Should I have a second child?

Have you guys considered adopting or fostering? Would cut out the medical side of things, you would give your son someone to play with and help a child in need. Just an option to consider. My daughter is an only child an I knew I didn’t want any more kids, so we have a dog, a cat and some fish :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: thats another option!

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Nothing says you have to have 2. Go with your gut.

We are One and done by choice. It’s perfectly OK to have 1 child. I was a only child myself not having siblings was just normal. From what I’ve seen of sibling relationships I’ve personally never seen anything desirable.

Nothing wrong with an only child

If you really want another child consider adopting. Your decision will be the right one for you.

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If it involves putting your life at risk, that could be your child without a mother. Bear that in mind…

Just a bit of story to give you hope.

I was diagnosed perimenopausal at 23, have PCOS, endometriosis, and PCS. Took 6 rounds of clomid to get my first. After 3 failed rounds of clomid and lots if pain ttc my second we did laproscopy for endo and to remove my left tube that had a complete closure causing hydrosalpinx (sp). Was told small chance but unlikey to get prego without IVF. We did the same hormone therapy as IVF with conception methods done at home bedding with hubby (large chance of multiples but a risk I was willing to take cause we couldn’t afford the ivf procedure). Took 3 more months to conceive our second child.
Thought that would be our last due to how hard the process is. There were also multiple miscarriages in the mix.

BUT THEN we got pregnant naturally with a completely healthy baby when baby #2 was just 10 months old and I was still nursing and didn’t have a cycle (but apparently ovulated…and not just ovulated but ovulated a Good egg - mine are usually no good at 33-37mm follicle if I ovulate at all)
We weren’t trying by any means, but def weren’t preventing cause we thought it impossible. Now I’m 30 years old with a 5yr old, 18month old, and 38 weeks pregnant with a miracle baby.

Biggest advice is to try not to stress too much and never say never.

Things will work out like they’re supposed to. Let go and let God.

Don’t put your life or the unborn child’s life at risk. Maybe adopt if your scared of your child being lonely and you are up to talk in and care for another child. Otherwise I’m sure your child will be fine as long as they have friends

I say if you have to contemplate having a second child or not then you have your answer. Your not ready. When you want a second child you will not have to think about it. :slightly_smiling_face: if you struggle now, a second one adds to it. It’s OK to admit the struggles and it’s amazing you are acknowledging this and what’s best for baby. :heart:

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I only had one child and my daughter had cousins to play with and now she’s 30 and she’s happy she had everything she had as a child and no drama with siblings.

If your on the fence about it. Give it more time. Being unsure will spell difficulty. So both of you have to be on the for sure page.

No since your asking

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Mom of one 14 year old boy.

This was a question I too had years ago and I too would have had to have medical intervention as well to have a second.

Here is how we came to our decision: we sat down and weighed out our options. Ultimately we came to the conclusion, one was enough and to be honest if we had to make that decision again today it would still be the exact same.

Yes we worry of him being alone. As we live in an area that there is really no neighborhood kids, he also does not have close in age cousins. Really his friends are just the ones he has made. Some he has had for several years now and can confide in them for help.

From time to time I will ask my son if he is unhappy about the decision we made. When he was younger he had mixed feeling from time to time. covid made him have mixed feeling again as well but he has told me a lot of other times he was happy being an only child.

Honestly, it’s going to be what’s best for you and your significant other. Good luck in your decision. Just remember there is no right or wrong answer and ultimately regardless of what friends or family say this your guys decision not there’s. Because what works for them may not work for you.


I always wanted a lot of kids but I was only able to give birth to two and they’re 15 years apart. Then I found the beauty of adoption. I now have three adopted kids and I have never regretted my decision.

