Should I wake my newborn to feed them?

hi mamas, what do u all think about this! i have a newborn and was thinking should i wake him up whenever it’s time to feed him or should i leave him to sleep and when he wakes up i feed him only?!


let him wake on his or her own and then feed and change there diaper thats how i did my son i never woke him. the baby will let you know when there hungry or needs a diaper change


I was told by my midwives to never let my little man go more.than 4 hours between feeds so we were told to wake him up.


I have a 3 month old at home that was born premature at 4 lbs 3 oz and I woke him to feed him until he hit 5 lbs then I let him sleep and now he is over 12 lbs and sleeping through the night already! So my opinion is if hes not underweight and is growing well dont wake him :blue_heart:

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Nope don’t wake a sleeping baby!


The hospital told me to wake my baby up every two hours to feed when she was a newborn. So I did that until she was a month old or so and then I let her wake up when she was hungry.

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Dont. Let them sleep.


No. Feed on demand. Did it with all 4 of mine!

My baby will be 2 month in a week and I don’t wake him. We feed on demand (breastfed).

I vote wait… Soon your body will align with the baby’s need and it will become so, that you wake up automatically on your babies schedule

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I always let my daughter sleep, I figured she would tell me when she was hungry! Shes 6 now haha

There’s no need to wake your sleeping baby when they’re hungry they’ll wake until you


Let him sleep he will wake when he is hungry :blush: sometimes babies make their own schedule

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Nope. If baby is back at birth weight or passed it let babe sleep. LO will wake up when they’re hungry.

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DEFINITELY wake them up every 2-3 hours until they are about a month old!!! They NEED to eat that often, as their stomachs are tiny and they can’t hold much at each feed. Plus, it reduces the risks of positional asphyxiation.


I was also told not longer than three hours without feeding, the beauty of it is, baby can feed sleeping. So I fed her every 2-3 hours & let her be awake when she wanted to

Recommendations from Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin.


My baby is 2 months and I’ve just now started not waking him up during the night… he still wakes up tho. I’m still feeding him every 3 to 4 hours. My doctors advice was to wake him by the 4 hour mark… until now 2 months let him sleep thru the night.

If you are breastfeeding you shoupd not be going more than 3 hours between feedings until your baby is back at birth weight. This is important to establish your milk supply.

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My daughter was a lil early almost 37 wks and they told me to wake her every 3 hours well first nite and then after my daughter slept 6 hours a night without waking up so I let her sleep she was growing and eating fine so I left her be! Mommas knows best!

My kids doc ALWAYS told me NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY. If they’re hungry they’ll wakeup. Both mine slept through the night from day 1 and they were never underweight or malnourished.


Wake to feed until baby is back to birth weight. If baby is birth weight or bigger baby can sleep no longer than 3-4 hours the day


How was baby when you left the hospital were there any concerns of jaundace when I had my first born I did this the first night being home cause she was jaundice but after going to her 24 hour newborn checkup the doctor told me she had good color and to not worry

I would wake them newborns sleep alot their stomaches don’t hold much and you don’t want their blood sugar to drop.Dont worry they will usually go right back to sleep.

Im surprised at everyone saying let a NEWBORN sleep… :thinking:

I NEVER woke mine up to eat. My 3 yo was in and out of the hospital when she was born (Gastroschisis, followed by NEC, followed by being allergic to her formula), one of the nurses would literally come in and wake ME up, to wake her up to eat. After 2 times of this, and the bottle still being full, that nurse finally realized I knew what I wwas doing and left me alone! They will let you know when they’re hungry!

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I never woke my daughter up. She’d wake up when she was hungry

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Unless there is a medical reason like your baby needs to gain weight or another condition, just wake up the baby when the baby is hungry. Trust me. You will want your sleep.

My daughter is now 6 months and has slept through the night since being in the hospital!! She woke up when she was hungry. And she’s just fine… I’d never wake a baby on purpose for your own sanity

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Jaundice babies need waking for feeds and such but I’ve never woken any of my 3 to feed. If they’re having enough at each feed then they’re fine…mine would have 5oz then sleep longer but have a big bottle when they woke! I wouldn’t wake them unless it was very obviously an issue…if they sleep like 6 hours without a bottle, maybe get bub checked.

All 3 of my kids were fed as and when the woke. One of my daughters slept 4/5 hours before wanting fed x

If the baby is healthy and good weight you better let that child sleep girl!!

It hes reached his birth weight, you dont need to wake him.

I never woke my son up, he would always wake up around the time he was supposed to anyway to eat.

