Should I talk to my ex's fiancée?

My ex and I broke up a few years ago, because he was cheating on me with he actually fiancee, and when I figured out, I broke up with him, but he has cheating his fiancee since day one, they are engaged almost 2 years ago. They recently had a kid, but he continues looking for me every single day, they don’t live together, cause she lives far away from him, but we live near. He talk to me every day, he comes to my house every day. In fact, we spend most of the time together, he basically lives with me. I’ve spoken with him on many occasions to leave me alone, cause I don’t wanna be part of this triangle but he tells me that he doesn’t love his fiancée, that he only wants to obtain her residence (we’re both latinos and she’s American) he also tells me that after he gets citizenship in 5-6 years he will divorce and then marry me. Obviously I don’t believe in him, but he doesn’t care and idk how to stop him comming to my house, and call me and texting me, I blocked him on every social media, but he comes anyway I need an advice cause idk if I should say to his fiancee all the truth and show the proof, a few months ago she wrote to me and I told her some things but she so naive and immediately go and told him everything what I said and he denied it and she believed him. So that is why I’m not sure if I should say her the truth , though this can cause they don’t get marry and he dosen’t get his recidence & he’s afraid she won’t let him see the baby again, he always says she’s is crazy and very manipulative… Advices plz

If I were you, I would tell her. And then I would cut all communication off with him…

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