Should I feel guilty for taking child support out on my children’s father?

I recently took child support out on my children’s father and I feel guilty about. A little back story, we are engaged but he doesn’t help me out much. He pays the electric bill and internet bill. He’s only paying the internet bill because he wanted better internet before that I was paying it. I pay all of our bills except those. My account is always overdrafted just to cover everything. He gets paid weekly. I get paid bi weekly. I’ve been asking him to help me for years but he always says he doesn’t have the money. He’s always buying stuff for crazy ideas. For example, he was has invested a lot of money into the idea of recording himself playing the drums then putting it on YouTube. When I told him what I did, he said that he’s not going to be able to pay the bills he pays now and he was going to stay with his grandparents because of the drive to work. He has no problem paying his ex child support.

Sounds like you did the right thing. Stick to your guns

I wouldn’t feel guilty, it is his responsibility to help provide for his child. If he doesn’t have enough money to help you then he clearly needs to get a 2nd or better job.

You did the right thing, don’t feel bad. He needs to help, his first priority should be helping you & your child not buying stuff to play drums for YouTube.