Should I invite friends to my daughters upcoming birthday party?

Should I invite my daughter's classmates to her birthday party this August or just keep it close friends and family?

I’m a SAHM to 2 amazing children. My youngest is in pre k this year and will turn 4. So we’re discussing her upcoming birthday party later this August and I wanna send invites to her classmates but I’m worried that if I send invites no classmates will come to her party because school just started and no parents really know me or my daughter and the fact that we’re all just starting to go back to normal after the pandemic. I’m really excited for my daughter to make friends and have a wonderful party with them but I’m totally unsure if they’ll show up. What are your experiences amd advice? Thanks in advance!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I invite friends to my daughters upcoming birthday party? - Mamas Uncut

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I would stay with close family and friends. Mainly bc the covid is starting to spread pretty bad again :pensive:


I would invite them. Heck if my daughter was invited I would send her so she could make a new friend!


I would invite her classmates and friends. I always invited our children’s classmates and friends and every year their classmates would ask me if I was having a party and could they come. Of course, there was no Covid at that time. I would still invite all of them. Friendships can be made. I hope all goes well, enjoy!!

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She’s little keep it family and friends. She’s not going to remember it in a year from now anyway.


Could you invite them without her knowledge then if some show it will be a happy surprise and if none show up there won’t be any disappointment.


We had just moved to a new town and we invited out sons entire 4k (am and pm) class. Not only did most of the kids show up, most parents just dropped their child off.


Kept it family and friends. Why waste the money and also have to deal with your childs broken heart when classmates don’t show up. With covid going wild again there’s no guarantee what’s going to even happen 2 weeks from now.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I invite friends to my daughters upcoming birthday party? - Mamas Uncut

I would just keep close friends and immediate family. And some cute cupcakes & party bag for her class at school.


I would send cupcakes to school and have the party for close friends and family

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I always keep birthday parties just for family & close friend but take cookies/cupcakes and juice to school for the class to have together. Of course I ask the teacher ahead of time to make sure it’s okay and to let her know a day and time I’ll be bringing them so she can plan to have them for snack time :slightly_smiling_face:

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Save the friend birthday parties for when she is older and just send mini cupcakes or cookies to school to celebrate.

I would just keep close friends and family

I would send everyone an invitation all children and their parents want to make connections this will be a fun way for your child to welcome his new friends and their parents. Enjoy your party we have so many great parks you can reserve the pavilion for free and let the kids play on the playground and go in the water splash zone.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I invite friends to my daughters upcoming birthday party? - Mamas Uncut

Celebrate it a month late. Gives school time to start.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I invite friends to my daughters upcoming birthday party? - Mamas Uncut

Send the invite! The worse that can happen is them not come. But that’s what 10-15 kids so someone is bound to come! I know I’d bring my kiddo if they got invited


If you have the opportunity to host the bday at a public place like an indoor trampoline park, or kid museum, or chuck-e-cheese, somewhere you know there is going to be other kids, it will take the pressure off of kids showing up. We had a party for my pre-k child at a public place, invited class mates one or two showed and other kids already there joined and asked for a slice of cake. It made her feel like everyone was there for her and the classmates that did show became close friends through school. It helped to have family there to sing happy birthday as well. Send the invites. Whatever you do you are already winning at parenting! :+1:t4:

Bring food or snacks to school for her burthday. That way every one can be included


My rule of thumb with all 4 of my kids was…invite every classmate…all of them! Expect 1/3 to actually show up 🤷
One of my son’s ended up connecting with his best friend because of this…he was the quiet kid nobody ever noticed 🤷 they’ve been best friends for 9 years now…

I didn’t invite classmates this year.

Keep it just for family this year and have a party next year! Save while you can .

If you are having it at a center/facility opposed to your home, writing let’s meet eachother for so and so bday!Or along the lines of, on the invitation. It would be kind of nice to meet the kids & parents!. If your 4year is in preschool and those kids are going to be in her/his class, invite those kids.

If your doing a home bday and have never met these kids or parents, it might feel awkward for you and them. If that’s the case, I’d wait until next year !

With the age, I’d just keep it close family and friends and kids that you actually know. Your child won’t remember their 4th birthday. I’d take full advantage of keeping it simple well you can.

Edit: as parents we (me include at times) have put way to much pursuer on ourselves to do these big, huge, over the top birthday parties. Including inviting the child’s hole class. I’ve learned that it’s just not realistic, and very hard to keep it up.

Keep in mind that the pandemic isn’t over. So people still may be hesitant to go outside their comfort zone. Maybe try to do something special at the school where everyone can participate within “ safer “ proximity.

Sure you can. And you can leave it up to the parents. Let them know you understand the pandemic, and if they choose to not come, it’s perfectly fine.

We were sick this past weekend for our child’s birthday, but we had already postpone it, so we weren’t going to postpone it again. We told people who brought kids that we were sick, so it was okay if they didn’t come. And quite actually, nobody cared.

Everyone still came. We had a great time. And nobody has gotten sick yet. Even our kids haven’t shown any signs of being sick.

You can’t really believe the news. In my state, apparently 99.99% of unvaccinated people are dying of covid in the hospital. Me and my family must be the 00.01% not vaccinated and not in the hospital. :joy::joy:

I’d say go for it.

I would invite. How can you get to know other parents an other children if you don’t socialize with them.

Stick with just family and when she gets to kindergarten she’ll have friends and then have a big party

I would choose a small number who you have contact details for and can say you’re just having a small number over. It’s far better to have six definite RSVPs than a classful of maybes who don’t come because they think they won’t be missed.

Id have a small get together in the garden. Family and maybe a couple of kids she knows well . Its difficult to plan anything in advance right now

My child just turned 4 as well, i use to invite all her classmates but usually only the same 2-3 showed up, so this year I just invited those 2-3 classmate and the rest was family :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m surprised you need to ask family only the virus is getting worse

With the current covid surge i would invite 1-2 friends your daughter sees now. Classmates are new, school is new, infection rates are high. We are back in stage 5 guidelines here. Have an outdoor party. Swings or inflatable jump tent. That’s what my great grandchild had for his 4th.

Our schools require all children to be invited if invitation are given at school. I personally hate that. You get a random invitation to a kids party that you’ve never even heard your child talk about. I personally stick to close friends and family or school friends my child is close to or I have a relationship with the parents.

We are not doing classmates this year simply because the varient is so bad in my area and soon soon after his birthday we will be getting ready for a c-section and bringing home a newborn. We are however going to take him to the biggest zoo in our state. Lol that would be expensive. :joy: