Should I let my fiances sister stay with us if they have bed bugs?

My fiancées sister got bed bugs BAD and is asking if she can stay at our place until at least next Wednesday (9 days). when her landlords will have time to LOOK at her place. I have a three year old & one month old. She works 9:00-5:30 everyday. I’m just worried about the chances of her bringing them to us? If there’s any chance imma have to say no.


She’ll bring them with her

Bed bugs are a nightmare. She could bring them into your house easily without knowing it.

They can spread pretty easily. I’d recommend if y’all let her stay that she wash in hot water and dry all items being brought in and bring them in a new plastic tote or bag…

No, they can hid in her stuff

Absolutely not. She is going to bring them with her. They will get all in her stuff and hide. Big no.

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Don’t do it. They will spread with her

As someone who got bed bugs from an unknown source I won’t even chance it if someone says the word bed and bugs in the same sentence.


Unless you wanna pay thousands for a exterminator to kill them… hell noooo… cause that’s the only way you will get rid of them.

Buy her all new stuff and have her shower at a truck stop or something before coming to your house. The dryer method works well too.

Of course you should. HOWEVER, DO NOT LET HER BRING HER CLOTHES OR ANYTHING ELSE until everything has been fully washed and inspected.

Hell nah those bugs are a pain the ass to get rid of. Don’t put yourself in that situation.

HELL NO she would have to come naked and not step foot in her place and come back to yours at all otherwise you’ll get them