Should I Message the Woman My Husband Has Been Talking To?

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"My husband has been talking to another woman who knows about me and our kids but he’s been telling her that we’re in a divorce when we’re not. Would you message the woman and let her know that he is very married and to back off (in a nice way)?"

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"Nope! It’s your husband that made the vows to you. Tell your husband to back off her"

"Leave your husband. Communicating with her means nothing. The damage is already done and you can’t trust him."

"It’s not her it’s him."

"NO…I would leave because HE is allowing it…"

"Why not just be the bigger person and walk away… damage has been done already. File for divorce and be done"

"So you’re blaming her when the one married is him? Regardless if she knows or not the one committed to you is HIM!!! DONT MAKE IT SEEM LIKE HE IS A VICTIM!"

"Um talk to your husband. He’s the one lying to her."

"Nope, because I’d be too busy getting all my ducks in a row for our divorce!"

"Nope. Your hubby could of put a stop to it right off and didn’t. A hubby talk (with proof) is in order."

"No. Toss your husband like a javelin."

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Why are you wasting time on social media ? Don’t you have a divorce lawyer appointment lined up for today? I wouldn’t be late. And don’t forget to wear those new killer heels and that bright red lipstick. Good luck!

Be the nice lady, message her and say that while you weren’t in a divorce you are now and she’d be better off dumping him too