Should kids eat in their bedroom?

I don’t allow my kids to have food in any room except the kitchen/dining room. It’s personal preference. If you’re the 1 doing most of the cleaning, making sure dishes get put away etc then the choice should be yours.

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Depends on how old the kids are. Mine are little so only water bottles are allowed out of the kitchen unless we having a movie night.

Absolutely not. That’s why there are chairs and tables

No that’s what the table is for

Absolutely not. Their luck if I let them eat at the coffee table in the livingroom

No food or drinks in the bedrooms

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No. My kids ate in the kitchen.

My teens eat snacks in their rooms with the understanding they clean up anything that may be spilled. I haven’t had any problems with this and they have been doing it for a few years now.

Nope no food in the bedrooms

I hate when my kids sneak off and do that. Mostly my daughter. I agree with you, mama!

Nope unless it’s like popcorn while watching a movie or something.

Not meals…maybe a snack. But yes vacuum before the ants come marching in.

As a busy mom, I gave up on the not eating in your room thing. Sometimes it’s just easier. But it’s still important to teach them how to properly dispose the food and clean up

Meal times r family time, sit at the table

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