My daughter decided my grandson would be an only child after the difficulties she had in pregnancy and birth, he is 8 now and a happy well adjusted kid with loads of friends at school. We have a dog he loves to walk and play with and he has his own cat so is never lonely. Don’t feel guilty about having an only child at all xx


I wanted one child but now we are on our third none of my kids were planned. You could have one and be done or adopt and foster a kid. Hell get him a puppy just thinking out loud here

For me I was ok with having one and ok with having another. I never put pressure or a timeline on anything. My son is almost 5 and I just had my second a week and a half ago. She wasn’t planned but she wasn’t unwanted. We found out and we’re happy. I had ppl around me ask when I was going to have another bc my first was getting older, I was like if it happens, great, if not, great. But everyone is different and we all have our own ideals and expectations, I just wanted to be content in either situation.

Only you can decide that… most don’t wish they had less kids, , but plenty wish they had more. I do.

You can adopt…or foster. My uncle adopted 4 from china.

Is adoption an option for you?

I’m in the same boat. Took us almost 8 years to have our son and only two of those were with medical intervention. Now we have an almost 4 year old and I want another but I don’t ovulate. Me and hubby talked and we have decided to just try timed intercourse and checking ovulation. Personally I would love a second but it was so hard the first time around that we’ve decided that if it happens great and if it doesn’t then I need to accept that and will eventually get a puppy or something. We both wanted two but after the miscarriages and the struggle and damage to our marriage and emotional health and with a child to witness it all…we decided it wasn’t worth doing the medical stuff. I think you need to put failsafes in. Like if we become very emotional about it then we take a step back and reasses our motives and reserves and how its affecting everyone and then decide if we want to proceed it not.

I have one daughter right now and I am only having 1 more child in the future so she won’t be alone when the time comes for me and her dad, that’s my biggest reason of having another kid, so she won’t be alone in life, there will always be someone by her side.

The way the world is right now that the last thing i wouldn’t want to do right now is to bring a baby in to this world right now.

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I’ve always wanted atleast 2 kids, but we had planned to have our 2nd when my son started school, which soon changed when I found out I was pregnant again when my first was only 2 years old, I ain’t going to lie, I have struggled with 2 to start with but once you get routine and everything it’s easier than you think, I now have 3 kids 2 boys and 1 girl and they are all so close, my kids are 7,4 and 7 months and I honestly am so glad we had all 3 of them xx

People who are stating that your answer should be no because you’re asking the question are wrong. Your thoughtfulness in making this enormous decision is excellent. Too often people don’t put a lot of thought into what is right for themselves and their family. I don’t know the answer. I have two kids who are 4.5 years apart. They are now adults with kids of their own and are good friends. I’m glad to we both of them. However, I don’t regret not having a third even though I contemplated it. Best wishes to you and your husband.

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My 2 hate each other so wouldnt worry about giving him a sibling !! cousins and friends are just as good if not sometimes better there is only 22 months between my boys and they are so different both teenagers but live different lifes and are opposite from each other x

Mom was an only child. She always reminded us kids how lucky we were to have siblings. She felt like she had Noone to talk to when she got upset with her parents. No one to play games with on her birthday or Christmas. But I believe people want what they can’t have.

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I’d love for my daughter to have a sibling but one is enough for me. If you have this many doubts I’m guessing you already know the answer. Mom guilt is real but don’t let it consume you. Nothing wrong with an only child.

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Don’t stress over it first. My daughter chose to have one child because she did not like being pregnant. She has no regrets , she is able to give him private schooling, good insurance, friends, cousins, etc. he is happy and loved. With one child you can give him or her more of your time. Life goes fast so whatever you do be happy with your decision.

Only you and your husband can make that choice.

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I’d love to have anther but finding it hard to keep a boyfriend cos of my parents keep interfering with my life am 38 yr old nd have a 5 yr old but feel crap cos she so lonely nd always board there no pleasing her were we live there 0 kids in the 6 houses in the square we live.

By your words, I feel like you are not ready for another at this time(not sure how old your child is or how your husband feels?). Don’t until you feel it is right. If you never do, that’s ok. No right or wrong.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I have a second child?

