Should I feel bad about leaving my dog for 12 months?

Hello all, I may not be your traditional mommy but I am a dog mom. So I hope you all can help me in that aspect.

I am 25 years old from the USA and I have recently decided I want to move to Australia for 12 months to explore the world and understand life outside of my small town in Kansas. Unfortunately, I will not be able to bring my dog with me on this new life adventure. He will be staying with a family member while I am gone but I am having a hard time deciding how I should feel about leaving him. He is my absolute rock and has gotten me through some of the roughest times in my life. By the time I leave he will be 8 and 9 when I return. I feel like I could be missing out on the time we still have together before he passes but I also don’t want to put my life on hold just to be with my dog. I am conflicted because I feel like I am abandoning him and that I took the responsibility of always caring for him when I adopted him.

How would you guys deal with the situation? I feel like I’m being dramatic but this dog means the world to me.

I understand, i Hate leaving my dogs to simply go on a vacation lol. But he is safe and sound with your family member and you can facetime