Should I have another?

My husband and I have been together 3 years both married before he had no kids I had 2 ages 12 and 14 ! Last year after 18 months together we had discussed having a little for most of our relationship we decided we would try - we were 36 at the time ! We were told we may not have a easy time as he had low testosterone and it could take a long time but we were blessed and it took 2 months to get pregnant ! We had a healthy little 3 months ago and we want another but we are now 37 - the Doctor’s say the risk are no higher than with her and they don’t see a issue with trying ! I really don’t want this little to grow up without a full sibling - I want her to have someone to ! Am i selfish to want another and would you be stressed about having another at 37-38 ? I am a stay at home Mom so she gets plenty of love and attention ! Her older siblings love her - please no negative comments and older Moms like me with two littles how hard was it


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I have another?

You not old …go for it

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37-38??? Go for it!!!


I’m 43 and have a few friends at my age that have babies. Some older and they are just perfect. Go for gold

Why not? A child is a blessing from God!

I’m 39 and had my third last June! Do what you want!

My sister just had her 3rd at 37 if you both want another child and can do so it’s not selfish me

I was 37 when I had my daughter, now she is 10, go for it.

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If you both are wanting another go for it!!

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I will be 34 next month husband just turned 41 and we just had a little 2 1/2 months ago and talking about having another since I have a daughter that’s 10 and he has one that’s 18. That way out little has a little to grow up with close in age!

I was 41, he’s definitely keeping me young. Don’t worry about what anyone wants to think. It’s up to you and your husband. Good luck to you both!

I had my one and only child at 37

I am 37 with a 6 month old. If you just had a baby and are already back in the swing of the baby life, then why not??? The hardest struggle would be what you are going through now: from older children to restarting the baby phases. If there’s chance and the want to have another then there is no time like the present! Best of luck and congratulations on your newest bundle

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I’m 41 with a 4 month old !

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I was 37 when I had my last baby, can’t imagine my life without her

I will be 35 in 11 days my husband turned 35 in October. He has an 11 year old and 6 year old(we have her full time, Mom lost her rights) and I have a 6 year old. We just found out 2 weeks ago I am expecting. It will be our last as I had a c-section with my son and do not want to have more than 2 c-sections but if I was able to have vaginal births I would definitely go for another one after this one. I say go for it.

If you want another then have another one. Only you and your partner tho can make the final decision

I had my youngest at 38! I sometimes wished I had had one more when she were little, cuz she had older siblings that didn’t live in our home to grow up with. So it almost seemed she were an only child at my house. I say go for it

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No. I was 39 and 41 when I had my 2 sons.

If you and your husband want to
Why would it be q issue

I was 39 …she is now 8 and my son is 30

I was 34 & 35 when i had my 2 boys.

I had my last at 35, I’m 40 now. Me and my 5 year old have an excellent bond.

A “full sibling”…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Do it if you and your husband are in the same agreement of it and in a healthy relationship.

It shouldn’t matter on age when you have a child. Age is just a number. I hope you do have another baby. That would be awesome. But does he want another one now?

I had my son on my 38th birthday! He is my only one as we struggled with infertility for 10 years! Go for it! Age is nothing but a number and woman are having no complicated pregnancies at 50!


I’m 37. Turned 37 4 days after the birth of son number 2. My first was 4 when he was born. Now he’s about to be 5 and baby is 2.5 months. I’m considering trying again in a year or two. The issue being that I have to do fertility for children and I’m a single parent by choice. So these may be my only babies.

I had my youngest at 38 and was the best thing I ever did. He’s 14 now I’m 52 and I have so much more patience than with my oldest 2. My older 2 are 32 and 30 and have moved out so it’s just me and youngest (his dad sadly died 3 years ago). We are incredibly close and I’m so glad I had him. Go for it - if it’s meant to be it will happen x

You’re not 50 trying to have one, go for it. You’re still young.

My last baby turned 1 end of november. I turn 41 this april

Stop with the full and half siblings thing. They are siblings because they share the same blood.


I just had #8 a couple months ago at age 38. It was a bit harder and I was considered high risk because of age, but we are both healthy! I know many people who have had successful and healthy pregnancie in their late 30s- early 40s. Good luck!!