If you are 2nd guessing yourself don’t

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Being an only child and speaking from my experience I had a very boring childhood! Of course I had cousins and family and friends but it didn’t feel the same to me! I’m sure it has its advantages as well as be understanding that if he is an only child I’m sure he will have wished for siblings but a lot of friends that I had with siblings wished to be an only child! My parents always said that they don’t regret just having one and stopping but that they know one day when their gone I have no one to lean on if needed. I have two children myself and had alot of medical complications with both children as well as being told by my high risk doctor that it prob wasn’t in mine or my second child’s best interest to continue the pregnancy but needless to say that was not a decision that I could make! I’m not putting anyone down who has but I myself just couldn’t do that no matter what the doctors or my family members said! She did have a rough start but she is completely healthy and good now. Which ever decision you choose just make sure it’s what’s best for you and your family regardless what anyone else tries to say! Best of wishes for you and your family!

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I have an only child and we live in a rural area with no near neighbors. She says when she compares her childhood with her friends, hers always sounds happier. We made opportunities for her to spend time with other children and she had friends over.

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I waited ten years so I could forget how shitty having a baby and the entire pregnancy process is , it worked. I forgot. Delivering in less than a month and I’m an idiot for doing this to myself again. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


You answered your own question… you shouldn’t risk yourself for another kid for your kid. If he’s happy and taken care of and loved. That’s what matters


Maybe look into adopting that away your health isn’t at risk and you could safe a child!

You could always adopt and it doesn’t necessarily mean a baby or you could foster. There are hundreds of children looking for forever families. You will find that we make our families and not all are biological, but all are loved.

My cousin has 4 kids, only the first one was planned. Despite using birth control she still ended up with 3 more. By the way the last 2 were twins. So yes, things DO just happen for some people. If you decide you don’t want any more, better have a procedure done. Adoption is always an option also.

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Your son only knows being an only child and he will be fine if you decide not to have any more. If you really want another child but don’t want the medical procedure, adopt. Talk with your husband and make your decisions based on what you both really want.

My son is an only child, he’s now 29, he said he is grateful he was an only child! He was active in sports and has an amazing group of friends from his school years that are all a huge part of his life today! He was able to go to the college of his dreams due to me not having to worry about the financial responsibilities of multiple children! Being an only child I believe have had major benefits in his life . I have siblings and my family dynamics are far from perfect! My son and I have an extremely close relationship, I am blessed to have been able to focus only on him becoming an amazing person :pray::pray::green_heart:, whatever you decide , do it for you and what is best for your family!

It sounds as if your mind is already made up. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with only having one child. You could always adopt or foster a child if you don’t want to have one biologically. There’s quite a few children needing forever homes. Good luck in whatever you decide.

Only you know what’s best for your family. Financial situation, health and wellness and age. In today’s world it so hard to raise kids knowing how much things are happening.
Sickness, droughts, war, violence etc. I think it’s a personal decision if you want to bring another person into this confused world.

I grew having 5 brothers so I knew i wanted my baby boy to have someone to play with always and he best big brother they are 3 and 1/2 years apart but he cares for her so to

That’s all on you . Don’t take outside advice you and only you will be having and raising this child


I had very rough time during delivery and while my last was My last my doctor told me if I got pregnant again either one of us or both won’t make it. So I get the side of medical being an issue but I do often at times wish I could have another one. My youngest turned 11 yesterday! :cry:

