Should I see someone else?

Just my opinion… give yourself time and ambition to get on your feet first. Be absolutely sure you are not being with someone just so they can help you financially. Once you’re strong, ask yourself how you plan to divvy up your time. I would never leave my children alone with a male. These are just things I’ve learned the hard way and some by observing. Bottom line is you deserve love and ask yourself if you’re strong enough to put the kids first right now.

Stay single. Wait till your kids are older. I wouldn’t be letting any one in my life. Concentrate on your children.

How do you have time to date this new man?!


Do what makes you happy. But go on a couple dates just you and him for few months or more before slowly introducing to your children. A year is good how you’ve made sure the kids and yourself have come accustomed to having their dad not around as a partner etc anymore. But the last thing you want to do is bring another person into your children’s lives to quick and then for whatever reason it doesn’t work. Then it’s the same rigmoroll of them adjusting to him not being around too. Me and my now partner had been single for over a year each. Went on dates just ourselves without the kids for 5/6 months. Then after that we took the kids on days out but didn’t say we were together or anything just a friend for another 6 months before we took it further. Skip a year later I’ve now had a daughter with him, he lives with us and the kids get on well obvs have a few bickers which all kids do but everything is amazing. No one can tell you what to do, its your life, choice and decision. But just be careful for yourself and the babies. And as someone stated before do a background check just on the safe side. Hope this helps xx

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That hurt my head to read that. If you want a bf then get one. Just dont be bringing a ton of different men in your home. Keep your dating life separate from your kids. I dont see what the big deal is.

Do you really need a man to be happy? Just me but I wouldn’t want that kind of stress especially around my child.

You have every right to continue on with your life, be happy. Just move slowly, take care of you & yours first.

I think it’s okay to date I just wouldn’t incorporate the children until you’re sure he’s the one.

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