Should I keep my child home from school?

Would you keep your child home with a bladder infection? We were in the ER until midnight last night. No fever, just tummy pain.


Absolutely! They are so uncomfortable and when you have a bladder infection you feel like you have to pee constantly and it’s really painful. Your baby would spend a majority of the day at school in the bathroom, making sending them pointless. They need fluids, medicine and rest and all of mommy’s love❤️


Yes! Without hesitation…shouldn’t even be a question!


Yes I would at least the first 24 hours.

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Take it from me chronic bladder infection lady, keep them HOME.


Yes they r painful and school can wait

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I’m starting to think these questions are made up

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If for nothing else the lack of sleep…so yes.

A bladder infection yes. If treatment doesn’t work it can travel to kidneys. I’d have them at home til they were clear. Personally.


Yup. I worked with one. I couldn’t imagine a lil one having to deal with school with one

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Yes, no question. Imagine how uncomfortable they will be, especially after being in the hospital all night.


Even if there was nothing wrong I’d keep them home after being at the hospital half the night


Yes yes in bed hot water bottle

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Without any doubt Yes. On so many levels!

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School isnt today Saturday? Or are if it was a weekday ? If their in serious pain of course they should stay house

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Absolutely! As someone who suffered from UTIs during her school days the antibiotics used to make me so nauseous and blah feeling I’d end up sleeping most of the first day after starting them!


Yes, keep your child home. It may take a while for the anti-biotics to work and having to use the washroom often (if the meds aren’t working yet), would be embarrassing. Your child will be exhausted too. An extra day or two away from school will be fine.


Yep I would … that’s just me tho.

Umm isn’t the general rule “if they need to see a dr or go to the hospital then they stay home from school”


Yes, he/she needs rest to recover…


Absolutely! It’s very painful and your child probably doesn’t feel very well.


Yes keep them home for a day let them relax and recoup. Being in school with a bladder infection is horrible


Have you ever had a UTI or bladder infection? You feel like absolute crap until the antibiotics kick in after 24ish hours.


Yeah I would least for a day or 2

Yes. A bladder infection makes you feel really bad, plus you have to use the bathroom way more often.

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Is this even a question??? Yes!!

I’d keep him/her home. Theyre too uncomfortable & tired to sit in class. Let them sleep & give the antibiotics time to kick in.

Obviously keep them home.

That late yes and plus pain 100 yes et them rest Daniel tigers words rest is best

I would, kid will be tired and hurting. Just let them rest.


If she/he is uncomfortable then keep them home.

Why are you asking? Of course you do!

Absolutely is this even a question? U had the child out past midnight when ur sick u need rest so does a child!


Are you for real right now? Let them rest …. Wouldn’t you want to?

Something you should have asked the Doctor at the ER

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Now you know better . :sweat_smile::face_with_peeking_eye:

I do but my daughter does get poorly with them

If you were the one with the bladder infection would you want to go to work ? Schools don’t always let kids use the bathroom during class and the chances of your child having an accident and being miserable, stay home a day.

Why would u even consider making anyone be in pain all day at school!!

I can’t even respond to this one.

I keep my kid home just to spend time with me if I’ve worked too much lately & hardly see them.

I’d definitely keep them home after being out all night and very uncomfortable. A day of rest and time for meds to kick in is crucial.

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Yes. Absolutely. That baby is in pain and now exhausted from being at the hospital half the night.

Yup. Tough to concentrate at school when you constantly feel pain or the need to pee.

Yes absolutely. They were out until midnight, they’re going to be exhausted and not able to properly focus. Plus they’re going to want to go to the bathroom super frequently from pushing fluids! Let alone the pain and just not feeling good

I kept my baby home when she had one for the first few days…

Yes. They’re human too. And just like we feel miserable and don’t want to go, so do they.

This shouldn’t even be a question.


Yes absolutely keep her home

Absolutely 100% keep them home.

For one day, yes. Frequent urination with pain doesn’t fit a school schedule well.

Sometimes you feel like you have to go…. Often. Antibiotics need time to kick in. Stay home. Drink lots of water


Yes I’ve kept my daughter home.
You will need to monitor pain relief etc for pain and monitor for fevers.

We were at ER twice within 2 weeks for uti’s at midnight too

Keep them home. They have not gotten much sleep and they are in pain. Let them take a day or so to get the meds in their system and feeling a little better

Yes especially being at the hospital that late too.

I mean how is this even a question lol. If there’s an infection and they’re in pain why would you have them go to school!? Wait til the antibiotics kick in so they have relief.

Oh my god yes… have you ever had a bladder infection? They hurt. I hope you let that baby stay home.

Keep home . Not even a question.

Yes. The lack of sleep alone is enough. Let him stay home get some rest and get the antibiotic in their system so their immune isn’t down and they’re not in pain and also it’ll make you go to the bathroom frequently and teachers aren’t going to let her go. And for a little one it’s also embarrassing to keep having to ask to go to the bathroom and they might not ask and holding it while having an infection in our antibiotics is bad and can we to worse problems

Yes. Those things hurt like crazy & it takes time for the antibiotics to kick in

It makes me sad you even had to ask.

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From someone who has dealt with kidney stones that result in bladder issues, it’s the worst kind of pain. I’d rather have another child. Keep that poor baby home!

Yes! She will need time for the antibiotics to kick in and you guys were up very late let her rest

Just being in the ER past midnight alone would be enough to keep my kid home.

Even if they didn’t have an infection…if you were at the er until midnight, keep your kid home. I assume you’re exhausted, so is your child.

How would you feel with a bladder infection?

Why is this even a question. Yes keep them home.

I would for the sheer fact u were in the hospital so late. They have a infection, than u couple that with lack of sleep. Def keep home. I know when i get a bladder infection im so incredibly uncomfortable, so they should just rest for now. U can always call the dr n ask their advice too!

Would you be going to work with an infection? I hope not…the body need time to rest and heal. Let that child stay home and heal :heart:

I would because they’re probably very tired . Bladder infections can cause you to have to urinate very frequently and can cause accidents too

Yes ! Imagine they got something else at school whilst recovering

Would you wanna go to work or school? :woman_facepalming:t4:

You were in the er all night yes you should keep them home are you fr? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Absolutely those things are miserable

Duhhh yes that shit hurts!

Yes. I am sure they are miserable

No nothing contagious going o

Yes. I always ask for a doctor’s note just in case I keep them home. Even if the doctor says it’s ok to send them.

Wow is this post for real ???!!!

If the child is sick enough to visit ER- it’s no reason to not keep them home to rest and recover.

24 hours they stay home after a er/urgent care visit that required medication perscriptions. A bladder infection can lead to so much worse and get a fever if not properly taken care of right away. Omce meds have been taken then id send back. Its for their personal health.

Yes. ER should have wrote her off at least for a day.


Wtf? Is this seriously a question? Damn. Bladder infection, no sleep, not even on meds for 24 hrs and u would even consider them going to school?