But I had 3 all 3 are close in age and I have to say I love it! My oldest and middle are both girls & 11 months apart in age. They are best friends! My youngest is to the T 2 years younger than my middle. As fact yesterday was my son birthday tomorrow is my daughters! My oldest is Oct 2. So I have a Oct 2 Sept 3 Sept 1 birthdays! Tomorrow starts the one month each year I have 2 kids the same age!
I have a step son who is much older. He’s 22 and while I love he is a role model for them being 8 years older than my oldest, the age gap is one thing I wish wasn’t so big because the oldest has his own thing going on and younger ones want his time… But I think waiting years in between is good for some families. My kids are such best friends all 3 of them that while they have friends there’s no need to worry about going out of the way to get them social. They are happy just having a party of 3 and better when it’s 4. But that’s a personal choice. I will state that as we all know kids are not cheap and I always tell ppl don’t let your guilt of not giving your child a sibling over take the financial part. If he’s ok just him and y’all and you have medical issues then look into sports and activities to keep him with other kids daily. My kids I swear just don’t understand how blessed they are. Dance alone for one child is $300 a month and on top of her magnet school fees… And college in few years plus 2 cars in next 3 years. I would suggest looking long term and at every aspect of what it would mean other than a sibling. Only kids are normally very happy and stable so I don’t think you should feel guilt in anyway. And if you do wish for another one you can always adopt or even try foster parenting that way you can help kids and plus your son would have someone to play with and you won’t have to go through any medical complatations.

Don’t feel guilty in anyway I’m sure your son is happy just as is and if you explain things that he can understand as to it being hard on your body and it may be easier for him to understand if he does in fact want a sibling and ask for one. You choose what to say of course but let him know it was really hard for your body to make sure you and him were healthy and ok and while you did it with him it was really hard and your body might not be able to handle it again. My kids ask for younger sibling and I tell them that we almost lost me and my youngest when I had him and if I had another either me or the baby or both wouldn’t make it and they understand which I told them that from very first time they asked at younger age. So keep your head up and don’t feel bad. You do what’s right for y’all on every aspect of it.

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Have you considered fostering or adopting you sound like your heart is full of love and so many need it, could maybe be an option.

If you are healthy and wont put urself at risk to have another baby than go for it. I am a verry high risk pregnancy not to mention delivery :frowning: but im currently on my 3rd and last pregnancy. I wanted my baby to have brothers or sisters i have brothers but theirs a 15 and 18 year difference so i didnt grow up with them more than 4 years before i got married and left. I thought about having a 2nd child alot especially after my first childs delivery was not a good one at all. But i did my health was ok and my age was young i talked to my dctrs and we made a plan. We sat down and went over every possibility and i took that decision after i had all the info

I waited 12 years after my first and had 2 more. It is completely normal to fear. Relax, be happy.

my daughter only had one child my daughter hasnt had a decent nites sleep since my grand daughter was born 3yrs ago my daughter is a worryer so no she had her tubes tied js❤️

That’s your and husbands decision, so why you ask fb?

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Talk to your doctor maybe adoption?

You know the answer if you are turning to strangers on FB .


Dnt be stupid what if the child has mental health problems

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I have a second child?

I feel this exact post with every fiber of my being!!! And I’m getting to the age where it’s just not something I had envisioned at that age… my husband is 4 years younger so I feel like I’m robbing him of another one if we don’t reallllly try. I feel the guilt you have and it sucks! I have no doubt our daughter will have a great life and grow up with her cousins but I also feel like I’m robbing her of a possible best friend. I wish it were so easy to get pregnant cause then I wouldn’t even question the decision…but the emotional tole is so great… and the what if’s are always going to be there. I pray you find peace in whatever decision you make. Many hugs your way momma! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


No one else can make this decision for you… But If you have that gut feeling you want another, have another.
My only “advice” is not to wait too long if it’s really what you want.
I love my 9yr old and my 3m old both so much but I definitely wanted them closer in age lol so they could be friends and play more easily. My son’s sooooo good with his sister, but I feel like he missed out on having a sibling closer to his age like I did with my sister lol :sweat_smile: more things in common with a small age gap.

