Should I tell my son my husband isn't his biological father?

My son is 7 years old. My husband has been involved and his father since he was 8 months old. My husband is all my son has ever known as his father. My husband and I also have a toddler we share. My son doesn’t know that my husband is not his bio dad, for a couple of days I’ve been struggling thinking it’s time to tell him. He realizes the different last names and is extremely smart. His bio dad has not seen him since he was a year old. He claims he wants to be around but in 7 years has not attempted, no anything. I’m struggling with how to tell him, when is the right time? I feel in my heart I should give my son a chance to know his bio-dad if my son wants to, but is this the right age to give him a choice? Please help mommas.

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I’ve been put into this situation and my son is 9 now but he noticed that of course there were a lot of differences between him and my significant other but I was just honest with him and told the trust no matter how hard it hurt to see him emotional :sob: and of course so was I he hugged me and appreciated his step father a lot more for being around and not giving up on him like his biological did!


I personally think this is something you should have told him asap. I met my husband when my sons were 8 months and 1. Their “real dad” as never in their life per his own choice. My husband has always been dad but they knew of their bio dad.

I feel like he will get hurt in the long run if you withhold this information. He does have a right to know.

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I would definitely tell him. If notices and you’re still keeping it from him he can just have resentment. You could always tell him his step dad chose to be his dad. My cousin was adopted and they never told her and she ended up being really angry and upset.

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