Ultimately it is your decision because it’s you that will have to deal with the pregnancy, etc etc. If it’s something you want then go for it

My grandson was born when his Mom was 41 - and everything was great - still is.

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Mates got 5 kids. She had her last 2 at 40 & 41, now both 15 & 14 she’s never had any issues.

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If you want another baby do it now…don’t want until you get any older…

I don’t regret at all having my third at 40… Good luck to you

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I mean if you guys want it and the doctors say it’s safe for you to go again then just do it what you decided upon.

My second pregnancy was ectopic. I was 41 when I got pregnant with my third baby, I got my tubes removed and turned 42, two days after she was born. Now I’m 43. My boyfriend was 50 and now he’s 52.

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I was just a couple weeks away from being 38 when I had my twins. They are almost 4 now. I had a great pregnancy. I have no regrets and I’m just as active and healthy now as I was in my 20s when I had my other children.
If this is something y’all want, then go for it.

I think that’s a wonderful idea.

I had my 3rd child at 40 ! No issues at all :grin:

I was 38… it’s fine… now 50 with a 12 yr old…

I had my 1 and only at 42

I had my daughter at 37 and my fourth and last baby at 40- 4 months ago. You will be considered high risk but it just means they will monitor you more closely which is a good thing. No regrets at all, I say go for it! Best of luck! :slightly_smiling_face::purple_heart:

I had my 1st at 36, 2nd at 39 & 3rd at 43! I didn’t find any of my pregnancies difficult & had no problems with any of them xx

I had twins at 38, I been married before ( married now) my new partner had not nor any children. That was 20yrs ago. I also had 5 others so I ended up with 4 under 5, got to say its not always been easy but got there in the end, you will never know if you don’t try. Good luck

I had my last one at 38

I had my 4th baby 40 and loved every minute. He is now 26 and would do it again in a heartbeat.


I had a son at 36. I could not imagine having another one. But my husband doesn’t help with our son and I also work so for me that was an absolute no. However if my husband would’ve helped more and we were in a better position financially I definitely would have done it

If you want more, have more. The term half and whole make me sad though. The older kids are siblings your new baby will have forever, why the division?


Had my first at 30, second ones ( boys) (twins) at 35, and my 3rd at 40, and pick some up along the way lol, total of six all togetherness lol

Go for it!!! Least the child will have a happy loving family that’s all that matters!!

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go for it babies are a blessing

I had a baby in March at 43 🤷 I was more tired than when I was younger … But my baby was healthy and I had no issues :heart:

My mom got pregnant for the first time at 45. I had an idyllic childhood and my parents lived to see both my kids graduate from high school. I had my kids at 32 and 35; their dad was 36 and 39. I had a friend who struggled to get pregnant in her late 30s, then got pregnant again by surprise not long after. Age is just a number. If you can afford it and are in good health, go for it!

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I’m 40 and I’m raising my 4 grandbabies(they’ve been with us over a year) and are really close in age, they’re 5,3,2 and 1. The youngest 2 are barely 9 months apart. Do I have the same stamina I had at 21 when I had my youngest daughter…no way but I’m still young enough to play with them and enjoy them. So I say if really want another one, go for it!

I had my first at 30 and my second at 40.

It’s a personal choice hun if that’s what u want go for it your not to old what matters is the child is loved not your age and like u say its what you want the only thing I would say is when your older it’s slightly harder like getting tired abit easier then if you was younger and you would prob be montitored abit more but that’s not a reason to not have another so yes go for it hun

I had my 4th at 38. A I cam say is, I was tired, so tired. Other kids were 3, 5 and 6 when he was born and I promise, I was soooo tired

I had my last child at 380.

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My g’ma had her twelfth at 46. That baby was born in 1914 & lived healthy till 106.


If u want another and Dr says there is no higher risk then go for it.

Im almost 29 and had an infant when my husband and i got married. He had no bio children but he’s 41 and decided he still wanted a bio child. We are in early labor now and he finally gets a child ( he’s wanted one most of his life- but 1st wife wouldn’t have kids and thank god- shes a nightmare). Also he adopted my daughter and the two are so inseparable you wouldn’t know shes adopted!