Only child, here! Absolutely loved it. It’s not weird to not have siblings if you never had siblings, if that makes sense. I have 1 kiddo. :slightly_smiling_face:


Do what is right for you and your family. You KNOW if it feels right. We have 1 daughter that we struggled to conceive with lots of fertility help. We REALLY wanted to have a child and went through so much to have her. I thought for sure afterwards we would have another but after having her we both felt peace and felt that our family was perfect as 3 of us. She loves being an only child and we love having just one child. We are able to go and do so much with her. We have taken her overseas several times on truly ambitious trips that probably wouldnt have been possible with multiple kids(we took her to places like Egypt). She has lots of friends and cousins and we regularly have conversations with her about being an only child. She is happy and thriving. If I ever feel that we need to add, i know for certain i will look at it again but i feel our family is perfect with 3!


I have 4 (4th is due anyday) and I have to say until that child is in the world, you don’t really realize how much they are needed and wanted, I did feel like something or rather someone was missing from our family, it was a longing I hid deep inside my heart for them, my husband was perfectly fine with 2. We the had two for the longest time, they were 3 years apart (which for me was the perfect age difference), by the time our surprise baby came, our oldest was 10 and our second was 7. Baby 3 blew us away! Let me just say she has been an amazing adventure, she’s so awesome and she keeps us laughing and cracking up, I really cannot imagine life without her, she’s just a blast. Baby 4 is now due anyday as I stated above and there is also a 3 year difference between our surprise baby and now the “baby baby”. I was in my 20s when I had my first two and I was terrible at pregnancy (so sick), my 3rd daughter was a much better pregnancy (now in my late 30s) and this current pregnancy has been good as well except for the high risk factors due to age. I have had fertility issues, and two miscarriages in my life so I do understand the fear that comes along with just the general trauma that carrying a child puts a body through, its so much to contend with. It definitely sounds like you’re not really healed from your first experience and that’s totally normal, just give yourself some more time to think about it and weigh the pros and cons. There’s nothing wrong with having 1 child, there’s nothing wrong with having 8 kids, there’s nothing wrong with deciding to adopt or foster, or deciding to never have kids at all, every family looks different and its all beautiful! Where you’re at now, just keep thinking about it and do your research, go to your ob and get updated information about the state of your body, and make sure that’s all good (take your partner with you so he also knows what’s on the line if another pregnancy is attempted). Sometimes it is best to just take a huge step back and reevaluate! No matter what you decide, it’s the right choice for you. Best of luck!


If I’m being honest I would have stopped with 1 kid. But don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love my child and I wouldn’t change having two amazing boys. But it’s taking a toll on my relationship as well as my mental health! :joy: but seriously…… life is a lot easier with just one.


Just know that whatever you decide is the right decision! Try not to put pressure on yourself just because you feel guilty that your son is an only child. In the end, we all have things we don’t like about our childhood. I wished I didn’t have siblings more times then I can count growing up. Either way, he will be ok!

Hang in there. It is not an easy decision either way.


I was told I would never have children due to PCOS and severe endometriosis. So I never used birthday control. When I was dating my husband, I couldn’t stop throwing up and I thought it was a really bad hangover from drinking so much the 2 days prior and he said a hangover doesn’t last that long. We went to ER and wanted to do X-rays and asked if I could be pregnant. My husband and I just laughed. But protocol says they need to check. They came back and said we need to do an ultrasound and here I was 3 months pregnant. I bled through out the entire pregnancy and recommended I abort it. Never even crossed my mind. Between my children I would hemorrhage sooo bad and can’t even tell you how many miscarriages I had and D&Cs performed. My doctor was surprised I delivered a healthy baby but the chances of getting pregnant was almost impossible. Well once again my breast started to hurt and was having a hard time breathing and once again I go back to ER they do a test and I am pregnant about 4 months this time. My cycle was about 20-25 days a month. So we really didn’t do anything to prevent pregnancy. I continued to have 2 more children even though the doctors wanted me to abort each pregnancy. I’m catholic and it never crossed my mind. They also said they would have severe disabilities. I only had one problem and I went to the bathroom and I felt something release from my body. I was 99% that I knew what it was and I got tested because my hcg levels were still really high and I had another child in side. That is how I found out. On our last child, we said that if my Christmas if I’m pregnant or not, then we were done and husband getting sniped. I shortly soon afterwards had to have an emergency total hysterectomy because I was showing early signs of cancers . My children are all 2 years apart and I feel if you have difficulty during pregnancy, those little ones are tough. I tell people that are on the fence, go for it because down the line you may regret it. I’m 52 and not a day goes by where I wish I could have had more children but unfortunately that decision was not made by me. I’m sorry this is long but each child is a gift and a miracle and and if are able to conceive, go for it

