Should I fight child support modification?

Fan question.
My daughters father was ordered to pay child support in 2018. A month after the current amount was set he quit the best job he’s had. The past 3 years he has jumped from job to job, either quitting or getting fired. He’s still behind in what he already owes, and has not been paying regularly at all as it is. Our daughter goes over there 3 days a week. He is still currently unemployed because he’s staying home with his now wife’s 4 children (none are biologically his) while she works. I got a letter in the mail stating that they want to decrease his amount by more than $200. Should I try to fight this or is it just a lost cause at this point?

Fight it and when you get to court, review the history of avoidance. The court has more power and should help you get what you are owed. I have 3 kids and I never missed a Support payment, no matter what.

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Thanks for your response. I just don’t feel like it’s fair at all, I don’t rely on the money, but it’s just like I have to do everything the “right way” and he gets away with so much. I don’t feel like he’ll ever get a job with the new amount they’re trying to set, or he’ll get another good job and only have that little bit taken out when he’s not abided by the current order in place.

All the best! The courts tend to look harshly at people who actively attempt to circumvent support orders and may actually enforce the order against him and his new wife’s joint income, especially since none of the children he is taking care of are biologically his. Be prepared to enter a counter claim for full custody with the option to forgive his past due obligations if he surrenders his parental rights or for reduced visitation in exchange for lower support payments. However be very cognizant of your daughters feelings along the way. You may have to just swallow this and take the high road because your daughter is the most important thing here and you don’t want to damage your relationship with her. This has just been running through my mind since I first responded and I just hope for you and your daughter to have the best outcome. Damn life sucks sometimes.