Should I limit my kids gaming?

Should I let my kids continue to game all day Christmas break? We do hang out and stuff btu they have been spending a lot of time on their games and idk if I should break up their time or let them chill

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Everything should be limited at all times. Breaking a habit is difficult. If it’s two hours on school days, let if be 2 x 2 hours at different times during holiday s. Never long periods in a stretch.

My son has ASD level 3 he would choose gaming for 6 weeks straight if I let him but I do plan on trying to encourage him to do some activities he enjoys outside of the home during the holidays. I think the days we are home as long as he showers, brushes teeth, eats meals with family and has some breaks from gaming it’s most likely what he will be doing as that seems to be his safe space and way he winds down.

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Let them get play, not 24/7 but let them play. To some ppl it just passes time to others it’s a whole different world and could be the only way they feel they can express themselves. Ik some ppl who love to play when they’re mad. Bc what’s better than killing a fake game person when all you really want to do is scream?

I’d let them chill unless you habe an activity you want them to do or a family activity

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I wouldn’t limit. This is their time to spend as they wish to before having to go back to school. Let them relax and chill.

Nope. Limit. Limit. Limit. Just because they’re on vacation doesn’t mean they’re on vacation from responsibility.

I’d leave them unless you have things to do as a family etc… unfortunately this is a generation that’s all about gaming, phones, iPads/tablets etc and that’s just how it is now.

My let them do what makes them happy unless you have things planned! And I’d say no to it on Christmas Day as it’s a family thing OR say they have so many hours throughout the day to do it but not all day

I would plan fun family activities to do to give them a break from gaming. Movie/game night if you can’t get out. But definitely breaks from electronics are always needed