Should I still be pumping after I nurse?

My baby is 6 weeks old and I have been exclusively pumping because she hasn’t been able to latch. But we’ve been working on it and it’s getting better so I’m starting to try and nurse her at home. I’m wondering if I should still pump after I nurse? Or as long as my breasts feel lighter and softer, is it okay to not pump and then I just nurse when she shows hunger cues? Also, she takes over an hour to nurse both sides. Is that normal? Will she speed it up a bit as she gets older?


If she hasn’t nursed for an hour or so, pump to keep your supply. I stored milk in the freezer for when I was at work.
If she’s nursing for an hour she may not be let hung right. Or she may be really hungry and need to feed more often

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YES! Until she has a good rhythm. Either pump 10 minutes after every feed or during her naps

She’ll get faster as she gets older. But since she has latching issues make sure she doesn’t have a lip or tongue tie.

I would see a lactation consultant for a possible tongue or lip tie. It’s very common, and is an easy fix, baby and your nipples will be thankful!

Have you tried a nipple shield to help

Pump after you nurse to keep your supply up! And also it never hurts to have milk in the freezer for emergencies

My friend used a silicone breastfeeding nipple shield that you put on your breast to breastfeed because baby couldn’t latch on. If you have smaller nipples that is an issue. She said that was the best thing she did because she was able to breastfeed