Should I go to a birthing center or a hospital?

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and have established care at a hospital, but I don’t plan on using pain medication of any kind, as I am doing water labor. That being said, am I better off going to the birthing center so I can come home as rest shortly after? Or is it better to be at a hospital in the instance if something were to go wrong? This pregnancy hasn’t had any complications, but they have said my baby measures a little small, and I have a “long placenta” that is positioned in the front. What are your thoughts?


I personally choose hospital even though all my births have been perfect I get really nervous :worried: congratulations and good luck! You’re mommy these are your choices don’t let anyone bully you into anything!!:black_heart:


I say hospital. I ended up having high blood pressure and I tore. Births are unpredictable

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I prefer hospital but everyone is different. If the baby is a little small, that’s a little concerning. He/she could have jaundice or something

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Both mine were at a hospital…no pain meds. I got aniexty over the fact that giving birth is so unpredictable.
My stay at the hospital for my 1st I was in for 7 days but that is because I was diagnosed with post patrum depression and was made to stay for observation. My 2nd (may 31) i was only in for 24 hrs then i went home.

But what it comes down to is what YOURE most confortable with. :heart: congratulations & i wish you the best

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I just had my son on Friday and had a perfect pregnancy with no complications or concerns but while in labor he kept compressing his umbilical cord and dropping his heart rate which ended with me having a c section without which it could have gone way worse. I would say hospital for the simple fact of you never know what will or could happen


I would do it at a hospital. Everything was super healthy with my child and on track for natural birth. I spent 18 hours in passive labor then 12 in active. After i didnt dilate over 6cm they had to do an emergency c-section because though my daughter wasnt breech, she was facing the wrong way so her chin wouldnt tuck to go through my canal. Saved my life and hers as she released her bowels already. Super healthy baby and mom after and all is still well.

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I was told I was ideal for a birthing centre as my pregnancy had been so smooth. After 2 days of contractions at home I went to the centre for another 12 hours and a dip in a birthing pool, I was taken then to a delivery suite in the attached hospital as I was exhausted after 2 days of no sleep. A few hours later my sons heart rate dropped and I was rushed for an emergency caesarean. He was fine after a scary few minutes and we were told his cord was very short and basically wasn’t long enough for him to get out via normal delivery. With our 2nd I asked for another caesarean even though they said it wouldn’t happen again. Personally I’d now only choose a hospital as when they decided he needed to come out we were next to the theatre .


I say hospital cause something happens they can help you faster

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I had my daughter in the hospital/ birthing center it’s all we have here in the town I live in but the birthing center is connected to the hospital so if anything was to go wrong they could take me on the bed hooked up to Ivs and take me to get a c section

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Hospital. If you rupture in a birthing center you and or baby is dead. Your pregnant being uncomplicated means nothing when it comes to labor and delivery. Also if you need to be induced that will need to be done in a hospital.

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Sorry but birth plans are useless, birth is so unpredictable…I wanted a water birth, no meds…ended up having a C section and everything including epidural! Hospital is safer for you and bubs.


Hospital cause you just never know what could go wrong and it’s better to be safe than sorry in the end.


My first was a perfect pregnancy with no complications and I ended up needing an emergency c-section after 17 hours of labor. I say hospital just because as others have said birth is extremely unpredictable but at the end of the day you have to do what you feel most comfortable with.


hospital and I dunno the rules for where you are but the birthing center here you can’t just show up you have to at least be seeing a midwife they are contracted with. pretty sure they’d tell you to check in at the hospital if you showed up or called… but again thats here locally where I’m from…

Hospital and don’t try to be a hero. Your baby needs a mother.

Hospital. If you have a low laying placenta than you could start bleeding really heavy and maybe loose your baby. Plus you need a Pediatrician for the baby right there in case there is something wrong. I hope your birth will go well and safe whatever you decide


I’ve had 4 hospital waterbirths, no pain relief, with just a midwife and home four hours later. Hoping bubs 5 will be just as straight forward, but it’s good to know the resources are there if needed.

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Lol we never plan on using pain medication


Stay home! :joy: if there have been no complications during pregnancy wht assume there would be during delivery…
I would Stay home with allthe craziness right now… Or birth center.
(I’m due in 3 weeks and do home birth regardless of the craziness :joy: but still)

Do what makes u feel most comfortable. I was ment to have my son in a water birth at a birthing facility and in the end had to transfer to hospital due to complications, my midwife was really supportive and made me feel in control the whole time. If you trust Ur birthing team and you feel good about the birthing unit then do that, if not and u feel more ok at hospital then do that. The main thing is that YOU should feel comfortable in the decision.

My first was hospital and horribly mishandled which led to a lot of trauma. Second and third were birth centre, waterbirth, Hypnobirth etc. Fourth due any day and I’ll be headed straight to the birth centre again. Just keep an open mind and trust your body and your midwives. Things can change quickly and you need to be ready to accept it if they do x

Depends on your insurance as well as emergency planning if you do decide the birthing center

Home birth is amazing aswell. As long as you are not high risk and you have a midwife to support you.

