Should I worry about braxton hicks?

I’m almost 29 weeks and this is my third day in a row getting Braxton Hicks…should I call my doctor? what do you guys think?

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This is the best explanation of Braxton hicks. Use a balloon and ping pong ball to show how the cervix thins and dilates during labor - YouTube

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You can but there’s not much they can do other than check you to see if you’re dilated.


No. I’ve been having Braxton Hicks since I was like 24 weeks this pregnancy. Its just your body preparing. You can have these all pregnancy and it mean nothing. You can mention it next appt, but nothing to stress or go to your Dr about unless you need it for your own sanity lol. I’m 2 days shy of being 37 weeks and still nothing lol


Drink more water and lay down is all you can do. Most of the time, Braxton hicks is from not drinking enough water. I started getting them at 16 weeks with my second and 20 weeks with my third


Ignore it unless you are really concerned

Just gonna have to deal with it. Relax. Drink more water. Docs can’t do anything

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I been having them since 20 weeks and now 38 weeks still having them I drink around a gallon of water a day and get up and walk thru them

I wouldnt waste my time going in or calling unless there were discernible contractions regularly. Rest while you can!

Had Braxton hick starting around 16 weeks almost every day. At first I thought it was the baby pushing out wards :joy:

I bad Braxton hicks starting at 25 weeks, ended up having to be induced after being late lol dont call unless you feel like they feel like real contractions, and are close togeather you can time them to be sure they are real contractions

They won’t do anything for you so don’t waste your time.
The only time you should contact them is when they turn in to real contractions.