. That boy wasn’t even CLOSE to coming. After a few hours of having the balloon I made them give me a csection

I measured about 4 weeks early since 27 weeks she came a week late lol

I always measured ahead till about 36 weeks then I had my baby at 39 weeks with measuring 1 week ahead

I wish, both my boys measured 2-3 weeks ahead. My first came at 39 weeks 3 days, my second came 39 weeks 4 days.

Following. Im 29weeks based off my original due date then they gave me another due date a week earlier. Now they said shes measuring 3 weeks ahead

I’m 33 weeks n measuring 36 weeks I now have to have a non stress test done every week until I have my baby. Big babies could lead to the placenta not working correctly and not being able to provide enough for baby. I’m 33 weeks n my baby is approximately 6lbs 2oz been measuring big since my 5 month scan

I measured like 2 weeks big with my 1st born and I was induced at 39 weeks 4 days n he was 9lbs 12oz easy fast labor but man was he big lol

I was measuring 5 weeks ahead with my first baby and 4 weeks ahead with my second baby. They thought I was diabetic because of it. However both my boys got evicted. First son was evicted at 42 weeks and second was evicted at 40 weeks

My children were always ahead. I even had twins that were born at 36 weeks that were 6#7oz and 6#9oz 19 1/2 in long. My son was 8#10oz 9 days early. I was told it was likely due to my gestational diabetes.

I measured 4 1/2 weeks ahead and then measured on track and then a couple weeks ahead and so forth. It’s really not accurate and I’m due in 4 days

I measured about 2 weeks ahead most of my pregnancy. I was induced 8 days after my due date. She was 7 lbs, 2 oz. It’s just estimates.

I measured 4 weeks ahead that early she was only 8lbs 6oz at 39 weeks

My first 2 measured 2 weeks ahead my entire pregnancy. Number 1 was 5 days late and number 2 was born on his due date.

I am 39 weeks pregnant with #5 and I have measured two weeks ahead the entire time, still pregnant

My first I measured 40 weeks when I was 35 weeks. I was induced he was born on his due date at 9lbs 1oz. My second was born a few days before her due date at 7.7lbs and I measured ahead. My third I measured ahead and she was born the day before her due date 8.8lbs, induced with all 3.

Out of 6 babies only 1 measured small (IUGR) All the rest measured a 3-4 weeks ahead. None of them have been over 7lbs 15oz. My IUGR baby was born at 39w 5lbs 10oz… rest of my babies were 6lbs 5oz, 7lbs 5oz, 7lbs 15oz, and 5lbs 1oz (induced at 36w for low amniotic fluid.)

When I was pregnant my son was measuring two weeks ahead when I was in my second trimester. My first due date was Dec 2 but then they changed it to Dec 12. My son decided to come Dec 5 so he was either late by three days or early by a whole week.