Should I limit my teens computer time?

My teenager is always on the computer. He loves it so much. He has ADD so I think it keeps him relaxed and not bored. Do you think it’s hurting him to be on the computer so much.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I limit my teens computer time?

If the teen does their chores and does get off when told to then I don’t see a problem with a teen being on their computer honestly

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Too much could be bad because then you don’t have coping skills to handle ADD outside of the pc… as long as there is regulated times that are followed it should be okay as long as things are done, grades are kept up, and responsibility doesn’t slack.

  • someone who struggles with ADD and gaming addiction.

Hyperfixation is a tough one. But if it isn’t causing him issues with school or anything…

If you’re going to limit it, you need to be finding other things to keep him busy.


My son is 12 almost 13 he spends waaaayyyy too much time on his PC. He is adhd and autistic. He is so bored and out of control when he is not gaming. He is also very intelligent and I’m at a loss. I told him 3 hours a day instead of 6 hours or 12 hours on weekends. If he is not on the PC he is on utube on his phone. He needs to go to rehab for gaming in my opinion.Its so hard

You kid can develop mental health problems if they spend too much time in front of the screen, especially social medias. I would limit them for their health.


As someone with ADHD, please don’t take it away. Add more coping skills, encourage him to do more things, have him engage in something extracurricular. Just please don’t tell him you’re taking it away in any way. Basically it’s like when a toddler is playing with something you don’t want so you give them something you’re ok with them playing with and trade them. Do that to add more off screen time. He does need to find more coping skills, he doesn’t need to feel restricted, especially since you make him sound like a pretty happy kid right now.


Yes. I would limit.
My kids love their iPads & laptop. I limit it & it is hard but they can find other stuff to do.

My son has ADHD and is into anything with a screen. Sure, it’s fine to put limits on it but make sure that he has another outlet to get his energy out. I make sure that my son plays outside for a hour or so as long as weather permits. He also has chores he has to have completed before hand. After that, I let him do as he pleases as far as screen time. He’ll even put it down on his own to play outside, weather permitting.

I would try to get him involved in other things. Electronics are hard on your eyes. They also have some disreputable content. It doesn’t really help ADD. A church youth group would be good. Maybe a chess club. Maybe you could help him start a gaming club where he and some friends get together and play card games and board games. Those have caught on on some college campuses. There’s nothing like a good game of euchre or Monopoly to bond you with your friends and pass the time.

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My 15 year old knows Calculus and my 14 year old can speak Japanese. They learned all of it from being online. You decide.


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Computer games can help with ADHD etc, don’t listen to people saying that it can cause mental healthy issues it is false info.


All I am going to say is for YEARS all we heard is screen time isn’t good for a child, however they have 6 plus hour of screen time a day in most schools, in my kids schools 1-12 have iPads, they are also expected to spend time on them at home, homework, studying, ect… so, to me it seems like it had been something society says don’t do, unless they tell you to do it :woman_shrugging:t3: you make that call, just make sure there is also plenty of exercise in the mix


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My sons only 9 but he’s had an emotional support tablet (what I call it haha) since he was 3. Carries it around until it dies and then he has a backup. He’s always got it on and playing a game or watching a video. Sometimes he’ll get on the computer if both of his tablets are dead haha. He also draws while he’s on it or runs around….I mean he’ll even take it to the park and use it before and after doing the monkey bars lol. He learned how to talk and draw and do all sorts of things from watching videos. He has mod severe autism btw, sorry I didn’t mention that before. Does he have friends that he’s gaming with? Also think about that bc if he’s not super social otherwise, this may be his only way of having friends, and if you take away his computer time you’re taking away a social outlet. I’d say just make sure he’s doing some other activity as well like going for a walk or that some of his computer time is productive like he’s learning something. Otherwise just let him do what makes him happy.

So me and both of my kids have ADHD (inattentive for me. Combined for my kids).
Here’s what I’ve noticed: My oldest gets totally cranked out when it’s time to stop video games/tablet time/computer. He turns into a total trainwreck. Essentially its because those things are extremely stimulating and provide “easy” dopamine. So then adjusting to getting dopamine from other sources is “too much work” But he doesn’t have that many issues when i say no before he gets it.
For me…it’s hit and miss. I have a sort of Tetris game on my phone that acts as a fidget for me sometimes. I play it and can have full on conversations and I’m never cranked out when it’s time to put that specific game down.
For my youngest…he gets upset when he can’t have his tablet but he’s mostly ok with putting it down/up.

I think whether his time should be limited really depends on him.
How does he act when it’s time to get off? How does he act if he has to wait to get on it? Is other things falling through the cracks (homework, chores, hygiene, social interactions between him and friend/him and family)
If the answer is no…then you probably don’t need to limit him.
If the answer is yes, then setting up some ground rules may not be a bad idea.

Just a piece of advice though don’t present it in a bad way.
Come up with a system that compromises his needs with his wants.

I never did. 1 of my sons makes $$ sometimes fixing computers now. Prob just depends on the kid. Mine didnt suffer in school or anything either

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Not. If. It’s. Helping. I’d. Moniter. What. He. Veiws. But. Other. Then…

I honestly don’t as long as that’s not the only thing they do all day

So heres my thing…there are a ton of people whom work on computers that they sit at them for 8+hrs and that’s ok because they get paid to do it…they are encouraged to be active when they are not to be sitting at the computer but it’s not required…our children spend all day at school on computers and tablets and that’s ok cause it’s for school our current world revolves around technology that is the world we as adults have created for our young people…then when they want to spend there free time on a computer or game having fun they are all of a sudden doing something wrong because they have a hard time removing themselves from the world of technology we have stuck them in…if ur gonna limit “screen time” limit it for everyone at the same time for a purpose like family time and idk maybe talk to each other play a game go for a walk but dont just limit it for the kid limit urself and spend time together if u cant do that let the kid spend his free time how he wants to spend his free time hes not causing trouble hes not hurting anyone or himself

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I mean, I don’t know about “limiting it”. But I would make sure homework is done first. A few small easy house hold chores such as getting his own clothes put away, picking up his own room alittle, taking care if animals or such is done first. Then have a shut off time for night sleeping. Like 10pm or 10:30 pm cut the internet to the house. Sleep is important for teens as well as kids. Make the computer go off during diner time. Make sure he is still doing other stuff basically. Rather than that leave it alone. :woman_shrugging:

Keep an eye on when they get to bed. Maybe set a timer for fifteen minutes before they need to stop. Otherwise they can end up focusing on something and stay awake all night. Otherwise, it’s a common method of communication and also a comfort so don’t threaten to remove it or limit it.

My dad has ADD and he used to do the same thing. Played counter strike from sun up to sun down for about a year. It seemed to calm him down and got him to really focus

Send him out on a bike for an hour a day to compromise the computer time not take it away or ur gunna have a lil douche on ur hands lol

I was addicted to my computer games all throughout my teen years lol. I have ADHD and I know for a fact online gaming helped my spelling/grammar. I would make sure he gets out too but I have nothing against kids being on computers.