Should I let my daughter wear this shirt to school?

My 10-yo daughter got a t-shirt with various mushrooms and the word “groovy” on it. Do you think she might get in trouble if she wears it to school? I know mushrooms are sometimes associated with drug use, and even though of course she doesn’t mean it that way, I just don’t want her to get in any trouble.


Mushrooms are also associated with pizza. Let an administrator call me for some bullshit like that … I sweat to God.

You’re giving the mushrooms meaning. When I was that age, I just thought mushrooms looked cool and associated them with hippies cause they looked like cool hippy art. Lol I don’t see an issue with it.


What trouble could she get into? All they would do if they have any issue is tell her not to wear it again.

My daughter is 11 and has the same shirt you’re talking about. And wears it to school. If an adult at the school has something to say about the shirt, I think I’d be questioning them!

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Think your putting to much thought in it just let her ware it


It’s literally just mushrooms


If you question it, I say no to wearing to school.
My granddaughter likes crop tops but she can’t wear them to school, only around the house.


My 9 year old has a tie-dye
hoodie like that. Wears it all the time. It’s hippy looking. We’ve never had an issue from the school.

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Our daughter has the same shirt and wears it to school and has not gotten in trouble for it yet

If you went to school in the late 80s to early 00s you wore this shirt.

No she should not wear it.

When jn drought don’t ware it

Let her wear it , just ask her to put a extra shirt in her backpack just in case

My daughter wears mushroom stuff 3 out of 6 days to school with zero issues.

Too much thought put into it

Let her wear it. If you’re that worried, have her put an extra shirt in her bag. If she gets in trouble she can change. Honestly unless she goes to some high end private school there is little to no chance of her getting in trouble.


When in doubt…Call n ask…

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If you are questioning it then I think you know it’s inappropriate.


What’s groovy about mushrooms ? Literally nothing except if it’s the drug. Put it that way.