Should I switch to a convertible carseat?

My girl is 18lbs 28.5in - she has reached the last shoulder and crotch strap in her Graco carseat. Should we move here into a convertible carseat???

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I switch to a convertible carseat? - Mamas Uncut

Rear facing convertible seat wouldn’t hurt

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If she isn’t 2 yet then nope. Rear facing as long as possible.

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I got a 3/4 in 1 car seat. Leans back to put rear facing because kids have to stay rear facing until they’re at least 2

I got it from Walmart its Minnie mouse

I did convertible when she was 1.5, but made sure it had a rear facing option. Which has been a GOD send. She loves it. She’s way more comfortable, and it grows with her

We used a maxi cosi pria. And I still use it and my girls 5. She outgrew her infant carrier quite fast. It was rear facing in recline position. Now it’s from facing set up.

Whatever seat that rear faces is fine.

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Use the infant seat until she maxes it out. Then make the switch to convertible. Keep her rear facing for two year or longer if possible.


Go for it. We have an amazing one I think by Graco. Sits backwards and forwards

They have a convertible that can be backwards, I would recommend that.

Just letting yall know, These have a recall.

Look up the weight & height limit for the infant carseat you have! I just switched my boy to a convertible seat & he is 1

I HIGHLY recommend taking her down to your local EMS base and seeing if they do seat checks. Where I live, they will make sure they are in the correct seat for their age and even have seats available to purchase for cheaper than you would get at the store.

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My daughter 27 inches 17 pounds still has like two straps to move up. They can be in the infant ones for a long time what I was told

I switched to convertible car seat rear facing at 6 months. My son hated the infant seat.

Following because I never used an infant. Only convertibles.

I love the clek foonf seats. They rear face to up to 50lbs and 43in if I’m not mistaken.

What’s the weight & height for your particular seat?

I would, seems like she may have also reached the height, what is the weight limit? Would it be more difficult for you though? How old is she?

I was told to ignore weight advice (unless you’re exceeding it). Is their head still inside the carseat or are they now too tall for it? If they’re above the side impact then you need a bigger one. If you are struggling to do it up then it might be worth getting the next size up. Mine ended up with three car seats as they needed a Stage 2 one rather than one that did both 2 and 3.

I think as long as it’s still rear facing it’s fine. Mine was about 25lbs before switching and most are about 30lbs. I still kept her rear facing until she was about 2.5yo however. (California law to keep them rear facing until 2yo) But I think as long as you are still rear facing in the convertible care seat it should be fine. Your little one still seems pretty small.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I switch to a convertible carseat? - Mamas Uncut

There’s car seats that actually go from infant to booster, they just don’t have the removable option if that makes sense. We changed our girl into rear facing convertible car seat at 11 months. It turned to forward facing and booster.

Having the carrier come out was convenient for us that’s why we waited but it could have been used from day 1.

These are great Graco also has a 4 in one
Only car seat you will ever buy!


Change carseats, yes. Forward face, NO.


I have the same car seat my daughter came home from the hospital in and she’s almost 5. $300 and it gose all the to a booster seat. Convertible is the best option in my opinion

There are actually car seats that go from newborn to booster, so you could switch at any time. I recommend the Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit to everyone. That’s what I have. As long as I don’t get in an accident, I’ll never have to buy another car seat or booster. Also, it has the highest rear-facing weight limit of the ones I looked at. I’m keeping my 2yo rear-facing as long as possible.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I switch to a convertible carseat? - Mamas Uncut

I have a greco extend to fit my lil one is 30in and 20lb. I hated infant carriers so she has been in it since 1-2 months… its rated 4lbs to 65lbs

this let’s you put child’s info to determine best type of carseat



Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I switch to a convertible carseat? - Mamas Uncut

I switched my boys to the 3-in-1 car seats when they were around 6 months!


I moved my son into a convertible car seat around the same weight. I think he likes it better because it has more padding and sits up more.

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You can use a lot of them from newborn now. I used the infant carrier as long as my son would sleep in it once the car stopped. That way I didn’t have to wake him. At a certain point he’d wake up when taking his car seat out and carrying him so it wasn’t worth using anymore.

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I switched my son around the same time to the safety 1st 4-in-1. He is much happier and comfortable. Still rear facing I think the weight limit for the that seat RF is 40lbs.

That being said, my cousin had a peg preggo infant carrier seat that my 25lb son fit in easily as it was much deeper than the baby Trend seat I had.

Check weight limits and specifications and do what works for you :heart:

Depends on if ur comfortable with it what the max weight and hight is on the car seat but by law in all states babies are supposed to stay rear facing until 1 please don’t turn them around if u switch to a convertible not only is it very very very unsafe but also illegal my daughter is 18months old 20 lbs and 30in she’s still in an infant seat bc she can still fit hight and weight and doctor said if she still fits leave her in it as it’s safer

If you go to your local police station, the officers are usually expert at what you need for safety and to be legal. They even will show you how to buckle her in safely.


You can use those car seats from day one and they are MUCH easier!

If she is still in the height and weight limit for infant seat keep using that one. Yes next car seat would need to be a convertible one.

I have the graco slimfit3 lx. I love them. I can fit 3 of them in my vehicle and they can rear face 5-40lbs and up to 49" for max height requirements. If you feel she is able to be in one, then put her in one. Just research ones that can do both rear and forward and invest in one that can grow with her as well. But I love ours we have. Expensive but well worth it.

My car seat is infant to high back booster…

We love it

We did a convertible carseat from birth with my daughter. She was born 10lb 3oz left the hospital at 9 lb 12oz

You just have to look at the weight limits on the car seats that’s all.

Depends on how high you’re over the shoulder strap and which way it’s facing. For a car seat, the shoulder straps should be at or a little under the shoulder and front facing at shoulders or should be a little over the shoulder. They recommend rear facing until at least 2 but they can be for longer. You can research it if you want

I love how easy these are to click in and out.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, Poole

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I like the extend to fit. Its new born to 50 pounds rear facing… Then front facing like 60 or 70 pounds… And has a 10 year expiration date.

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There is a group of professionals that may be better able to help with this question! Car Seats for the Littles

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Yes, but read the instructions of your seat first.

Yes but make sure it is one that can be used rear facing as well as forward and keep her rear facing as long as you can. Even though you can legally turn them around at 2 years old rear facing is still the safest

Is she old enough to be able to switch?