Should I throw my own baby shower?

Is it weird if I throw my own baby shower? I am pregnant with my last, and no one has offered to do it, which is fine; times have been hard since Covid, and I have no issues doing it myself…but is it weird?


All three of my showers were done by me. I got to do it the way I wanted to do it and decorate how I wanted to decorate. It’s not weird at all.


not weird at all. if i hadn’t started planning my own i wouldn’t have had one, eventually others started to help and took over. but i got to pick how i wanted it and everything

do whatever makes you happy momma, celebrate this new chapter in life however you see fit!

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I’m throwing my own baby shower/gender reveal. Place is picked out and will talk to them. Food I am comfortable eating. It can be theme I am wanting.

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i dont believe in them to me its like asking ppl to buy u things if u want a baby have it but dont expect others to buy u presents just my opinion


Not weird babe you do what you want. It’s not weird. I was so upset I didnt get one with my son that I threw my own with my daughter

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I planned, catered, and decorated mine for the most part. No it’s no needed, and honestly noone has to bring gifts (at the post stating it’s asking for someone to give you something.) It’s a celebration of the new life that mommy is bringing into the world and all of the joy. I had 9 people show up and honestly it was one of the best gatherings I have ever arranged.


I did both of mine. Was happy with myself. Lol

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Traditional baby showers are only 1 shower for the first born baby


Na… do what makes you happy.

I would take the money and just go baby shopping but hey I’ve also never had a baby shower :woozy_face:

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I didn’t have one nor did I want one for my second.

The salty Karen’s on here getting offended because a baby shower is meant to celebrate and if a momma wants to do so absolutely yes! All babies deserve to be celebrated. It’s not all about the gifts


If it makes you feel better, for sure! I’m on my last, 1st since me and my husband divorced. I literally have noone to celebrate with so even tho we’ve lost everything this year, we aren’t :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: if you have it, go for it​:blue_heart:

I only had one for my first baby and last baby. I threw the first and the last was thrown for me because even though she is the 4th (and last) she is the only girl.

Do what you want i think baby showers are fun.

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I am of the mindset that a shower is thrown by someone else and only for the first child. HOWEVER that doesn’t mean squat :relaxed:

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Instead of a “baby shower” we did a meet and greet after baby was born

We throw showers for all babies in our family a few of my aunts have 4 or 5 kids and they all got a shower! My mom & grandma “threw”mine but I pretty much picked everything I wanted out and helped host so it was almost like throwing it myself!

I don’t think it’s weird. If it isn’t your first, maybe scale it down to just a “sprinkle” instead of a full on shower. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to celebrate the new life. However, if you want to do the full blown shower, go for it. I am pregnant with number 3, and my sprinkle has morphed into a full blown baby shower more elaborate than my first because we found out that I am expecting a girl, and after 16 years and 5 boys total between me and my siblings, my mom and older sister just can’t contain their excitement over their only niece/granddaughter. :joy:

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No it’s tacky take the money you would spend hosting your own shower and buy what you need.


I had a baby shower for my son. And six years later I had a “sprinkle” for my daughter. Dont listen to the idiots who are about tradition. Start your own.

Why would u need one.


I didn’t have one for my 1st as we were away from our families. My 2nd was 10 years later and had a shower for that one. And say you do you.

In my family you only have one shower every 10 years and someone else who is not related throws it for you. Could you get a friend just to agree to say she is hosting it so it won’t seem so, you know. And if you can afford all the huge expense it cost to host an event such as a baby shower curtain you just use that money and buy the stuff that you need for your baby?

I threw my first. Cause that’s just the way I am and my trauma responses are not expecting anything out of anyone.

I didn’t spend but 100 on my second baby cause I realized how much I didn’t need.

So do you.

Look at all these random ass women that you don’t know and don’t know you. Not a single one of them will help feed cloth bathe or raise your child. Who tf cares what they say? In my family, every child deserves a baby shower no matter gender or time between. I didn’t have one for my last only because I truly did not feel like being around all of my family😂 (absolutely nothing to do with COVID)
If you want one, have one! But I will say, instead of having a baby shower for our last we used that money to buy what we wanted and needed for babe and it was so much smoother. I 100% do not regret not having a shower.

No one offered to throw me a baby shower or any party ever except the birthday parties I had as a kid til probably age 15. I’ve planned every birthday party and every special event party for myself because I love planning but I usually end up doing last minute planning cause I’m waiting to see if anyone else wants to do it for me :joy: if you wanna throw your own baby shower I say do it! I planned my own and it was so much fun :grin: I ended up giving people jobs to do for it like my older brother was in charge of the cake my sister in law was in charge of the diaper cake (they ended up switching rolls which I thought was funny) my little brother was in charge of games I asked people to help bring food and then it was all at my mom’s house. I chose to do it Halloween themed cause my son was due December so I had the shower in October and also cause I just love Halloween. Since no one else planned it for me I got to do it however I wanted :grin:

We have a baby shower for every new arrival in our family. But I believe every new addition should be celebrated. :blue_heart::purple_heart: I say do it!! Celebrate that new little one!


Just buy what u need instead of throwing a shower. You’re basically wasting money when u could use that money to get what u need.

Each baby gets a shower, it’s like a welcome to the world kind of thing.
Do it!
And, congratulations!


I am having another boy 10 years after my first boy. I say if you want a baby shower, then you throw one! I don’t have a lot of family where I am. Who cares about tradition? Tradition doesn’t work for everyone. I plan on planning my own baby shower in a month because I don’t have anyone else to do it and I don’t find it weird. I planned my first like I do everything else. You do you girl!

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I did my baby shower for my 2nd child …

With my first I ended up with 3 showers. 3 different sides of family. Second again 2 showers a friend did one and my aunt did one. The 3rd I did it at my house because I was fat and miserable and didn’t want to do anything. My family is all about parties and celebrating everything. We are very traditional.

Thow it yourself. My oldest was 7 before I found someone to settle down with. Our first was a boy. Two yrs later almost to the day (they’re a week shy of two yrs apart) we had a girl. For our son it was a shower since I had NOTHING left over from my oldest. Our youngest we had a sprinkle. Oldest didn’t have a shower at all. I was young and “not allowed”. Middle was thrown by a friend of mine. Youngest i threw myself. Just for some of the basics. Diapers, wipes, some clothes and girly stuff. It wasn’t extravagant but it allowed everyone to get together and celebrate our last one.
The day is for you and baby. Dont worry about what others have to say. If you have people who will come then thats all that matters. I hope you enjoy it!!

I threw my own both times. No one threw one for me.

I’d throw my own shower :woman_shrugging:t3:

My mom threw mine for my first 4 years ago. Now that I’m pregnant with my second. She wants to help in throwing me another one. Just because I’m going to be away from work. And with my pay I won’t be able to buy the stuff I need just enough to cover my rent. And I’m ok with that because it’s a lot of help for me. So that I don’t have to worry about buying baby stuff. Even getting bend me downs.

I threw both of my baby showers

Nope we threw our own so it was how we wanted it

I honestly wish I had thrown my own baby showers for my 1st 2 kids. It was a total disaster having my mom plan my first, I ended telling her to go fuck off and let his mom throw it. The 2nd one, hardly anyone from my side showed up cuz his mom threw the shower again, my mom didn’t even offer. It was all about their family tbh. It was awkward for me. I felt like if I had thrown it myself, more of my family and friends would have showed up without having to bump heads with my mom about everything.