Should I get a jogging stroller?

My son will be 3 in September. I was thinking of getting a jogger stroller for days that we go on walks, go to seaworld, etc. Do you think it’s “too late” to get one? Will he use it much longer?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I get a jogging stroller?

I had one and it was a waste. Darn front wheel wobbled like crazy if I actually tried jogging.

Go for it! My kids rode in the jogger till they were about 5-6 years old. It was great for amusement parks or long walks.

It’s too late. He will not seat in it. I have one and my daughter refuses to seat in it. She is 2 1/2. She loves the wagon though and it was perfect for Sea World.

I don’t know that I’d buy a new one. But check Craigslist, your local garage sales, and b/s/t pages.

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Yep absolutely. Little legs can’t always handle the longs walks.

My oldest loved the stroller. He used his until his legs got too long when he was almost five. I say go for it. He’s still little and I can’t imagine how tired his little legs would be from all of that walking.

Yes!!! Best Buy ever for us

I wouldn’t get a brand new one maybe from one of these re sale groups.

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I seen big kids on strollers I think it just depends on your kid . Do you think he will use it ? How good is he walking long distances ? Does he tired easily ? Maybe try with a used one on Facebook marketplace or somewhere like that and if it works out you could invest in something better

The wheels are really nice for walks and stuff to be honest. I hate how costly they are but that is why you yard sale or thrift them!!:heart:

If you get one you need to get a reliable one. No bs baby trend or something. Get a BOB they have deep seats, comfortable, and great resale value. Expensive yes but worth it. Otherwise don’t get one

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A wagon is a better investment imo. Then it can be used when they are older too.

It’s too late. Get a butterfly stroller

We did all of Disney and my 4 year old didn’t want the stroller we rented for the day! I did like having it to hold bag though. :joy: every kid is different!

My son suffered a lot of leg pain as a child . I took a stroller when we went on holiday or outings where he needed to walk a lot. Didnt sit in it constantly but was always needed at some point. He was 6yo I think when we stopped taking it . Hes 6’6 now so was always very tall. Just make sure its big enough for him

My daughter hates the stroller. But we got a wagon and she loves it. It also has an attachment for infant carrier in case you need in future.

If he has no problem sitting in one then go for it, wish I’d went for that option over my stroller, my lb is 3.5 and always goes in his stroller.

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My 3 year old still uses his stroller when we walk to the park. So it all depends on your kk id

Yes u can always sale it later

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Thule bike trailer. Turns into a jogger, regular stroller, bike trailer etc. I got a double one to fit my 63 lb 5 year old very comfortably. It has a 120 lb weight limit. She walks a lot with me, but when she gets tired she gets in.

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