Should I get uterus removal surgery?

In two months I will be 30, and I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant, I have already a little girl she is almost 2, lately I have been thinking a lot that after this pregnancy I want to ge my uterus removed, I dont know my birth mom, so I dont know my genetic condition, but I see how my family struggles with cancer, and having two kids make me think that I don’t want to be in that position, I know everybody can have cancer no matter what, but if I can prevent it, is that ok right? my husband tells me that I will regret it, that I will want more kids, and I’m always telling him that i dont feel that way, and if do at some point we can always adopt or be foster parents. what do you think mommies out there? am i selfish knowing that my husband wants more kids but I’m kinda feel ready to close it? thank you

Why do you just go thru the genetic testing first? See if you carry certain markers for cancer before you remove an organ.


I would get genetic testing. No reason to go through it and send yourself into menopause if it wouldn’t matter anyway. There would be big consequences to removing it.

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They dont just remove your uterus with no reasoning. They wont even tie your tubes if you dont meet requirements. A full hysterectomy is a huge deal and leaves you on medication to supplement hormones for life. This seems like a huge jump in steps. Maybe get help for the anxiety this idea is stemming from first.


I would wait to make that decision until AFTER you are pregnant. My whole pregnancy I was like “I don’t want to be pregnant again after this” then I had my daughter and was like “I WANT MOOOORREE BABIES!” :woman_shrugging:t3:

  1. I get where you are coming from. It must be scary not knowing your family history.
  2. Your 30. If you have any doubt on wanting another child don’t do it.
  3. I like my obgyn and primary doctor as well. So if you are comfortable with yours I’d talk with them.
    I went thorough the start of genetic testing but in the end my insurance didn’t pay and it was costly especially with 2 babies. But worth looking into.
  4. I had a partial hysterectomy. They leave your overies so you go into menopause naturally. It’s great not getting my period but I miss not having a chance at having another child.
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I can’t even get a hysterectomy and I have actual medical issues. I don’t know how willing a doctor will be to just remove your uterus without there being a legitimate reason to do so. You should get testing done but that is not something they are just gonna do for no reason.

I’ll be 30 in August having my 3rd child in March I am getting a tubal ligation. My sister is 33 having her 2nd child on Friday she is also getting a tubal ligation. When I asked my doctor before giving birth to my 2nd child for a tubal he advised against it as I was only 27 and only had 2 children. I did however have it scheduled to be done. Other circumstances (and superstitions it was scheduled for Friday the 13th) I didn’t go through with it. I called it divine intervention but I kind of knew I was meant to have another child. And here we are almost 3 years later and I’m having my 3rd and FINAL child :slightly_smiling_face: but if you don’t feel it’s right or see yourself with more than 2, I suggest trusting your instincts

There has to be a medical reason to have it removed…genetic testing first

I am 32 years old with 4 kids and my mom had cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy and they did not suggest having my uterus taken out after my last child who is 2. I did tie my tubes though, my Dr told me it helps reduce chances of cervical cancer…i would talk with your Dr about your options, good luck :blush:

I had my tubes removed. Not my uterus. It greatly decreases the chance of ovarian cancer.

So my great grandmother died from either cervical/ovarian/uteran cancer. She was 40 and they didn’t have proper testing back then so they don’t know which on killed her. My mom is 57 and was diagnosed with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer. She had genetics done and is also at risk for some type of kidney cancer. Even with a copy of my mom’s genetics results and the history of my grandmother the genetics office here won’t even do testing on me because they don’t feel I’m at risk. If they can’t do genetic testing for me I highly doubt they’ll just remove your uterus because you don’t want to get cancer.
Try and get genetic testing done first to see if you’re even at risk. Then take steps for prevention. If you’re at risk they still might not even do it and tell you that you’ll need to get paps more often or start mammograms early.

My sister said the same thing and regrets it now.

You can’t just get your uterus removed unless its medically necessary. You would get your tubes tied however I do not wish that decision on anyone. I had my tubes tied almost 4 1/2 years ago and at the time me and hubby were 100% sure we were done have kids but now I very much regret it cuz I would really love anther one (we currently have 3 kids). Yes you can get it reversed but the surgery is very expensive insurance most likely will not cover it and it’s not a guarantee you will get pregnant and you are also at high risk for an ectopic pregnancy, early miscarriage and other stuff. It’s true you never know what you’ll want in the future.

if theres any family medical issues through generations u may or may not have that chance.and u dont know with u because u are adopted. i will tell u this almost all the women in my family at young ages besides me had hysterectmies.i might need one here.and there was breast cancer in family and other medical issues

Are you not wanting any more children, and using it as an excuse? I don’t know my birth mother, I wanted four children, my husband wanted two. We have three…we compromised. Your husband clearly wants more…you need to talk to each other

I can tell you from personal experience, they won’t just do a hysterectomy. I have severe hormonal migraines and a ton of reproductive issues and they still won’t scoop my bits out. You have to be really, really sick to have a hysterectomy. Forced menopause is no joke.