Should I be worried my toddler doesn't talk much?

Hey mommas, should I be worried about my 15 month old not saying anything other than mom and dad? He’s the youngest one and his sisters are always talking for him, but I feel like he should be saying more by now because his sisters were


Yes. I would get him evaluated. It can’t hurt and early intervention is key. The early you start therapy the better. So even if nothing is wrong at least you know. I say this as my 7 year old has severe CAS and has about 5 words he can say. Good luck mama :heart:


My son is also 16 months old and says mom dad pop pop and literally that’s about it. We also have 6 other children at home and they talk to him lots I’m guessing they will start talking when they are ready they have shown that they are verbal even with one or 2 words maybe they aren’t ready

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I wouldn’t be worried. My (now) 17 year old brother didn’t start speaking until he was 3. (He’s the youngest of 5). He graduated high school early. Just keep working with him, he’ll be fine :heart:

My son spoke later on because he was learning 2 languages at the same time. I allowed another person word to make me rethink our situation of 2 languages and regret it 20 years later. Talk with the doctor

My older nieces spoke for my (younger) nephew and that delayed his speech. Not necessarily clinically delayed, but their “help” took away any incentive to speak independently.

Generally, monolingual girls start talking before monolingual boys, followed by bilingual girls then bilingual boys. How much of these gender differences is social and how much is biological is still unknown.

Read to him. Talk to him often. Encourage him to communicate with you directly. Thank your daughters for helping, but try to explain that your son needs to speak for himself.


What does the pediatrician say?

My son didn’t fully start talking till he was closer to 2. He just woke up one day and decided to use full sentences. It shocked the crap out of me. He went from saying maybe 7 words total to having a full blown conversation. I read to him a lot and didn’t " baby talk " him.

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Einstein didn’t talk until age 5

He is very young. I wouldn’t worry. Give him time

boys sometimes don’t always catch on as quickly as girls. most doctors/specialists won’t even talk about evaluating him until he’s at least 2-3.

however, i would tell your older children to stop speaking for him. that in itself is a huge issue for some late talkers.


All babies talk at different ages/stages however If you are concerned ask your pediatrician for a referral to a speech therapist early intervention therapist for an evaluation. It’s always best to get them help early.


My son didn’t start talking until closer to 2 ish, now’s he’s 3 and speaks in full sentences . His vocabulary and understanding is actually pretty impressive… give him time…

My son didn’t talk till he was like 2 years old my girls very young. I thought something was wrong his speech was just delayed more than others. He is 4 and speaks very well now. A little too well lol. Doesn’t stop either :rofl: yours is young yet don’t panic give it time. As long as he is receptive you shouldn’t have to worry

If he has had several ear infections that could be a cause. My son was saying words how he heard them. Because his head sounded like it was in a fish bowl everything he said was just jabber.

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Our son who had two older sisters didn’t,t start talking till almost 3, he didn’t,t have to talk because the girls reacted to his grunts and pointing. We told the girls to ignore his grunts and pointing and demand words from him. It wasn’t,t long he was talking full sentence.

No. My son didn’t even say mama till he was 2 yrs old! That child is now 22,with no limitations

It will take time but try to stop the siblings for talking for the little one I went through this and told oldest to let your sister talk. My youngest didn’t really talk till about 2 and half .sometimes wouldn’t talk and sometimes would. I told my younger one when asked for something if didn’t know name tell me Color and still told sibling to stop talking for her.

No you don’t have to be worried