Should I sent out reminders for my sons birthday?

My son is having a birthday party on 4/14. I’m sending out the invites exactly one month before. Should I follow up with a reminder like the week before the party or is it not needed? I don’t want to annoy people. Would you remember to attend a kid’s birthday party without having a reminder?


I always send reminders just in case. Also appreciate when invited to be reminded. :slight_smile: goes both ways :partying_face::balloon: sometimes the evite app is easier to keep track of :slight_smile:

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U never know ppl say yes but last minute no show

I’ve never seen a reminder for a birthday party. I send invites to the school a couple weeks early. Nobody seems to rsvp anymore, always a surprise who comes.

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Reminder 3-7 days before is cool

I sent invites via email/text through Punch Bowl - you can also set up a reminder email/text for a few days before which I did. I’m a planner so I needed to know how many people were coming :woman_shrugging:t2:

How old is this kid?? Most birthday invites gets thrown up on the frig and forgot about. A month is A bit early for A kid party invite.