Should infants go in baby swings?

Do you trust a 2 week old in a swing ?? He sleeps really good in his swing but I can never keep him in it more than 20 minutes because I get too scared that he can stop breathing and i end up getting up to feel him breathe every 3 minutes and it just scares me too much but I’d like to use it …


During the day while supervised, yes. At 2 weeks, have it recline so it’s as flat as it will go. Swings arent for overnight sleep as they should be laying flat without any surrounding cushions


I let my baby sleep in his swing if he fell asleep during the day when I was awake
I never did at night.
I always put him in his crib on his side.
If you’re uncomfortable with something, then don’t do it.
Go with your maternal instincts!

I say no. Do you have a bassinet?

Once baby is in a deep enough sleep I move him to his bassinet. But if i need to get things done i do put him in his swing while hes awake but obviously he falls asleep i just make sure to check on him

I’d say put it next to you so you can here him breathe

Supervised- don’t be the mom who has that “ it was only a minute “ and something awful happens


He’s fine…i have 2 kids they both just fine

I did that during the day with all 3 of my girls and grandkids…they are all alive, healthy and happy!!

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Get an owlette monitor sock it keeps a check on o2 stats and let’s u know if it drops


My son slept in his swing all the time during the day he loved the thing as long as he isn’t left unattended he will be fine

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I let my baby sleep in a swing. I always watched her though… just staring at her making sure she was ok.

That’s the only way I slept as a baby.

It all comes down to PROPER SUPERVISION

If he is being supervised baby is perfectly fine as long as a blanket or stuffed toy is not with him.

I mean that’s exactly why they tell you to not let them sleep in a swing.

Take yr baby out after they fall asleep, no worries than! If they are sound asleep he won’t wake up from moving him! And just make sure his head is not totally bent down, which would prevent air flow! I won’t stress it too much! I wouldn’t Leave him in a car seat for a nap, i I have read that’s bad!

Naps during the day while you’re awake and monitoring yes at night for long hours while you sleep no


Most swings now lay back at an angle so there is less likely hood of that.


That used to be the only way my child would sleep. I would swaddle her and put her in her swing and buckle her in and she would sleep all night in that thing. If it wasn’t her swing it was my chest.

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My swings all laid back. This way if I used it to get them to FINALLY sleep (Lol) I didn’t have to worry too much.

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Yes. I had the swing in the living room where I could keep an eye on her.

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There have neen many specialists who say not to let babies sleep in swings, car seats or anything else that has them in a sitting position. Once baby falls asleep, take baby out and lay flat.

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You are gonna check him every 20 minutes dont matter where he sleeps


Mine slept in her swing for naps until 11 months.

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for me it’s a no. not for the breathing thing but because my then 2 year old almost knocked her little brother out of the swing when I went to pee. lol. number 3 is being born this summer and with a 4 and 2.5 year old he’ll probably never be left in the swing

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Just keep your child supervised & make sure they’re comfy, not to much blankets or anything, just keep your eyes on him, it’ll be fine

He’s fine. Just make sure he’s strapped in

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I used this and it was great. I liked that you could use the bassinet or the bouncer in the glider or separately.


My grandbaby pretty much slept in his swing for the first six months or so. He loved it. It seemed safer to me too since he was partially sitting up.


In the hospital we swaddle lay them on a 45’ angle similar to seat above on therir Right side for 20min after feeding to facilitate stomach empting. Then on their backs. No pillows, or loose sheets in bassinets or cribs as they get wraped around them.

Even older infants will move their face if too much carbon dioxide builds up in blood streem, activating breath response. Ie the wiggle/squirm mentioned above.

Mom you also must rest, when baby sleeps feeding come way to often and stress response without sleep especially postpartum can be dangerous for both of you. Take care, if family over have them watch/care and you sleep. NOT CLEAN.


They make swings that small babies can lie down in …so much safer

Just check on hi. Every 15 min and he will be fine

My baby is 4 months today. We tried her rock n play but with her bad reflux she always wanted to throw her head back and there wasn’t any room to move. We tried crib but it’s like she senses it’s a big open space. The swing she slept sooo good in. When I would work muy 3 nights a week hubby only wanted her in the swing right next to couch or bed. You gotta think if it would be safe for you. I laid her down for many naps on it during day and she didn’t move a finger. Slept so good. Hubby didn’t think he would hear her if she was in her crib with a monitor. With bassinet she wanted to mice around a lot even though she was only a couple months old and she didn’t have a lot of room to move in it. We are stopping the swing now that she is 4 months old. She wants to roll so I don’t feel it’s too safe unless she’s strapped in. And now I am home every night and can hear her with baby monitor. The past 2 nights so far she has slept in crib and it has worked. Love sleeping with her next to me but I also love sleeping in my bed not worrying. Sorry I wrote a lot. It’s been a long 4 months deciding where to put her to sleep. Do what you feel safe with and what works for you.

I always had mine in them. Never had a prob with them in it. And when they fell asleep I would check them but clean the house lol bc I had a newborn and an almost 1 yr old.