My mil had my husband at 41!
He was an only child. He said that really sucked
I know complications and just harder pregnancy all around with age, but if your doctor see no worries and you feel fine enough too. (Remember birth risks are higher so just make sure you are capable of taking care of a special needs if that becomes the outcome)

without a full sibling? a sibling is a sibling… you shouldn’t teach them that a half sibling isn’t as important. half siblings full siblings step siblings. it’s a sibling.


I’m 40 and wants one so I see nothing wrong there

Had my last at 42 , her sister was born when I was 36 , if your both happy go for it :blush:


1st was 20 2nd was 29 expecting I’m now 32 and I think we will try for number 4 later around 34 or 35 then that’s it for me

How about start calling them kids instead of littles? Tf

Need think about it a lot lol

I have a cousin that had 5 children and after that, her husband got a vasectomy. Well, when their last one was in high school, they decided to have it reversed and try for another. They ended up getting pregnant very easily and went on to have the first baby, then a set of twins and another one after that! Then her husband got re-snipped and they’re done now. Age doesn’t matter so much as long as you love the babies and do everything you can for them,there’s no rule saying when you’re too old to have more babies. I say go for it and follow your dreams :two_hearts:

Hi I had my 5th at 43 out of choice loved every minute although very tiring xxc

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I have 4 and i feel like i shouldve stopped after 2 so tired of my life :smirk::smirk:


You will be fine having a baby now. I had my first at 34, second at 36 and 3rd at just shy of 38. They say your “higher risk” but many women are having their firsts at closer to 40 now!

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Kinda odd to say full sibling. Like half siblings don’t mean as much.


I’ll be 40 in March. Baby # 5 is now 5 months old. It was the easiest pregnancy out of all of them.

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I would. You’ve already started over. Having another one within a 2 year period wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me.

Got a two year old and a two month old I’m 36 the mans 50 we’re rocking it out


I had one at 37 and another at 41. Perfectly healthy!

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I have a 17,8,6,18month and a 3month old I was high risk and I was 39 having last one. It is your choice your doctor’s should support your decision.

I had my 4th baby when I was 40. I have to admit I was more tired but I had more patience as an older mom then I did when I was in my 20’s.

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Full sibling how horribly put!!! Suppose u call ur older kids her half brothers or sisters? Horrible term, anyway you’re not to old immature maybe I had my last child at 36 I know plenty having kids well into their late 30s, you’re possibly over thinking the whole thing, you want it go get it!!


I had my first at 27, my second at 40 and my last at 42 with no problems at all. God is good!

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Just be careful because you are more likely to have twins at that age lol

If you both want one I don’t see the issue ! My mum had myself and lil brother (16months apart) in her late 30s she was nearly 40 i mean ya got everything baby wise anyway go for it xx


That’s not selfish! “Geriatric pregnancies” are really not a thing so don’t let that stress you out. I hope everything works out for you!

I’m about to have my 5th and I’m going to be 37. I dont think its selfish at all

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Go for it you only live once :grinning:

Please tell me you don’t categorize your children as “half” siblings.


My 4th child(and last one) is almost 6, I will be 44. If I could have another one, I would. I had an easy pregnancy until my BP went high and placenta ruptured l, she was born at 28 weeks. She is super healthy. I have more patience and understanding with her than I did with the older 3.

Had my 1st at 28 and my last at 37 x

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You don’t go through menopause till around 50. 36/37 is still young to be having children

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Yeah …you’re way over thinking it and obviously gluten for punishment. I tied my tubes after 2 and I’m 29 :rofl:

Older mom here!! I’m 46 with a 3 year old. 5 kids total. My 3 year old has been a breeze… Other than running me ragged due to my age. Lol!!


I had my 4th at 36, and my 5th at 38. Similar situation to you, I already had 3 kids from previous marriage.

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I had my last baby at 39. And my youngest 4 are now 2,5,6&7. Its a handful and chaotic but i love it. I say go for it

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Full sibling? How does her other siblings feel about you calling them that? Wow!