Should I Tell My Sister What My Fiancé Did?

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"My fiancé of 8 years- we have 2 kids. We have been very rocky for the past two weeks unfortunately this morning it curved way worse.. not sure why I did it but I did it. On Snapchat, there’s for “your eyes only” with a code. I tried putting our anniversary code which is what we always use. I asked him he got so in denial it seem like he was deleting stuff before he gave me the code unfortunately him deleting it didn’t go through I saw that he recorded off of my sister's phone of p*** videos that she made with her and her bf… not even sure if she knows. He obviously invaded her privacy. Not sure to tell her Or what I should do."

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"You leave him and tell her. She deserves to know that she was violated and she deserves to be able to make the decision as to what to do with that information."

"Are you sure she didn’t send him the videos? Or her man sent them to him"

"Kick him the fuck out"

"Ummm yeah tell her. Wouldn’t you want to know? Then leave him. Why would you want to be with someone who does that?"

"Why does this read “my fiancé” and not “my ex”"

"No offense but Fiancé of 8 years… that right there is enough said that he’s not ready to step up. To me it sounds like he may have a thing for your sister? And I would definitely tell her & he definitely has to go. Him doing something like this stepping over those boundaries especially with it being your sister is disgusting & disrespectful!! And honestly just shows who he really is…a pig!! I went through something similar but involving my best friend & it was my child’s father of 11 years and I learned the hard way!! It doesn’t get easier but just remind yourself everyday u and your children deserve better! so u have to show them the best and even if it’s being a single mom! When u love yourself and find your worth love will find u. U got this!"

"First I’d talk to your sister and her boyfriend. Find out if either is being shady. Then break up with the fiancé cuz if he’s watching intimate videos of your sister that’s cheating and creepy. You deserve better"

"Ew. Literally ew. Seriously throw the whole guy out. That's awful."

"Yea tell your sister and get rid of the fiancé. Sorry but he’s cheating and if he’s watching your sister's videos what makes you think he’s not watching anyone else’s. Plus fiancé for 8 yrs? Whose choice is it to not be married yet?"

"I can’t believe he’s still your fiance after he kept your sister's porn on his phone"

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