I don’t have advice on the where to birth you baby, but don’t let anyone talk you out of not using pain medication! Make sure your nurses or whoever is caring for you knows that you do not want pain medication in any form. I had no pain meds for either of my births and I wouldn’t have it any other way. No judgement at all to anyone that gets pain medication, I’m just trying to say that you can do it without medication and don’t let anyone talk you out of it if it’s what you really want!!

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Couldnt you talk to the people at your local birthing center and ask them?
Like see what their plan is if something were to go wrong

I would go to a hospital because if god forbid anything would to happen a birthing center would have to send you to the hospital anyway cuz they don’t have the equipment for emergencies. Plus I believe you can’t get an epidural at a birthing center.

Nickita Starck this seems a question for you

Hospital definitely…if anything goes wrong you’re there …I had 3 normal births and expected my 4th to be the same but ended up with emergency c section…you just never know …I hope all goes well for you x

Personally, I was going to have a home birth. Then I started thinking of something does happen during delivery… there is no better place to be then already at the hospital. Luckily, no emergencies!

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Boo boo go to the hospital and get every drug they have!!


I think you answered your own question

Go to the hospital. Better safe than sorry.

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I had an amazing home birth. I saw a midwife who proactively managed my health to ensure baby and I stayed healthy and minimized our risk during labor. Hospitals are for sick people, birth is not an illness. Midwives are trained professionals


I went back and forth from midwife and birth at home and hospital and choose hospital the doctors job is to get that baby out safely and that made me feel more comfortable

I think I would choose hospital just to be sure less stress and worry for you good luck x

i have 5 kids all in the hospital first one he stopped breathing and needed oxygen second one i bled after birth but luckily got it under control 3rd boy nothing bad or out of ordinary fourth boy my cervix busted and i almost bled to death and had to get 4 units of blood transfusions with #3and #4 i got pitocin until i was almost dilated and i will never regret a hospital because they are prepared for the worst … everyone has their own preferences i know someone who wanted everything natural and ended up having to get a csection because her blood pressure was out of control Do what you feel is best for you and your baby

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I had both of my kids at a birthing center. We weren’t very far from the hospital and the midwives reassured me that at the first sign of issues beyond their ability, they would have me transported to the hospital. And that they would stay with me at the hospital! Luckily I didn’t have any issues. The whole experience was amazing and I personally wouldn’t do it any other way. I was allowed and encouraged to labor at my own pace. I had so much support. Was allowed to have as many or as few people in the room with me the whole time. I was able to go home about 4 hours after birth and one of the midwives came to my house the following day to check on me and baby. I understand a birthing center isn’t the best choice for everyone, but my experience was absolutely beautiful.

I was going to try a home water birth with my daughter but she was in the wrong position. If a water labor is what you want a birthing center would work best since hospitals generally don’t allow water births. If you think a hospital would be best then that’s ok, and if you would like a birthing center that’s also ok. Birthing centers give women a lot more control over their birth, and they would be safer than a hospital if you’re worried about the risk of covid

Personally I would want to be at a hospital just in case something went wrong anything can happen my first child my pregnancy was great nothing wrong at all got the hospital and ended up having an emergency c section because my daughter wouldn’t fit

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I would do a hospital. I had a totally uneventful, normal pregnancy. My labor started naturally, I was doing great, progressing fine. When it came tine to push things were still great but we couldn’t get the shoulders through my cervix after 3 hours and then everything went crazy and I had to have an emergency c-section. Not what I planned at all.

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Is this your first baby?? If it is, I would suggest hospital just in case. Alot of moms plan to do all natural but just can’t in the end. After your first, l&d is usually faster and you know what kind of pain to expect (sort of - it’s different with every pregnancy and there are so many factors that contribute to pain. My first was stuck sunny side up and it was unbearable WITH the drugs) If you’ve already experienced labour and you have had a healthy pregnancy this far, I don’t see any problem with a birthing center. A couple of my friends have had home births and really loved the experience! Good luck with whatever you choose I wish you a speedy and healthy delivery! :heart:

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If properly screened, prepared , and monitored a birth center or home birth xan be safer than a hodpital birth. Do your research on labor and delivery complucations for each area and with your health care provider then make your decision on where yoy will geel most comfortable.

There is a blogger out there by the name of Milabu. She does have a Facebook… recently she had her baby a few months ago.
I suggest watching her videos of her labor experience… she was also with the idea of a birthing center… I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and this is my second baby. Watching her videos gave me an open mind that you cannot plan out your delivery as much as we would love to . Things to spin for her… she was in labor for 5 days!! Because her contractions stopped at #2-3 day… she ended up having a emergency C section at the hospital.

I’m going to deliver at hospital. But I have mind set that anything can happen and to have other options in mind.

Talk to your physician, discuss all options. Everyone is different and requires different levels of care. This decision is ultimately up to you and your babies father.

I went to the hospital. Normal night until my water broke but baby was unknowingly stuck against my pelvic bone. After 8 hours or vomitting and back labor and 3 hours with a fever of 102. They finally did a emergency c section. The baby also had a fever and was jaundice. I also wanted to do a all natural water birth in the hospital tub. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and I was very lucky that we were both ok with a few days but could have been very scary.

