Should I Worry About My Friend and My Boyfriend?

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"I have a friend who is staying with me who is a single mom. We were having dinner, and she asked my boyfriend, “so how was work, honey?” He blushed, and I just laughed. He went on to tell her that his day was good. Dinner was over; he went into our room to shower. She asked me something about a car he’s going to sell her. I said, “well, you would have to ask him when he comes” she smiled, got up from the dinner table, and she said, “omg, imagine he’s naked in there? Should I just walk in or knock” I laughed and told her that she needed to wait and that obviously, I didn’t mean to ask right away. Then she goes on to tell me that she was going to ask him to marry her but that she didn’t want to have more kids. My boyfriend and I have a baby, who she called beautiful when he was with us, but called ugly when he left the room. She even calls her daughter ugly, but I did tell her not to be calling my baby like that. My sister thinks this is weird, and I need to ask her to leave. I don’t think much of it. I don’t know what I’m asking here. Any advice would be great."

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"She needs to go, now and he needs to cut all contact with her."

"I wouldn’t call her a friend anymore. I’d tell her to keep her distance because that’s just weird…has she ever heard of boundaries or respect?"

"Her behavior towards your child and boyfriend is very inappropriate"

"I agree with your sister, it’s weird and completely inappropriate, it’s like she is trying to test you to see how far you will let her go if that makes sense, to be fair though as soon as she called my child ugly she would of been out the door, that’s awful"

"Flirt with my husband or call my baby ugly and she would be out on her butt asap"

"She needs to go today"

"Get her out ya house before it becomes a bigger problem she already showing signs of being interested even if he’s not"

"Your boyfriend needs to put the friend in her place."

"She needs to go and why isn’t he saying something…"

"You need to ask her to leave. She is up to no good and obviously wants the life you have. That’s over stepping boundaries"

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