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So… sweetie, 10 urs with my ex husband with significant medial intervention…it wasn’t happening. We divorced for different reasons I met and married my now husband … 3 months after our marriage I was pregnant at 40, had him at 41. Now 43. I have infertility issues. I will say it was a chore with my ex. Stop the stress!! S3x and intimacy is between you two!! Does medical intervention help?? Sometimes yes!! But if hoir stressing all day everyday due it it not happening… your taking the joy out of creation and turning it into an act. Breathe!! Enjoy the journey, seek help where needed. For the record…my ex…this was 8 yrs of trying!!! To get pregnant in 3 months?? Inwas carefree, I am 100% in love. I was worry free. We were enjoying each other. Not counting my cycle…live and love your life with him.

I feel guilty with my son asking for a brother all the time… so I get it. Without being able to produce him a brother or even a sister, it hurts… I’d love to have another though!! This is a deep discussion for you & your significant other. If you’re emotionally/physically not in for it, your child will understand some day.

Pursue as you would and pray for God to open and close doors as He wills. Through this process, your answer will come.

I too just had to make this decision! My body didn’t handle my pregnancy very well and I still have issues to this day and he’s going to be 4… we decided we aren’t having anymore and my husband is going to get snipped

Having one child does not mean they’ll be alone. I have one and he’s fine! (I too had siblings growing up). He occupies and entertains himself well. He’s fine in his own company but interacts well with others too. He’s the most compassionate person I know. He gets so much more from me to himself. Plus there’s no siblings to fight with, it’s peaceful :joy: Honestly, he knows no difference. Do what you feel is best for you. No need to feel guilt from an “ideal” obligation that really isn’t necessary. You guys will be happy and fulfilled however you choose to be :blush:

I’m honestly in the same boat as you and I am leaning more towards not having a second. I love my son more than anything, but it was a very rough pregnancy, he was a very cranky baby and is a very wild toddler. I don’t think I can go through with it again. Thankfully he has a cousin now who is less than 2 years younger but for a while I would go back and forth on if I wanted a second one or not. Yes I’d love for him to have a sibling but I just don’t think I can do it all again. They say “the second one is easier”, but it’s all a gamble. So don’t feel guilty, enjoy the one. If he has cousins and friends then he is getting that social interaction while the other child gets to go home to their parents. Especially if it’s going to be a hard road for you, youre the only one that can decide if it’s worth it or not.

Edit: I’ve did answer it on the forum but kept this for anyone who needed this advice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I had to do ivf for my daughter. I so badly want another (boy)but also don’t want to be on all the meds. I have 12 eggs and also have to make a decision what to do with them. Whatever decision you make is for the best interest of ur body ect. Good luck hope everything goes how u plan

I feel the same , just be open with your SO , I want my son to have a sibling but I’m just super terrified of going through it again my pregnancy with my son wasn’t the best so I fear that’s how it will be for my future kids , I also have some health issue that worry me if I did choose that path, I feel terrible at time cause my fiancé wants a second one so bad but he’s very understanding but deep down I know it hurts your not alone mama :heart:

Ever thought of adoption? You wouldn’t have to go through all that medical stuff and your child would get a sibling. Plus there are so many children in the world that need great homes!

