Should I Call Things Off With the Guy I Am Dating Since He Hates Dogs?

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"I started datin this guy a few weeks ago and we have talked a lot getting to know each other…its just small dates for now and we hang out a little at each others houses but i found out that he DESPISES dogs…and I am a huge dog lover…thsi is a huge red flag to me because WHO CAN HATE DOGS? My question is…should i call things off since i know it obviously cannot go anywhere serious due to his hate of dogs? or do i just continue to have fun with him until i meet someone who loves dogs? and yes this is a very serious question…i rescue pits and they dont need that type of negativity in their life…"

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"I would just stop now."

"If dogs are an important part of your life I would go your separate ways now rather than later"

"I wouldn’t waste anymore time seeing him"

"Would be a deal breaker for me. I like dogs better than people."

"That’s a deal breaker for me. I’d break it off now and not invest anymore time."

"Definitely wouldn’t date a guy who doesn’t like dogs"

"If you own dogs, yes you should consider ending it with him. I have seen way too many dogs surrendered to shelters because their momma moved in with her boyfriend and he didn’t want the dog in her life. That is not fair to the dog. They didn’t ask for you to adopt them only to eventually abandon them. This question is not petty. It makes complete sense to those who have a heart for animals."

"If he hates dogs and you rescue them that’s a no brainer…next"

"My dogs and kids always come first. I don’t trust anyone who hates dogs. I’d run"

"It’s clearly going to be an issue for you so why not just walk away before someone gets hurt. Tell him you’d love to stay mates but the dog thing is a deal breaker for you. Then go out and find the dog loving man of your dreams."

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Don’t waste any more of your time or his, you rescue dogs so it’s obviously a passion of yours. You’ll find a fellow dog lover out there, no doubt!

I would say you answered your own question. Yes call it off. Why waste your time? Dogs probably don’t like him either…. And there’s your sign or flag as they say these days.

Why do you even ask. You already know. Cut him loose NOW. Don’t use him until something better comes sling. You already have better; you have your dog.

Find out why he hates them ? If there is no way to heal him or change then to me it’s a no brainer - walk away or have yr heart broken as u will not be able to have dogs in yr life or yr kids.

There is something off when people “hate” dogs. I usually means dogs are wary of them and growl because they are creepers. Best to break it off now. How can someone HATE dogs!!??