Should I get birth control?

My 6 week appointment is coming up and I can’t decide if I want birth control or not. My husband is no help “ it’s not my body hun, not my decision” I love him. But I am tired of google and research.I am breastfeeding and I don’t want something messing up my supply. I don’t even know if I want birth control. I had Nexplanon for three years and then I switched to the pill. The Nexplanon made my periods a little bit worse but it was manageable and the pill just completely wrecked me mentally and wasn’t that good for me.  what are y’all story for breast-feeding and birth control? What are y’all‘s opinions? 


My husband got a vasectomy. Best birth control method for us ever.


I got off of birth control over a year ago and I have no regrets. I track every cycle so I know when I’m ovulating. BC is posion in my opinion.


Birth control is so bad for your body.


I have an IUD. My supply was just fine. When I removed it, it didn’t take long to get pregnant again. Then I put it back. My second child BF for just over a year, with gallons of milk donated.


I didn’t get birth control after my 3rd. They refused to give me the pill when I went back for it when he was about 9 months old and tried to make me get a iud which I did not want. They decided for me to wait 30 days and think on it since I was breastfeeding anyways it was supposedly unlikely I’d get pregnant. Well when I went back still wanting the pill in 30 days I was pregnant and ultimately I was furious. Not that I don’t love my now 7 year old, but that was completely preventable if they had just given me the birth control I asked for to begin with.


I’m on the mini pill. Works well for us although husband is getting a vasectomy. Even then I’ll still be on the mini pill, it helps with my period symptoms.

Although it is your choice in the end, the discussion about pregnancy intended or not needs to be between the two of you. Does he intend for you to take on the sole responsibility of prevention? Bc BC has side effects he needs to be aware of them and understanding. It’s not a cake walk to just take BC, hormonal or not they each have their own side effects to your specific body.


I’ve been on the pill, nuva ring, nexplanon and depo shot. I would recommend discussing the side affects and your health history as well as family health history before deciding.
You can also discuss with your husband about getting a vasectomy, it’s reversible and a lot less harmful than some of these birth controls.


Only opt out if you’re absolutely okay with having another baby bc that’s what happens without some form of protection :grinning:


I hate birth control with a passion but if I HAD to have it, I’d choose the pill.
If I’m not mistaken, it contains the least hormones and side effects.

Birth control sucked for me. Made me sick, gain weight, and got pregnant on some 2x. (Mom of 8) I gave up. Now waiting for my tubal ligation

I liked my copper IUD , its non hormonal and safe for BF , it worked great for me I had troubles on all other forms but I would go back to the copper IUD if I wasn’t getting my tubes tied after baby is born.

I’m breastfeeding and on the pill it’s called a mini pill cause it doesn’t have estrogen in it . Yes you have to take it at the same time but it hasn’t messed with me or my milk and it’s been 6 months.


Me personally I can’t take birth control it’s not good for me so this is a situation where you be darn if you do and darn if you don’t

I got a progesterone only pill and you have to be a little more diligent by taking it at the same time every day but it doesn’t effect the milk supply and I also didn’t have the horrible side effects I’ve had with other types

I personally cannot use birth control it messes with my body and my mental health. As other ladies have said the alternative to bc is natural family planning, they have apps to help track your cycle.

i did natural family planning for almost a year and a half before we decided we wanted another one, i don’t like birth control for many reasons so it was a no brainer for me.
Once you get the hang out it it’s easy enough to track, unless of course you have some sort medical condition or just really irregular periods(not sure as i don’t suffer from this)

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I got on birth control after giving birth, and it seriously screwed up my hormones. I recommend the pill, just in case it starts messing you up, then you can stop taking it. I got the shot, and now I have to endure months of horrible side effects because my body couldn’t process all the hormones postpartum. :woman_shrugging:

Just track your ovulation so you know when to use protection :woman_shrugging: unless ur serious about no more kids then I suggest some sort of bc

I had a great experience the first time I used birth control. My milk supply was fine. The second time I used birth control, I had a stroke. I do not advocate for the pill anymore.

