Should I leave?

So my second husband who I have been with for 10 years now doesn’t accept my boys from my previous marriage. My boys have stolen from him (thousands) and lied and one dropped out of school and has no ambition while the other has so much ambition he decided to try and sell marijuana at 15. Both of my boys now live with their dad in a different state. I also have a daughter that is not his but he accepts her so far as she is younger and behaves.
My issue is he doesn’t want my boys to visit and when they do he won’t do anything with us as a family. He says we can go out with our kids and my daughter but not them or i can go with my kids but not him. This breaks my heart as I would never leave them behind to go have fun but then we all suffer having to stay home and be bored and in bad moods. My husband is a great husband and father but just can’t get over all the things my boys have done. It makes me wanna leave and get a house with just my kids and I. Am I being stupid to leave a good marriage for my kids that don’t even live with me??

That’s a hard situation, it’s your kids but you do have to realize that they stole from him… and not just a little, thousands is a lot. Technically he has every right whether or not he forgives them, or when. That’s his decision to make when ready, you also have the choice to do what you want based off his actions. You can leave so whenever they do come everything will be normal, or you can stay. Maybe try getting them all together when they come & see why he isn’t moving forward… whether he didn’t get an “real” apology, he doesn’t want too, etc. See if they’ll communicate to get on a neutral level. It may take time, but baby steps is better then standing still.