Should I pack a stroller for a flight?

Hey ladies
So I’m packing for vacation with my littles … my daughter is 7 my son 6 months… My daughter and I are experienced fliers this is my sons first flight… I’ve packed all but the kitchen sink for his carry on teething rings Tylenol bottles toys diapers etc… my big debate… do I take the stroller OR carry him in one of those moby wraps? Pros and cons…


Depending on what air line your flying with I would take the stroller. We flew southwest an just gate checked the stroller. When we boarded we,left,it right outside the plane entrance an when we got off to switch planes it was right outside the door waiting on us.


Some places have restrictions on strollers so check into that before u decide

Get a cheap umbrella stroller that you can check at the gate. Once you get to where your going you will want that break from carrying him. Or you can buy a stroller there and leave it there, so one less thing to carry


Stroller especially if your going to be walking around during your trip, it’s easier to keep an eye on both. Keeping an eye on both babies is already hard and then your going to get exhausted having to hold 1 all the time
A stroller is a great excuse to take a break

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Both! Use the stroller in the airport, gate check it, and use the wrap during the flight.


I used a stroller for my 1 year old(hes to heavy for me to carry) and we gate checked it then it was waiting for us when we got off the plane. It was convenient to not have to carry him or worry about him running off

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Stroller for sure! You can put everything underneath. I’ve done it a whole bunch of times with my daughter WAY easier!

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The carrier was so much more convenient than the stroller, the stroller just seemed to be too much of a hassle

We took our daughters stroller and just gate checked it. It made it so much easier going between terminals.

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I would wear him and just check the stroller in and sent with your luggage deoending where you are going.

Ok, you ready…

  1. Extra diapers and wipes.
  2. Extra bottles, I bought a box of the singles and used them on the plane if the other was done.
    3.Toys, something not uber loud but whatever works, use it. Lol
  3. Make sure to feed lil man at take off and landing. It helps with their ears. (Tbh, my son never had that issue and he’s been flying sine he was 3 months)
  4. 4 outfits, at least. And a zip lock bag to put dirty clothes in.
  5. Bibs. Extra.
  6. Zip lock bags for dirty clothes, bibs, or anything they make puke on.
  7. Extra top for you. Just in case.
  8. Patience and calm. It will be a little rough. But it will be over soon and you’ll laugh at the memories.
    *You can bring a carseat and stroller, just double check with the airline. I recommend a small one, umbrella type bc it’s easier for you.
    **A baby carrier. I loved mine. It made it easy to switch flights and move about as I needed. :green_heart::green_heart:
    Have lots of fun and don’t over think it. :heart:

Stroller!! They check it in for u and it’s waiting for u when u get off the plane so convenient

Stroller for sure. The umbrella stroller is cheap and kids look comfortable in them