Just keep track of your period and use condoms. I’m one of those who cannot take birth control.

I did a pill after my first that was for BF mamas. She nursed until she decided to self wean shortly after turning a year. After my son I didn’t want to go back on anything and my husband was going to get snipped. We used condoms, after a couple broke and taking Plan B, he finally went and got snipped. I ended up on an IUD too anyway for help with some cycle issues.

If you are breastfeeding they will give you a pill without the hormones or something I forget but they say it won’t decrease your supply. But from what I gathered it takes 2 weeks to work and if you absolutely do not take it at the same time everyday it can lower its effective. Definitely ask your doctor! From what little I know that’s really the only option for breastfeeding but I could also be wrong

B4 I had my daughter,I tried the pill,IUD,& Depo provera…Only thing that did work was depo…Now My htb has a vasectomy,so no worries here.:blush:

Birth control will 100% mess with your supply.

If your breastfeeding they will put you on mini pill! I’m breastfeeding my 4 month old and I’m taking microlut and have had no trouble with my supply

When I had my first I got the Skyla IUD and I’m getting another one at my 6 week check up in a month. It gave me no issues with breastfeeding.

I used a copper IUD and successfully breastfed my kids to 18months with no difficulty. I wanted a hormone free option.

I use the nuva ring. I love it. If you do the cycles of it correctly, it’s all good.

I’m breastfeeding and 7 weeks pp, my ob highly recommended the pill until baby is weaned.

Copper IUD it doesn’t mess with hormones lasts five years you can remove at anytime or replace again after the five years

I got pregnant on the birth control pill let just say I was breastfeeding full time being safe and literally was active like one time before my post baby check up to find out I was pregnant :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t3: and I found out because my breast milk started drying up over night

I’m on the mini pill. Still have an oversupply of milk. Was on the mini pill with my first too.

If you’re not sure if you want it yet then wait, think on it for a while. Sounds like your husband is a great support, do what your mind an soul tell you to do.

I’m on birth control

I hate birth control, its so abd for you but i got the copper iud at my 6 week snd haven’t had any problems with supply

Get an IUD. My daughter is on her 2nd one and loves it.

I wouldn’t. Super bad for your body. Just track your cycles.

If you’re not wanting to get pregnant again but don’t wanna use birth control there is always going back to condoms :woman_shrugging:t3:

Bc never affected my supply for breastfeeding. But it affected every other aspect of my life/body. It’s toxic and I hate it. If you don’t want more kids, tubes removed. If you’re unsure, or do want more, track your period and ovulation window and wear condoms :woman_shrugging:t2:

I ABSOLUTELY love my IUD… Had it for 5 years before taking it out to do fertility treatments for my twins. I had it 2 months after delivery. I would die with out it. There’s no way in hell I want to get pregnant again.

As long as no one is leaving sperm in you, you’re better off not messing with your hormones. Women shouldn’t have to risk their health for men’s convenience.

I loved my copper IUD

Is an IUD an option. The copper one doesn’t mess with your milk

Track your cycle and wear condoms on your fertile days.

Getting pregnant could mess up your supply AND then you’ll have 2 babies to breastfeed :woman_facepalming:t2:

IUD can be a good choice.
You can get pregnant breast feeding.

Paraguard iud. No hormones, no bs.
I’ve used for 15 years now

If I’m having sex I’m on birth control, but that’s just me. I’m also not breastfeeding and it really does fuck with your hormones and shit. Would def be easier for the husband to get a vasectomy if yall don’t want more children, or don’t want more for a while. I would for sure have that discussion with him. But if that’s out of the cards then talk to your doctor. You can get a low hormonal birth control that’s easier. Idk how it affects breastfeeding though.

I would get some form of contraception
Please don’t rely on the old wives tale
That you can’t get pregnant while breast feeding

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Just do ovulation control of you don’t want another baby right away many women do this along with using condoms or only doing anal or oral when in ovulation

Get an IUD …You’ll be safer that way.