Should I believe my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I live in different cities we have been together 14 months and are planning to move in together in the next few months. Over the weekend he went out to watch the football and I didn’t here from him from 9pm that night till the following morning. When he goes out he always video calls me while he’s walking home no matter what time it is as he knows I like to know he has got home safe. This particular night as I said i didn’t here from him all night and he didn’t call me like he usually does,he says he was just very drunk as he had been drinking from early evening till early morning and got home and just crashed out. I totally believed him as he had never given me any reason not to trust him we are very much in love and he is a very affection caring boyfriend. So I got to his place the following morning and he was very hungover and still in bed so I decided to put a wash on to give him one less thing to think about in his hungover state. I pulled out his t shirt that he had worn on the night out it was a white t shirt and it was covered in orange foundation :wink: … so immediately I was shaking with anger and woke him up to confront him about it … he point blank says he doesn’t know how it got there says he wasn’t with any girls on the night out and the only 2 girls he spoke to were a barmaid and 1 girl who had broken her leg so he asked how she managed to do it… we argued over this for over an hour and is totally adiment that nothing happened he would never do anything to hurt me but he but he was sorry that he couldn’t explain the make up on his t-shirt. I am so confused right now as I said I have never had any reason to not trust this man but as far as I’m concerned make up doesn’t just appear on your clothing. I love him very much and I know he loves me but should I trust and believe what he says?