Should I Stay With My Girlfriend or Pursue a Life With My Girlfriend's Son?

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"I’ve been with my girlfriend for a while know and we love each other dearly. She has a son of her own and I have a daughter of my own and they get along great. To the point where we were just a little nervous that something might happen between the two of them. Well, nothing happened but my and my girlfriend's son started to just click. He’s much much younger than me being only 20 and I’m in my mid 60s. I just don’t think I like girls anymore. Should I stay with my girlfriend or Pursue a life with my girlfriend's son? My emotions are going everywhere."

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"You’re asking a bunch of strangers if it’s ok to be with someone over 40 years younger than you. You could be his grandfather. Let that soak in. You’re also willing to break up with your girlfriend for this child? Do you realize how much pain you will be causing? This isnt just your & your girlfriend’s relationship you’re be destroying. It would be the mother son relationship as well as your be relationship with your be daughter. Are you even sure he’s interested in men? Much older men? Or are you just be assuming he’ll be interested if you break up with his mom? This whole question seems very disgusting to me."

"Congratulations! You’re the first to have dumbfounded me since my becoming a member of MamasUncut!!! There is NOTHING alright with your post/question!!! ~ that’s all I have"

"That is just boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed."

"No. That’s selfish. If you are unhappy leave the family and find one that suits you. You would ruin your relationship with him and his mother and you and your child as well. Smh"

"Plenty other MEN out there if that’s what u are attracted to not your current partner's son!"

"That is just sick. If you’re not happy leave and find someone your age and not your partner’s son."

"If this is your big question, do them all + you and your daughter the favor of not being with any of them. Wow."

"Mmm I think you need to leave them both alone"

"Seriously? Why would you do that to your girlfriend? Ok so you don’t like girls whatever but why would you pursue her son. Go kick rocks. You’re the type of person that ruins women from pursuing a healthy relationship with another person in the future"

"You should be with neither. I’d encourage you to seek counseling."

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It’s so c loo early obvious you are incredibly selfish and self indulgent. If you even really comprehended love. Just a self deceived self indulgent old guy that wants to molest a younger guy - the son of a girl you say you love but nothing deep enough to preclude your lust for her son.