Should I Keep Up With This or Leave?

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"I've been in this relationship for 8 years he's an alcoholic! The past year he’s been drinking for days! for days I mean 12 days max then comes back an acts like nothing happend/he cheated on me 4months ago acted like it was an drunk mistake I took him back, he left on Tuesday for work & didn’t come back! It’s Monday hes been gone for 6 nights ans 7 days didn’t when I ask his family where he’s at they ignore me, but the thing is when he comes back after taking off his excuses was I was with my family/uncles. We got two beautiful kids I’m still a young mother learning should I keep up with this or leave"

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"He has responsibilities at home that he obviously doesn’t care about… I.e you & your children. You’re the family he needs to worry about. I would leave."

"Unless you want this cycle to continue with your kids, you need to leave. There is absolutely no excuse good enough for his behaviour and you have put up with it wayyy too long. Cut your losses and move on"

"I’m not understanding why you even need to ask if you should leave? Obviously you’re already single and alone. He’s acting single and alone…. What would be the point in staying?"

"Leave, he is anything but a partner."

"Leave! Respect yourself enough to know you and your babies deserve so much more. Don’t sit around and let yourself be a convenience to a man that obviously doesn’t care, or genuinely love you. Do better for yourself."

"Um, yeah. It’s not normal nor acceptable for a partner to stop communication days on ends and then return as of the excuses he spits are worth hearing. Absolutely not. Baby girl don’t just leave, run."

"Leave. He is checking out on y’all you need to protect yourself and your children from this behavior. You’ll be better off without the stress and pain he is bringing you."

"Don’t waste any more time! He’s not going to change. You DESERVE so much more and your children DESERVE a father who is available both mentally and physically all the time. Remember YOU ARE STRONG!"

"You’re already alone… You need to leave. You and the kids deserve so much more."

"Leave you and the kids deserve better thats outrageous that he disapears and doesnt call and hes a drunk and a cheater all while you are being the responsible adult/ parent nope you dont need him throw the whole jerk away"

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