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Never did a water birth but personally id prefer hospital just incase something goes wrong my first pregnancy everything was fine had midwives but something went wrong thankfully we were at the hospital as i was hemmoraging . thats just from my experience

I would go wherever you or your child would get immediate care if needed. :blush:


I opted fr the hospital with both of mine.
No pain meds with the first n it ended up an emergency c-section so I’m glad I was there.

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What would make you feel more comfortable? Both places can have risks occur, which one is better equipped for an emergency?

Birthing center near a hospital just in case.

I went to a hospital for both of my babies

I had a homebirth eith my first and hospital with my second. Both medication free vaginal births. I would choose home or a birth center over hospital ANY day. I only had a hospital birth as i couldnt afford a homebirth(insurance in my state wont cover it).

As long as you are having a normal healthy pregnancy there is no reason not to. But i feel its a personal decision thst you yourself have to make yourself.


13 yr OB L and D nurse. Go to the hospital. Uncomplicated pregnancies can change in an instance and u want to be in the safeat place for u and your baby


I had a hospital birth with my first and a home water birth with my second. Hands down the home birth was my preference. I live about 10 min from the closest hospital. I was very confident in my midwife and her ability to assess what was happening and would make the call if she needed to. Everything went smoothly and almost my exact birth plan. But do what will make you the most comfortable. Your body. Your birth :blush:


I would go to a birthing center if I didn’t want the pain meds. I always asked to go home early too.

It would depend on how far the hospital is from the birthing center. I need a c section on my 4th… it wasn’t a super emergency because I chilled for 4 hours wven after theu said I had to deliver today. The first baby needed the NICU, if I had delivered at the other hospital in town she would have been transferred without me. I wouldn’t have been able to leave the hospital I was checked into for hours. They are about 10 min apart. If the transport time is small… I would still try for a birthing center because sometimes there is a transport just depending on what the NICU is rated.

You need to make a pros and cons list. I’ve given birth in a hospital twice, and at a birthing center once. If, for some reason I’m ever expecting again, I would choose a birthing center again without a second thought unless I was having complications. I was at home 6 hours after giving birth. It was so nice. The cozier surroundings were amazing when laboring.

It’s really personal preference (unless issues are already present).

I was much more comfortable at a birthing center and loved being able to go home just a couple hours afterwards to rest in my own environment. That being said though if you didn’t establish care with the birthing center in the beginning they may not accept you as a patient

I had a perfect, uncomplicated pregnancy that ended in an emergency c-section in the middle of the night followed by my baby being taken to NICU. Thanking God we were there.

If you want a water birth totally go birthing center but it is completely oka if you end up feeling like you need to go to the hospital if anything as long as you feel safe and your baby is delivered safely I had to have an emergency c-section my first time so I didnt fetch choice so just do what makes you feel most comfortable

Had nothing wrong with all 5of my pregnancies but gave birth at the hospital and my first and last babies I had complications. I ended up with a seizure with my first and had to do a an emergency C-section with my last

I liked the hospital but my pain was back pains not really giving birth but I was drugged up I was in labor for 36 hours and maybe 2 hours of sleep …it was nice have the staff help even with my husbands support…it was the last time I got any sleep or time to relax.

You can apply for a birthing center, but i believe there are certain criteria to meet in order to have birth at one. Some I know of dont accept high risk births, they typically can’t perform emergency surgeries, etc. But in the instance that something alarming does happen, you can be transferred to a hospital. Im not certain a hospital will let you do a water birth though, so that’s something to consider. If you did choose a hospital, you can opt out of all types of medication. They’ll be inclined to offer pitocin, break your water, offer iv pain meds & an epidural but you can refuse. The only iv you would and should accept at that point would possibly be the saline drip to keep you hydrated. If you are otherwise healthy and do not have a “complicated” or “high risk” pregnancy, you should make the decision that makes you feel more comfortable for your birth. If you’re high risk, however, you may be advised to give birth in a hospital.

I’d do hospital just in case anything goes wrong. My friend had a perfectly healthy pregnancy. She was 40 weeks when she delivered and it ended in an emergency c-section because babies heart rate kept dropping really low.

With my last birth, I was induced and he was circ’d and I was there for less than 48 hrs in the hospital

I say keep an open mind

Hospital! I had 2 perfect pregnancies and labours. My 3rd baby got rushed straight to neonatal. If I wasn’t at hospital he wouldn’t be here today !

Go to the hospital take a birth plan

Ultimately it’s up to you and what you really want to do. Just keep in mind, not everything goes as planned. I did the hospital with mine, vaginally. My plan was to wait until my water broke and go pain med the whole way. But considering I was in labor for 36 hours I ended up crying for an epidural somewhere around 30 hours. No complications other than I was having severe contractions and I wasn’t dilating at all. I liked someone else’s idea of a pro/ con list. Might be better to be at least close to a hospital just in case something goes wrong. Good luck with whatever decision you go with. And Congrats on your new baby!