I always fed on demand hes breastfed i never woke him up

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I regret waking mine to feed. She turns 2 next month. Still doesn’t sleep through the night.

My son would sleep through the night from day one… 12 hours at a time… I talked to his Dr and she said let him sleep… that he will wake up when he’s hungry … he just turned 4, and he’s happy and healthy

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I let my kids feed when they wanted to. Never was an issue. I let them sleep.

Only wake if the pediatrician says to feed more often. My daughter every 2 hours, my son when he woke was hungry

I let them sleep during the night and wake them up during the day for feedings, unless they have a low birth weight

I fed on demand so whenever he woke up I fed him but I would not wake him up at all

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I only woke them during the day but at night i would let them sleep. Thats how they know they should sleep through the night. I have 4 kids, my 7 mnth has been the best sleeper so far. Rarely cries and never misses bed time

He will tell you when he’s hungry, let him sleep.

My preemie the dr said not to wake her unless it’s been 5 hour since her last feeding. I always fed on demand. Baby can have hungry days were they seem to want to eat none stop and sleepy days were they just want to sleep.

Let them sleep…so you can get some* lol…Just make sure their up before the sun sets or your gonna Up all night.

The first month or 2 let him sleep and wake to tell you when hes hungry. After that you could try to alter it a bit.

Let him sleep unless your pediatrician says he’s not gaining weight fast enough. Its not necessary and you’ll cherish the time he’s sleeping in just a couple of months. Newborns sleep for 18 intermittently through the day and they need that sleep for proper brain development.

DO NOT WAKE THEM UP!!! DO NOT! I am 58yrs old and i learned from my mother. DO NOT. It helps them form a sleeping pattern. After a little, they will sleep longer. You will have better rounded children as far as sleeping goes, i got to where if it was 8pm, all i had to say was…time for bed. They’d grab their blanket etc. And walked in there by themselves at a 1yr old. No fuss, the fuss comes at about 6, when they think they’re going to miss something. Not always but i never had a problem, they also never slept in my bed, unless for a nap.

My mom’s pediatrician even told her in the 70’s to quit waking [my brother - her first born] for feedings despite “advice” she’d been given by other moms.

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Only wake them if they are low birth weight or during the day if longer than 4 hours.

My mom raised 6 kids, she was a pro, with also, a set of twins. This was in the 40’s, 50’s. Consider now how kids are? Do you think maybe they were right? My kids never did near what they are doing now, they were born in 77,87and 91.

the first couple weeks medically yes you ahould wake him but aftee hes been gaining and a bit oldee you can leave him to sleep he will wake when hungry regardless :roll_eyes:

I fed my son on demand, but never let him go more than 3 hours without at least eating an ounce.

Feed on demand! My daughter was sleeping from about 11 pm to 6 am by 3 months old because of this… Fast forward to three years old, and she still sleeps from 8 at night until 9 or 10 in the morning!


Just dream feed. Babies will suckle when they are only semi awake. No need to wake up fully, but I wouldn’t let a newborn go longer than 4 hours or so without something to maintain blood sugar.

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Let that baby sleep girl. Ive been told my whole life by my mom and mammaw…you dont ever wake up a sleeping baby


My pediatrician said that once they gain their birth weight back, that it’s okay to let them sleep until they wake up on their own.


It’s a new thing to wake them up and feed.


Unless the baby is not gaining weight let him sleep

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Unless you’re baby is not gaining wait overnight I’d definitely let them go. During the day I’d let them sleep as well but maybe wake them up after 4-5 hours

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I fed my 2 babies on demand. Both healthy beauties now

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Would you want to be awakened to eat?

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Let him sleep momma you don’t want to get him in the habit of waking up every few hours. You need your sleep. They will eat when they are hungry. The hospital made wake my daughter up to feed her but she wouldn’t eat she wasnr hungry just wanted to sleep. Because I let her sleep she has been sleeping through the night since birth she is now 4 years old. Enjoy your sleep


I was taught to wake and feed every 2 hrs

I was told to wake mine until she gained her birth weight back

Only wake him if he is losing weight and not having enough wet diapers. If he is gaining weight and having enough at diapers let him sleep

Let him sleep. He will tell you when he is hungry.

Unless baby is underweight, let him sleep. Baby will wake when he is hungry.

Let a baby sleep, but if you’re are thinking yiu should feed them or it’s been more than the recommended time then dream feed them.

Put a bottle or nipple in their mouth and allow the auck reflex to take over.

Dream feed!!! Nurse him while he sleeps!