Should I worry that I haven't felt strong kicks yet?

I am a first-time mom, and I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant. I have been feeling flutters or some type of movement for a while now and every now and then, I’ll feel like jabs or what I think is her kicking me, but I haven’t felt like real strong kicks yet, or I haven’t been able to see her move yet. I read where I might not come until 25 weeks, where I’ve never been pregnant before, and I thought I could have an anterior placenta, but I haven’t asked my doc about it. Has any other mama’s gone through this and am I just worrying too much?


For my 3rd pregnancy I had an anterior placenta and it took awhile before I felt kicks.

You are definitely over thinking it.

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I didn’t feel any kicks or start showing until 24 weeks with my first

My placenta has been on the front all 4 times didn’t feel strong movement till about 24 weeks

Mine never kicked hard. Barely kicked at all. As long as your Dr says the baby is good, you’re good.

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I had a posterior placenta for the first kiddo and an anterior placenta for my current pregnancy. I don’t feel nearly as much movement, which can be anxiety inducing BUT I do sleep better at night this time around cause I feel less :joy:

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I felt flutters at 22 weeks and didn’t feel big kicks regularly until 28-ish weeks. I never felt the super strong kicks that you could see from the outside. I had an anterior placenta!

You could always invest in a fetal Doppler just to ease your mind. :blush: there’s nothing better than hearing baby’s heartbeat.

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Even with the placenta in the back/top of your uterus you still wont really feel anything strong till later on. Especially since its your first baby. Like between 25 and 30 weeks. Usually first babies are on the smaller side (not always) but till baby starts packing on the muscle and pounds you won’t get those hard jabs. As long as you feel baby then thats a great sign! Dont worry the painful ones will come! Lol a swift kick to the lung or punch to the bladder and you’ll remember this post!
Good luck momma!!


With my first i felt kicks at around 20 weeks. My second (currently 38 weeks) i didnt feel kicks until about 25 weeks. Everyone and every pregnancy is different.

Every pregnancy is different but for my mine I barely felt anything until about 26 weeks and did not show before the 24th

I never felt stong kicks.

Probably won’t feel anything strong till about 25 or 26 weeks.

Definitely over thinking it. This is your first pregnancy. Your body will become more attuned to the feeling of movement when babe is bigger later in pregnancy

I didnt feel strong movements until about 26ish weeks

Normal! Didn’t feel mine with my first til maybe 28 weeks

Whatever you do don’t become a web doctor your doctors will tell you I had something that I had a 1%chance of surviving and my son had 5% chance and they found it out over extreme itching that wouldn’t go away granite I never backed down did some research but I know how to look at verified websites not things such as Wikipedia or webmd just a little advice you’ll drive your self crazy

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You are worrying to much the flutters and jabs are the baby’s movements. As the baby gains weight and gets bigger you will feel the kicking and see your belly moving as the baby moves. Prayers for healthy happy mom and baby


Oh it’ll happen! Lol baby is still small :heart:

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You will feel the movements more later. Don’t stress about it and I’m almost positive if you had an anterior placenta your doctor would have already talked to you about it. Have you had your anatomy scan yet? They normally do it around the 20 week mark

Pregnant with my first and didn’t feel the first real kicks until I was 26-28 weeks.

I felt that way during my pregnancy with my daughter. It turned out she had hiccups while I was pregnant ( she had them a lot growing up!) She’s fine. I would mention it to my obgyn, just in case, but that’s probably it.

It takes a bit longer with your first.

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If you have an anterior placenta you probably won’t feel very strong kicks until a lot later.

Oh give it time :joy: you will be wishing you still didn’t feel hard kicks !

Drink some orange juice it will help it move.

I’m 22 weeks and still only feel flutters. I hardly felt any kicks with my first. She slept a LOT. They used to have to wake her up during ultrasounds haha.

I use to be the same as you when I was pregnant lol trust me everything is fine and wait till it happens it’s magical I felt a good proper kick at 24 weeks maybe drink some cold juice as that always worked for me when she was being lazy

I never felt "strong " movements. Only occasional kicks because I had an anterior placenta. Felt my first movements at 24weeks.

I’m 21 weeks 5 days. I’m just feeling flutters and movement, no kicks or jabs yet. If you’re ever concerned call and ask your doctor.