Should I trust him?

I’ve been seeing this guy for almost 10 months now and it’s been going great. We have a great time together we laugh we joke and it’s all round enjoyable. He’s always been secretive with his phone and his life from day dot, but even if it’s just messaging his dad (and I’ve seen it genuinely is). Lately he’s been more secretive than ever and never opens WhatsApp in front of me anymore and I know he still goes on it. I’m start thinking that he’s sleeping with other women as he goes to the gym a lot but I’d like to think I give him everything at home! He definatley doesn’t go short. I then question if there something wrong with me as I’m the same woman he goes to bed with every night. Help a mama out please ladies xxx


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Speaking from experience, if you’re here asking others then then you already know the answer. I have faith in you. You’ll know when it’s time.


And you guys have made it clear to one another that you are exclusive correct? If I were you (and I am a rare weird breed) I would straight up ask… Just be like “dam… You hold onto your phone like you’re carrying nuclear launch codes… Do you have the codes or are you messing with someone else? Because if you don’t want to be exclusive just let me know so I am free to do my own thing as well… And PLEASE do not think I am being a nut job, I am simply curious”… Maybe if he is he’ll just come out and say it… Ya know?


Yeah. Even men who come home to someone every night cheat. Just ask him. You’ll feel his vibe. Personally, I feel all men cheat. That’s just me though.


All I have to say is run and run far away


I’d honestly straight up ask reaction is everything and if he tries to change the subject that’s showing he’s trying to hide something


I think some men need more privacy than others. Going to the gym is normal. If you are around each other a lot, he may just need more space and he doesnt express that with words.

Definitely Sounds like something is going on to me. And doesn’t matter if he goes home to you every night or not boys still love to cheat. And trust me is has nothing to do with you, you can be hiding him everything and but it could still not be enough in his messed up disgusting head. What you need to do then is just straight up ask him what he’s doing and why he’s always hiding everything from you his first answer is going to be “no I’m not” so that answers your question already he will get defensive about it which means obviously he is, then you can ask if he’s cheating on you and you will definitely know by his reaction pay attention to it. And don’t play into his bullshit cause you let him get away with it and it’s not gonna stop.

No true man would do this been married forever phone wallet car I am free to look at anytime that’s trust but I don’t cause have no reason too

Why do people gotta use the gym as an excuse for cheating

Just remember you can give a man everything he wants and needs at home but if he wants to cheat, he will. It has nothing to do with your or your ability to make him happy. Some people, women included, always feel like they are missing out and will always seek more with other people.

You’ve been with him for 10 months and already living together, and you don’t trust him…end the relationship because it most likely won’t work out whether or not he’s cheating.


I would straight up ask. “You hold onto your phone pretty tight, why is that?” See his reaction & go from there. If he changes the subject, seems dismissive, or anything like that then he’s probably hiding something

Always trust your gut instincts. If something feels off to you, you’re probably right.


You “give him everything at home”… well I am sorry to tell you this but even if you give him the best time of his life it doesn’t mean he won’t cheat. Now, what comes to my mind is that he may have “unfinished business” with other women or he simply likes his privacy. It hasn’t been long for you to get to know each other that well so I think best thing you could do instead of just speculate … Bring it up nicely and see what he does. See if he changes his behavior. That’s what I would do.


I’m at the age in life where I feel you should just straight up as him directly. Don’t play games, don’t test him, don’t jump to conclusions, just be a grown up and CALMLY ask him. If he admits it, ok, then you have your answer and go from there.

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Accidently lose your phone and ask can you borrow his to make a call, if he goes all weird ask him why he’s so secretive with it. X

If you don’t have trust,you have nothing, I loved a man dearly,had his child, only to find out from the age of 10 till 14,he was hurting my oldest girl.

Sounds like he is hiding something, best to be straight up and open now. No way to live .

My advice is if it’s only been 10 months you probably need to find yourself somebody else. No need to go on 10 years 13 years or even 14 years or more with that kind of feeling. You will regret it later you will be bitter and angry! Not to mention miserable. Coming from somebody who’s made mistakes in her marriage and lived every day of her life in those mistakes I would move on and find you somebody else! Shit I can’t even get past my mistakes cuz I have to live them every day and it’s not worth that. It’s miserable and it’s sad and it’s absolutely and positively pathetic. So that’s my advice if this is happening and going on and you’re feeling like this it’s time to find somebody else

I’m so sorry to be the one to say this to you, but it doesn’t have a THING to do with you and what you do and don’t provide for a home life… It’s him. Not you.

You barely know this man. It’s been 10 months. People are entitled to their privacy and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are hiding anything.

If people want to cheat they will and it has nothing to do with you and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. There’s already no trust and you’ve been dating less than a year. Yikes.

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When y’all started dating all apps should have been deleted. No if and butts about it . If he’s l hideing he’s cheating. Confront him