Should I Say Something to My Son for Not Getting Me Anything for Mother’s Day?

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"I’m a mom of adult boys and for Mother’s Day I got an I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything I spent all my money on my girls mom, but I’m here to do laundry. I was so hurt. Should I say something to him? let him know how hurt I was I don’t never expect anything from my kids. The amount he spent was close to 100 and I would have been thrilled with a hand written letter or dollar tree card. This Momma is hurt. My other son had to work all day, I was sad about that too, but that can’t be helped."

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"You should be honest about your feelings just as you expressed here. Love is also about communication and understanding."

"I might say something especially because he let it known that he spent money on his girls mom. You are his comfort zone & he may not realize he’s hurting you unless you talk about it. That’s how it is with my adult son anyway. best of luck! Stay strong"

"Just say you can always make it up. I’d like for us to have dinner."

"That’s pretty ignorant but he was honest. People forget everything without reminders. I don’t expect anything but I may ask for something specific if I really want.."

"It’s not that big of a deal. I wouldn’t put so much importance into it."

"If it's a big deal to you, yes tell him in a non accusatory way but by all means, please mention it"

"Yes. Tell him you are hurt. I couldn’t imagine not getting my mom anything for Mother’s Day."

"Girl mine aren’t even all grown and this year my stepdaughter didn’t even call or text and my own two boys didn’t even give me a little hand written letter or dollar store/homemade card I feel you but I also know they appreciate me and show me other days than mothers day"

"Yes i did and it woke my son up to see he was selfish and did a total 360!"

"People put to much emphasis on holidays. Your child is still alive and has something to do with you alot of parents don’t have that. Be grateful for what you have."

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His kids mom comes first on mothers day. Mom needs to stop being jealous. Her son still remembered her and even came over to help her with chores so she could get a break.