Should i take methotrexate for ectopic pregnancy?

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I did … I was part of a trial back in 1998. It worked, and I had what I would equate as an incredibly heavy period and cramps. I never had any of the side effects. It was also my very first pregnancy… One of the worst times in my life. I was 26 years old. I did go on to having 3 healthy babies who are now 21, 18 and 11. My advice is discuss it with your doctor. Eta… I am so sorry for your loss. :sparkling_heart:

I did with all 3 of my ectopics.

Is methotrexate a treatment for ectopic pregnancy? yes. Should it be your treatment? That is a discussion with your doctor.


i did with one of mine and had no complications or side effects but everyone is different and i was scared because it was considered a chemotherapy drug but all turned out well. I had two very healthy babies after my ectopic.

I had it. They gave it to me in 2 doses. The first one I couldn’t stay awake longer than 10 minutes at a time for a day and a half. The second dose (a few days after the first) didn’t affect me as bad. It was just weekly blood draws to make sure hcg was dropping. Then went to every other week, then every 4 because it still hadn’t reached 0. Then I got a call to do another because it was rising again. Ectopic was in June, early Oct I surprisingly found out I was pregnant with my son. We never did see the hcg hit 0. I now also have a daughter.

I would not come here for advice from people . I would be asking my doctor .

only if you are at the hospital, I did it, but I stayed at the hospital for 2 weeks. One week later I returned with a big bleeding and had surgery to remove the embryo that was in the cervix

isn’t the alternative a ruptured tube? That’s what happened to me (didn’t know or I would have taken the medication first) and i collapsed on my bathroom floor home alone with my toddler. I was rushed into emergency surgery and almost died. :grimacing: I’d take the medication and try to avoid all that. Also, I’m sorry you’re going through this. It sucks!!

Ask the doc, not FB…

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Doctor for this one.

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All you gonna get from Facebook is bad advice. See your doctor

How do you know if she has seen a doctor or not and the doctor gave her options? She might be asking because she wants to hear other people’s experiences. She doesn’t need to hear. “Ask a doctor 50 times” I’m sorry for your loss.

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