Consider adopting from the foster care system. They have so many children of all ages needing forever homes and it is free. I’m not gonna lie it can be taxing emotionally but so rewarding.

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First here’s a hug. O. Next, idk how strong your faith is, but could it possibly be the Lord burdening tour heart to give a homeless child a great loving home? There are just lots of kids starving for the love and stability it sounds like u could give. My husband had one bio and one adopted when we met and when I asked him which was which he replied in all sincerity “I don’t remember”. We went on to have 3 more. Lol. Just maybe something to think about?

More love for my only son, more independence and more money that can be spent on him, personally I’ve had a rough start with my son resulting in being a single mom and even if I do meet someone to get married I dont want more despite the constant pressure to give my son a sibling it’s just not something I’m phased about, if you feel this deeply about having another child get some counseling then go from there

My man has always voiced having a huge family and I was onboard too at first until I had my first child. The pain that pregnancy brings and the changes that my body went thru is enough trauma for me NOT to go thru it again. They say that pregnancy is such a beautiful journey and I cannot disagree more. I’ve told my man that I will not carry another child but he doesn’t believe me. That’s why I took the initiative to get on birth control to avoid any mistakes. Hopefully in a few years I will reconsider this but until then, I am perfectly content with my baby boy :revolving_hearts:

You never know when your ready , but you will be ready if it was to happen. Just go for it other wise you’ll be living with the what ifs and regrets

Whatever you decide - it is your choice…your body. I cannot say that I know your struggle or what you should decide. I can tell you feel a lot of guilt but I don’t think you need to. If your partner really wants another child…and you are okay with that but don’t want to put your body and soul through the same stress…perhaps surrogacy or adoption/foster could be an option? Just some food for thought and I wish you peace in your choices :purple_heart:

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I’m an only child and I love it. Can’t fault it at all

Is adoption on the table?

Struggle is big word . I would not be pregnant again.

I wish the decision for me were simple as deciding whether or not to have another baby. You see in 2013 my first child was stillborn she was beautiful. 2014 I had a miscarriage. In 2020 I gave birth to my beautiful rainbow baby boy. He’s now 19 months old. January 2021 I had another miscarriage. I would love so much to have one more but it’s so hard for me to get pregnant. I’d say follow your heart and do what’s best for you. I too don’t want my son growing up an only child but the choice is not mine. Good luck. I was 41 years old when I had my son.

I decided to have a second one when I peed on the stick and it was positive lol. I’m not ashamed to say that getting wic is how I can afford this baby. Baby stuff is cheap if you get it second hand. I’m a stay at home mom so I don’t have to worry about childcare

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If you’re questioning it, probably don’t. Best of luck.

No. Not at this time.

Having another child is up to you and your husband but always talk to your dr about any and all concerns regarding your health if one is enough for you then it’s okay

What about adopting?

For me I knew right away that I wanted another one and after my second was born I knew right away I didn’t want another one. For me I just knew.

I am an only child. Lived with cousins and never felt the need of a sibling. Your health is of prime importance to your kid and family. Why r u taking so much tension unnecessarily. Chill and enjoy ur time with your kid.

Usually after having one baby it’s easier to get pregnant with the second. Your body already knows what to do. But I understand that there are some exceptions. I love my boys and it was difficult in the beginning for my oldest getting used to a sibling. But now they play together and enjoy each other. It’s very rewarding to see them together :heart:

I choose to have a sibling for my daughter of course I wanted more but I am 35 tomorrow n I got pre eclampsia with my daughter and this pregnancy has been rough before I even found out so this will be my last. But if I ever want another I honestly would look into adoption. I know adoption is kind of expensive though. Maybe if you really want another look into foster care I heard they will pay for the adoption process idk though.

There is no guarantee they will be close. Some sibs are SUPER close and some are like strangers. And it’s not the fault of anyone (the parents). It’s up to YOU whether or not you want another baby for YOU.